Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Obama and the Race Card


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by Storm'n Norm'n
The Issue Of Race
 @ The All New Gulf1
We have the most racist, activist culture today than has existed since I was a child and part of the civil rights movement. Every day, mobs of Blacks will gather in most cities and towns and commit mass violence, with the latest story, a matter of mobs of Blacks entering Clothing Stores in Chicago, assembling clothing racks in trains, and running out with half a dozen racks of clothing and more.
For six years, ever since the violence of the New Black Panther Party was confronted by our court system, found to be violating voter’s rights, tried, found guilty, and while awaiting sentencing, were given a free pass because obama was elected. The newly elected president simply let them go.
What obama did told the story of his beliefs from his first day. As president, he could have pardoned the men, but to do so, he would have to provide rationale, good reason for why they were improperly found guilty, and why justice is served only by letting them free. The facts simply showed these men were nothing more than the KKK in Black, and there were no “facts” by which pardon could be appropriate.
Obama could have commuted their sentences, but that rests upon conviction and extenuating circumstances, and while free, they would still be “guilty”. He simply allowed them to walk because short of flat out lying and stating they were criminally convicted, any act he took ratified the fact the evidence proved them to be criminals.
In allowing those men to walk’ the man who would be president told them, those of similar persuasion, and all the rest of us, while he holds office the law won’t be upheld. If you’re Black, you get away free. Making this statement as the first act of his presidency, he laid out the fact his whole tenure would be racially driven, criminal, from beginning to its end.
Simultaeously, obama set up both the White community to be punished on the presumption of racism and guilt, while Blacks are encouraged to push the boundaries of crime, formerly constrained by the expectation of prosecution. Police forces which have been cautiously dealing with the calculated, social media planned Black on White crime, have done everything in their power to enlist the aid of the media. The media is notably missing in all this, they appear at ease with what takes place.
We hear about every slightest bit which could suggest racist intents each and every day, but while these are broadcast, at the exact same time, there is organized Black violence, organized Black Mobs which gather via social media, plan and prepare an attack, and then routinely carry it out, and this happens in every city, every day, with dozens of incidents of Black Mob Violence visited on White individuals at the same time.
Whether it is pre-teen to teen White girls pulled into cars or vans, raped, beaten, sometimes to death, or elderly White ladies, or men walking home, having a gang gather around and pummel them for being White, and not fighting back, this is deliberately ignored, because there is one and only one reason it is taking place: the first Black President told America, Black violence would be tolerated and in fact, it would be defended and supported by the White House, even to the point of the would be president having the gall to suggest a criminal thug “would look like him”, as if that clearly meant he was the innocent victim.
We either call this as it is, demand this be fully and clearly put before the public, and every effort made to put it to an end, and the crimes exposed, acknowledged by the Community which has excused it, even suggested it was right, even though it is the Black Minority attacking the White Majority, or name calling won’t matter.
There was a time when a minority of Whites thought they would regain de facto segregation by violence, however the majority of Whites called them out, put them in chains, and jail. Most Blacks want to live in peace yet it must be they, The Black Community, which stops this, they must demonstrate they don’t support this ideology or we have no choice but to accept what we see.
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