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Dear Nancy, the girl was unbelievably stupid. She obviously took after you. Have a nice day. ps: When are you going after Obama?

Source: The Pelosi Doctrine
Dr. Orly Taitz to Nancy Pelosi
Orly Taitz is both a doctor and an attorney and she received an e-mail from Nancy Pelosi. Taitz is an attorney leading 7 cases challenging Barack Obama due to his use of a stolen CT SSN 042-68-4425 issued to Harry Bounel and his use of a fabricated Selective Service Registration and fabricated birth certificate. Taitz has been receiving lately unsolicited e-mails from Valerie Jarett and Nancy Pelosi.
Taitz is posting a part of a lengthy e-mail. Pelosi writes about a young woman, who graduated from College, and as an adult could no longer stay on her father’s health insurance. According to her mother this young lady decided to save money by weaning herself of insulin, fell into a coma and died.
Pelosi goes on writing that cases like this are a reason, why we should support Obama-care.
Here is a response from Dr. Taitz:
“Nancy, I am sorry that this young person passed away, however it happened not because there is something wrong with the country, but because of the girl’s unbelievable stupidity.
I posted below prices on prescription medication. Walmart provided $4 for a month worth of medication for most medications. Link below shows $24 per month for a total supply for Insulin for a month. It is unbelievable that a college graduate could not afford $24 per month for a life saving medication. And even if she could not afford it, she could apply for Medicaid and get it for free. And where were her parents, siblings, who could give her $24 per month?
If she could not pay $24 for a life saving medication, how did she pay for all her other needs, such as rent, phone, car, food, clothing? We have welfare for indigent to cover all of these needs if they are indigent and have no family which can help them, if they fall on hard times. Moreover, this girl could simply get a job. The most basic job at McDonalds could give her enough money to pay for the most basic needs, but as a college graduate, she could clearly find something better than McDonalds.
When I came to this country as an immigrant, I had to pass the boards, so I worked as an assistant and assisted other doctors, cleaned their offices after patients, even cleaned the bathrooms in their offices and took out trash, I did what needed to be done in order to make a living until I pass the boards. When I gave birth to my three sons, I worked and together with my husband paid off all the bills for labor and delivery, for my care and for the pediatric care of our children.
Example, that you brought forward, does not exemplify a failure of our health system, it is a failure of our education system, where instead of teaching young people some basic skills to start their lives, the schools are brainwashing the young people with socialist-communist garbage, anything and everything, but basic life skills. It shows that in many instances we no longer have responsible parenting: parents should be there teaching their children basic life skills: when you graduate from high school or college start going on interviews, take a low paying job until you can find a better paying job, live with your parents until you can afford to live on your own, have open lines of communication with your parents and turn to them in a time of need.
It is time for us to take care of ourselves, of our families, not acquiesce to Obama-Pelosi Ponzi schemes, which already robbed 5-7 million Americans of their insurances, which they liked, severed their relationship with the doctors that they trusted with their care. The number of cancelled policies is expected to rise to estimated 129 million. Obama’s pathological lying and scheming will ultimately lead to cancellation of most if not all existing policies. Millions of Americans are now seeing their hours cut from 40 to 29, as employees cannot afford Obama-care and refuse to be a part of Obama- scheme. Further, Obama-care will rob families of 3.9% of their house sales as an additional tax. This Ponzi scheme is exempted from anti-kickback provisions and will lead to enormous bribery and corruption. As a matter of fact, 700 million taxpayer dollars paid for a web site, which does not even work properly and run by Michele Obama’s girl friend, is a suspect of enormous kickbacks and bribery.
So, Nancy, as a doctor and a lawyer, I am telling you: stop scaring people, stop being a part of this great big Obama lie. Time for you to join the Republicans and call for the repeal of Obama-care, which is actually an Obama-tax. Further on, you should join Republicans in a call for an impeachment of Obama for multiple counts of egregious fraud on American people, not only fraud in Obama-care promises, but also fraud in usurping the U.S. Presidency while using a stolen CT social Security number 042-68-4425, which was assigned to Harry Bounel, as well as of fabricated IDs. And while you are at it, you should call for an impeachment of the Attorney General Eric Holder, who aided and abetted Obama in this RICO scheme to cover up theft of the franchise of the U.S. Presidency by Obama through Obama’s assertion of identity and legitimacy for presidency with stolen and fabricated IDs.
With regards,
Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ
Have a nice day, Nancy”
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