Monday, September 16, 2013

Pious Jesus...and we just met on line!

America dazzled by Jesus event on air
Viral video features stunning rendition of classical worship song
Source: WND
They burst into the musical world under the name Forte, capturing the attention of reviewers not only because of their magnificent voices but because of who they are: a Puerto Rican, a South Korean and a New Yorker. They’re heading for the finals of the “America’s Got Talent” competition on Tuesday after leaving the television show’s judges with mouths agape in their debut, singing “Pie Jesu.” The trio of Josh Page, Hana Ryu and Fernando Verela explained to the skeptical judges that they had met online, practiced for a few days and were performing together before an audience for the first time. It took only few notes for the crowd to roar and the judges to stand in amazement. Moving up to the finals is “a dream come true,” said Page. “We never expected this to go so far. The first time we performed was on this show, and America has been taking this journey with us. And we just can’t believe we’re in the finals. It’s unbelievable.” Ryu was replaced during the competition by University of Michigan graduate Sean Panikkar in the later rounds of the competition, because Ryu did not not hold a valid visa. The trio is competing for a $1 million prize. The choice for their first performance, Pie Jesu, is a motet that often is included in musical settings of the Requiem Mass. Pie can be translated “Pious,” while Jesu is “Jesus.”

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