Sunday, September 1, 2013

…its bound to happen sooner than later and I hope it bites you where the sun don’t shine! An editorial by Storm'n Norm'n

by Norman E. Hooben
I receive a lot of emails as I suppose everyone who maintains a webpage does.  The number is not important because it has already gone beyond the point of ridiculousness and there’s no way I could possibly read every one of the over eight thousand that currently lie in my in-box…and that’s not counting those in my junk-mail and spam boxes.  But I do make an attempt to scan as many as possible before they go into the electronic void beyond the ‘deleted items’ box.  So today I caught the following headline:

Truthout TV Interviews Dr. Brian Moench About the TransPacific Partnership Ted Asregadoo, Truthout: Dr. Brian Moench discusses the TransPacific Partnership (TPP) and how, if enacted, will undermine sovereignty, democracy, health, safety and jobs for US citizens and exempt participating corporations from federal, state and local laws that regulate their industries.
Now I know from experience that if I asked anyone what it was that caught my eye I’d get a negative response across the board.  Why do you suppose that is?  Well I’ll tell ya!  Americans today are the most complacent society in its history…they can care less what is going on behind the scenes…in fact, they never know what is going on behind the scenes because the main stream media (MSM) has them well trained…brainwashed, if you will, is a better word!  At this very moment, as I type these words, Secretary of State John Kerry is lying to Chris Wallace on FOX News and nobody gives a damn…not even Wallace!  Less I get side-tracked with Kerry, have you figured out what caught my eye yet?   No, I didn’t think so!  Remember when it was popular to say, “It’s the economy stupid!”  Now if I stated, “It’s the TPP stupid!” you would have no idea what I was talking about (you can go ahead and admit that now, I won’t hold you accountable…brainwashed by the MSM is always an excuse for not knowing).

TPP stood out because I posted an excellent, easy to understand pictographic of what it will do to the American worker in a post titled, “San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro teams up with MexicanAmbassador to 'shaft' the American worker...NAFTA 2” on November 17, 2012.  It is now September 2013 and the American ‘ignoramus’ public is still in the dark about TPP.  So we got a Syrian crisis going on and that seems to be taken up the editorial pages of the MSM…Why worry ‘bout a silly TPP! Well if you haven’t caught on yet, that’s one way the MSM distracts your brain cells while the country disintegrates before your jaded eyes.  TPP along with the help of anti-Americans such as San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, would like to dissolve the borders that define the United States of America…and if you don’t care about American sovereignty then you can stick this editorial where the sun don’t shine and don’t come crying to me when …fill in whatever catastrophe you like…its bound to happen sooner than later and I hope it bites you where the sun don’t shine!

Meanwhile here’s the video suggested by the email:

...and don't forget the pictographic (link)

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