Friday, September 27, 2013

Did Obama steal the 2012 election? Answer: More than likely.

Actually it wouldn't be too far fetched to know that if every voter voted for the opposition Obama would have still won by a majority...  But...but...but, how could that happen?  Ha, ha, ha, you fool, you just don't know Obama!  If he can delete his college records, passport(s), birth certificates, and anybody that ever knew him at Columbia from the public forum by spending millions upon millions
of dollars (Saudi Arabia and George Soros money for sure...heck, even Qadafi donated) then manipulating an election outcome is just kid's stuff.  ~ Norman E. Hooben

America is so naive that they will let the Clintons back in the White House...  I said, "let", not "put", for if every eligible American voter voted for Mickey Mouse, Hillary would still win by 51% of the vote.  Say what?  How can that be?  Here again, America is so damn naive, they think that they control the elections.  Only the powerful politic elite control the outcome of elections. 
More on this here: Its Time We Brought The Clintons To Trial

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