Monday, July 8, 2013

Guess which candidate will keep his campaign promise? The promise: Arrest Barack Obama for crimes against America.

Who Would You Vote For Today For 2016 Presidential Candidate

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Findalis said...

You expect a politician to keep his or her word?

Ben said...

With all due respect, its just an internet poll. I cast my vote for the patriot who got me started in blogging, knowing that there is no realistic possibility of his being nminated.

With all due disrespect, I swore in my youth that I will never knowingly vote for an AssWhole, Communist, crook, liar or Democrat.

No damn way will I vote for Christie or Bush. I need to double check whether Ryan was one of the AssWholes who dissed Michele Bachmann, if he was, he will never get my vote.

Newt is a loose cannon and Santorum will never be given a chance by the talking AssWholes.

We need to decide on and support one genuine, well qualified and well financed articulate Conservative well before the primaries start.

We can not afford to let the AssWholes select our nominee for us.

If its gonna be Cruz, is he elligible?

Will Palin directly condemn Islam? I do not support candidates who say "radical" "Islamist", "IslamoNazi" r "extremist" when discussing Islam.

Yeah, and Rubio can go to Hell, don't even start with it.

Findalis said...

The trouble is once a non-politician gets into office they get corrupted by lobbyists and the power.

Storm'n Norm'n said...

Sorry, I accidently deleted my other two comments...they never come out the same when I try to repeat them.
If I were elected I'd push to get rid of lobbyists...guess that's why I could never get elected.

Storm'n Norm'n said...

Got my originals back:

#1. Ref: Findalis ~ You expect a politician to keep his or her word?

No! But I'm not a politician...therefor vote for me!
All kidding aside, don't you think it we would be better off if more non-politicians ran for office. I almost ran once and think about it often. I'm not a great orator although I have plenty of public speaking experience both in a classroom invironment and over the radio...I also have a wealth of information but my problem is with recall when the moment requires it.


#2. I think Ben and I think alike...about most things political anyway.

Findalis said...

In the mid-80s I ran for School Board. Lost by 8 votes. But I tried. Cost me a couple of hundred dollars for posters.

Today you need $5,000 just to get started and a few thousand more to run. The average person cannot do it without being a rich man or woman.

SR said...

Well? Ted Cruz is NOT a Natural Born Citizen. All the rest are OUT because they are in fact caught up in the AssWhollery as Ben so states time and time again.

This leaves the LAST two on the list so I voted for me. LOL!!

Jeb Bush gave Hillary Clinton a "freedom award"???

Sarah Palin is stuck on the "radical muzzies".

Chris Christie is a Democrat In Drag.

Newt Gingrich is a MORON...he tries so hard to get involved in "good things" and then turns "them" into Republicans.

Paul Ryan has trouble cleaning his butt off so he is out.

Santorm is another dolt that is stuck on radical muzzies.

Storm'n Norm'n said...

Agree SR...

One thing is never mentioned about Sarah Palin and that is, she favors the Law Of The Sea Treaty. When she was governor she wrote to then Senator Stevens to ratify LOST.
Unless people like you and I get into office this country is doomed. But like George Washington's vision I expect an even stronger comeback. Just think, a world without Pelosi, Reid, Obama, Kerry, Clinton...and you know the rest.