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Did America abandon it's children?

Preface…or a footnote in disguise.
Taking a break for an editorial review by my editor-in-chief better known as the ‘Mrs.’ in the family the opening paragraph may be a little strong.  Good, that’s what I wanted.  But I should explain about the parent’s naiveté she said.  That’s true, the parents are complacent in that they have put all their trust in the government’s school system not knowing that infiltrators have slowly gained ground ever since the days of John Dewey and C.F. Potter.  Now that the infiltrators have gained the upper hand it’s time we the people reverse course not only for our children’s sake but for the entire country…United we stand, divided we fall.

Common Core
by Norman E. Hooben

Americans abandon their children!   I didn’t know whether to end that sentence with a period of or an exclamatory point…I settled for the exclamatory point because it is a direct assault or accusation that is true and to the point.  It’s accusatory because even parents who may be in denial are guilty.  Only if they took the time to read, to research, to get involved and not play politics with the issue will they finally see the light.  Further, it is accusatory to parents who have advanced to the age of empty nesters…that’s right, you old folks who have played politics all your life with not only your children, with your entire country.  It is you who have allowed this to happen.  And only you and your children will be able to stop it.  What am I talking about?  Common Core…the government’s take-over of your child’s every thought, word, and deed…and let me add, your child’s future place in society.  Forget about yours or your child’s ambition, the central planners will have it all cut out for you… And without your permission!  The only permission you have given was for the state to take control of your child therefore you have abandoned them!

Now the minute I start mentioning any names all you hard core Democrats or Republicans will abandon further reading just like you did your children because you’re still playing politics.  Mention Bill Clinton and I lose all you Republicans.  Mention Ronald Reagan and I lose all you Democrats.  Wake up you’re about to lose your country!  But if it’s any consolation your country will be run by your children who have been thoroughly indoctrinated by the central planners…ahem, wasn’t there a guy named Hitler that tried out this central planner concept?

So without regards to who is presenting the message, please pay attention to the content of the message, else all is for naught (including your children).

‘National Strategy Session’ Presents Everything You Need to Know About Stopping Common Core
by Erica Ritz
Common Core could be the future of your children’s education, but the majority of parents in America probably don’t know a whole lot about it.
Did you know, for instance, that as part of the educational curriculum, a litany of “data points” are set to be mined?
Kyle Olson of the Education Action Group said on TheBlaze TV Thursday that these points include “blood type, voting status of their parents, religious affiliation, their income…things that have nothing to do with their children’s education.”
Olson was part of a group of parents, lawmakers, and concerned citizens who attended what was described as a “national strategy session” on TheBlaze TV about how to best explain and prevent the implementation of Common Core.
“Common Core is kind of nebulous for a lot people,” David Barton explained. “They know what it is, but they can’t define it…What are the key points that will resonate with most Americans?”
One parent, Tammy Slaten, explained that when she started informing herself about the curriculum she sent an email to other parents in her child’s class.
To her shock, she was “called to the principal’s office” where she was told to stop, and to not ask the teachers what they think. More than that, the principal allegedly told her that they are state employees and whether Common Core is “good or bad,” it is their priority.
“You take that attitude and combine it with data mining and what does it suggest?” Barton asked.
Watch more on TheBlaze TV “strategy session,” which includes the voices of parents and lawmakers, below:
But how can concerned citizens stop the implementation of Common Core, an education program that removes control from the parents and communities and turns it over to the state and federal government?
State Senator Margaret Dayton (R-Utah) said it needs to be reiterated that the program violates the United States constitution.
One parent put the issue in another perspective: “Do you want the same government that has given us Eric Holder, Benghazi, [the] IRS enemies list, Fast and Furious, ObamaCare — do you want that government to take control of what your precious child is going to learn in school?”
Watch below to see the strategists’ solutions:

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