Monday, July 15, 2013

Bloggers Certified By NSA Insider...we knew it all along

Remember when I posted this: (See Spying On You, Spying On The World...we got you covered! dated January 19, 2009)
I've just finished reading this intriguing the uninformed run-of-the-mill citizen you should be aware that every piece of e-mail you send or every phone call you make, whether you're calling your girlfriend for a date or calling your dentist for an appointment, you can be assured that Big Brother has already reviewed your e-mail before it reached it's destination or listened to your phone call before you hung up the phone...Recommended for all Americans, The Shadow Factory should knock your socks off with such revealing information, you would wonder how the book was ever published! - Norman E. Hooben
Read The Shadow Factory book report here. 
Then there was a related post where I said this: (See What Issues? This IS the Issue! The only issue!dated June 27 2008)
Now let’s not get hung up on the words "only issue" for certainly there are issues.  I emphasize this previously posted commentary because of the need to remind people that which is going on behind the scenes and what the mainstream media is not telling you. Further, that this so called shadow government is bi-partisan and all other issues are designed to keep you side-tracked; off balance, if you will.  All candidates running for the presidency of the United States are firmly entrenched in this movement described herein and I fear for the sovereignty of our nation. So disregard the date the article was written and believe me when I say it, "This movement to do away with your country IS still in play!" And you can blame the politic elite from both political parties...the Bush family, the Clinton family, the Obama family...sounds like there's a Mafioso family running things.  Now if you ask, "What can I do about it?" Simple, get rid of ALL the incumbents in both the House and Senate and elect Independents who have never held office; we need to get back to the Constitution as it were on and be prepared for Mr. Farah's last sentence! 
(Note:  Just so you won't have to go back here , Mr. Farah's last sentence says, "It's time to fight the War of Independence all over again.")

Now it appears we bloggers (I'm not the only one posting this stuff) have been certified (some might say, "vindicated") by a government/NSA insider.  See the following videos:


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SR said...

Maybe the Lord will come back REAL soon and we'll be DONE with all of the LIES of Satan through these buffoons.