Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The biggest traitors among you hold elective office.

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Part of the problem is that most Americans are too hung up on party politics.  Whether they're Democrats or Republicans there is corruption on both sides and an overwhelming majority of the voters are complacent when it comes time to to enter the voting booth.  The question to ask yourself is, "What did my candidate do to improve the overall well being of the country?"   There's a high probability that your candidate made matters worse*...realistically I cannot think of one politician that has done one bit of good for America in the last year or so (go ahead, prove me wrong!).  What really gets to me is that most everybody I talk with realizes that the country is going down hill fast and yet I see the same elected officials time after time.  Cannot anybody put two and two together and identify the culprits.  The biggest traitors among you hold elective office and you put them there! ~ Norman E. Hooben
*  Just because you like a candidate's goals does not mean he or she has done anything good for the country...unless those goals are implemented they're a bunch of empty words.  And if you've not figured it out yet, the goal of all those on the Left are to destroy this country in favor of a one world socialist government.

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