Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sticking The EULA Where The Sun Don't Shine

Above collage by N. Hooben

We bought some grapes over at Wal-Mart today and when we got home noted the following statement on the label:
The recipient of the produce contained in this package agrees not to propagate or reproduce any portion of the produce, including (but not limited to) seeds, stems, tissue and fruit.
What? An EULA for grapes?  I don't think that too many people would pay much attention to such an agreement.  For one thing, the grapes are seedless and who has the know-how to reproduce grapes without a seed?  That got me to thinking.  Suppose I did find a seed...and planted it.  How would the producer know that I violated his asinine request?  Then what if I had success and the vine produced a bumper crop.  Would I eat the grapes?  You bet I would.  And there would be nothing stopping me (if I were inclined to do so) from starting my own orchard and selling the grapes for a profit. 
Grapes are a gift from nature (actually from God) and are a life form that no-one has patent rights regardless of any hybridization or cross pollinating of species.  No one has a patent on living organisms regardless of what ANY court of law says...  Companies that deal with gmo's (genetically modified organisms) such as Monsanto would disagree with my assessment but they can stick their gmo's and EULA's where the sun don't shine! ~ Norman E. Hooben

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