Monday, April 22, 2013

Muslim Facts ~ When will they became a fact of everyday life in America?

Source for the following: The Muslim Issue - Worldwide

Muslim Facts In America And Obama’s Deliberate Weakening Of National Security

Let them kill you, as long as you don’t offend their endlessly offended emotions.

Muslim Facts in America:

I don't know when America will wake up to the fact that Obama hates America and all she stands for but this form of hatred falls right in line with the Muslims of the world and Obama has repeatedly supported the worst of the so called radicals; the Muslim Brotherhood the worst of the worst want to destroy western ideology and that is the path Obama is on.   ~  Norman E. Hooben


Anonymous said...

YOU ARE A HATEFUL, BIGOTED, RACIST! You and the entire cancervative movement are the modern version of the KKK. Racists to the core. Anyone who hates Barack Obama IS a bigot, IS a racist! of this there can be NO doubt!

What is even more disgusting is that you racist constantly demean and desecrate the name of God and Using God’s name To Promote Right Wing political Anti-Christ, Racist, Bigoted, Obama-hating rants like this!

Does Barack Obama hate America? no but the GOP does they want to destroy it to make the rich richer!

Wow. I was right! Anyone who Hates Barack Obama IS a racist, bigoted Klansman POS! the a-hole who wrote this garbage is just that!

I know the fact that he won and your side lost is distressing for you, but that doesn’t make Obama evil.
As suspected, it’s only a problem when a black man does it!

A pathological liar tells lies for attention and cannot stop himself. Calling broken campaign promises pathological would mean that every person who has ever run for office was a pathological liar, that’s not Obama!

He has demonstrated his Christianity more than once and has also demonstrated the reasons why he cannot be a Muslim more than once.

A communist believes that all people are equal and that no one should own private property or industry and there should be no government but the people. Since later on you try to call him a tyrant, the two are mutually exclusive. He is not a communist!

No. A tyrant believes that he should control everything to his own benefit. Since the Republicans have kept him from doing 90% of what he wanted to do, and since he works in a government system with representative democracy, at least by name, he cannot become a dictator.

Obama is not a Disgrace!
Is there something wrong with you?

Are you a racist?

Do you have a mental illness?

Are you planning on attacking the president?

You are a disgrace.
Calling the POTUS a POS and a fraud seems to the usual calling call for you right-wing racists and bigots like you!

You people are disgusting, just like the KKK!

Storm'n Norm'n said...

My my another Anonymous, why are you so angry...and why are you so afraid to identify yourself. Stop, take a deep breath and start analysing everything you have just said. Who said anything about hating Obama? Does one not have a right to present the facts? I think before you start making irrational statements you should at least do some background and/or history studies. And ask yourself why it is that Obama supports the Muslim organization that states right in their charter that their goal is to do away with western ideology. Is it because you also support these goals. And the only one talking racist seems to be that chicken hearted person who calls himself Anonymous. So republicans are preventing him from doing 90% of what he is trying to that so? Seems to me that Obama gets most everything he wants including Obama care that the majority of Americans did not want. And what do you call a person that takes over private industry (or have you forgotten the GM thing). Well for one he had no authority whatsoever to take over GM so that would make him a Dictator and a tyrant.
I think you ought to study the was 100% a Democrat hate group! Maybe I should suggest you read 'My Grandfathers Son' by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas...its a good read and it might help you get over the angry disposition you exhibit. Meanwhile I say a prayer for your recovery...a brain is a shameful thing to waste and you sure wasted a lot in your soliloquy.

Storm'n Norm'n said...

PS to my Anonymous friend...
You ought not to be playing one party politics for both the Democrats and the Republicans are corrupt as corrupt can be...learn how to think for yourself, you'd be surprise how much you learn.

Storm'n Norm'n said...

I really expected Anonymous to come back with some more of his anger...I guess he may have figured it all out by now and he went to go 'lie in the sand and watch the world go to hell.'

"Lie in the sand and watch the world go to hell."; its a good read

Storm'n Norm'n said...

Dear Anonymous,
If you were a smart Obama voter you would have recognized early on that something was wrong with the man as did this smart Obama voter (remember now that this was written 6 months after Obama assumed power):

Go here to read: