Thursday, April 4, 2013

Gun Control... Do we really need it? (What we really need is 'politician control' but America is too stupid.)

Obviously the politicians are not listening to any of this for their ultimate goal is complete control over the population and gun control is one of the last obstacles in their way.  Its too bad that the average voter does not understand this basic concept of the entire left wing of American politics.  They want control pure and simple! One of the most obnoxious politicians that ever occupied a seat in the U.S. Senate is pictured in the following video...his name is Sen. Charles Shumer.  And if you think for a minute the likes of Shumer and the rest of his ilk are looking out for your self-protection rights, think again!  If Shumer was paying attention to what this lady was saying regarding gun rights we wouldn't be having this conversation. 

The leftists that always go after good people (i.e., gun owners) when something bad happens has the same results as if all cars were confiscated from good drivers when some bad driver killed someone.  It doesn't make sense.  Of course most politicians have little of that...

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