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Boston Bombing Suspect Friend Of Obama & Company?

BIG NEWS: Saudi Terror ‘Suspect’ Visited White House Four Times
Source: Constitution School News For We The People

Do you remember Abdulrahman Alharbi, you know, the Saudi student who was near the initial blast in Boston? You know, the guy the New York Post, “smelled of gunpowder,” when grabbed by police and declared, “I thought there would be a second bomb.” Remember? The student whom FBI agents raided his apartment and took with them several trash bags worth of evidence? That guy?
As we all know, police eventually retreated from that person and in fact later declared him to be merely a witness. Notwithstanding, that same person was allegedly 0rdered to leave the country amid ‘National Security Concerns.’
Since the opening days of this tragedy, there have been many unanswered and just plain bizarre revelations surrounding this man – as well as so many others:
Michelle Obama decided to pay Al-Harbi a visit while he was in the hospital recovering from wounds in the attack.
Also, Obama himself met with the Saudi foreign minister two days after the attack. This was not listed on Obama’s public schedule and as usual the media didn’t report on this.
Shortly after these stories came to light, it was revealed that the Saudi National had been ordered to leave the country amid national security concerns, however, according to documented allegations – Al-Harbi’s deportation records were subsequently altered by the government, thus rescinding his deportation order.
Those allegations, however, pale in comparison to today’s big story – an individual named Abdulrahman Alharbi has made several visits to the White House since President Obama has taken office.
This information has been learned, via the White House’s official visitor records.
First reported by The Gateway Pundit, they allege that according to, an individual named ‘Abdulrahman Alharbi’ has made at least four stops by the ‘residence’ since 2009.
Abdulrahman Alharbi first visited the official residence of the President on December 8, 2009.
That visit was followed up by one on October 14, 2011, this time, however, Alharbi made a stop by the Old Eisenhower Executive Office Building where, according to official records, he met with officials in room 234.
That same day, Abdulrahman Alharbi paid a visit to the “residence,” once more.
As early as last July, Alharbi made a visit to the residence as part of a group tour – which is the final record posted on the government’s website of anyone by that name visiting the White House.
Critics point to the middle initials, which they say serves as proof that this is not all the same person, however, it is important to remember that unlike average Americans who merely have three names, Abdulrahman Alharbi’s official name is Abdul Rahman Ali Issa Al-Salimi Al-Harbi – so when it comes to middle initials he can pretty much choose any letter from the alphabet and be covered.
What does all of this mean? One of three things:
1.) Absolutely nothing – it is merely a coincidence that Alharbi was near the blast site and that someone whose name appears to be very similar, if not identical to his, has visited the White House on four separate occasions since President Obama took office.
This very well could be the case and in America, it is important to remember that all are innocent, until proven guilty. Now that the Tsnaraev brothers have either been killed or taken into custody it seems that Alharbi was, as the DHS secretary put it, ‘at the wrong place at the wrong time.’ Still so many persisting questions surrounding when, if ever he was on the terrorist watch list, in the very least raises some questions.
2.) It could also mean that Abdulrahman Alharbi knows the Obamas personally. Let’s not forget that the First Lady stopped by his hospital room the other day.
3.) Lastly, it could mean that the Alharbi’s, a clan with deep roots to Saudi terrorists (including one presently being detained at Gitmo) were scoping out the nation’s most treasured house… Familiarizing themselves with the security of the building, weaknesses and opportunities. If so, it would certainly shed new light on why the White House has been closed to visitors lately, as well as why Mr. Alharbi was allegedly referred to as a “threat to national security.”
At this point, all of these thoughts are pure speculation, but boy is it a fascinating story and a very bizarre set of turn of events!
Note from Norm: Ref, "What does all of this mean? One of three things:"
Perhaps the author forgot the obvious.  Examining the photographs the evidence is pretty strong that the bombing suspect is a friend of Obama and company.  Why did Michelle Obama go out of her way to visit the suspect?  Why did she make the trip from Washington, D.C. to Boston?  Was it a scheduled trip?  Why does Michelle Obama appear to wave off the camera as if she did not want her picture taken with the bombing suspect?  Why does Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano look so happy with the bombing suspect (she sure acted upset when questioned by Congressional inquirers)?  Why is this not BIG NEWS with the main stream media? 

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