Saturday, March 2, 2013

Border Crossings...Could it be that we are being lied to?

Brooks County, Texas March 1, 2013
On Feb, 26th, CSN news reported that DHS has decided to completely revamp the matrix by which they determine the number of illegals that enter this country. They are going to go by apprehensions. The only problem is that by their own DHS/CBP study it was determined that apprehensions were a flawed way of determining the number of crossers.
The next story is just a random selection from many stories done that say our border is as secure as it has ever been. We would ask, based on what?
And the last link tells of the number of deaths in Brooks county Texas for 2012. The 129 dead represent a 54% increase over the record of 84 just a few years ago.
So, as a thinking individual we ask you; how in the world is it LOGICAL that apprehensions are up, crossings are down and more people than ever are dying in just one county in Texas that is 60 miles North of the Texas/Mexico border? Could it be that we are being lied to? Many if not most experts will say that estimating how many illegals cross into this country is not quantifiable. Yet we are told that CBP/BP now get 60% with only 40% escaping detection. Five years ago it was estimated we got maybe 20%. Why the change? How did we get more efficient?

The analogy is simple, I will think of a number between one and a million. You, guess the number and without me telling you the number I picked I will ask you to determine the difference between our numbers. Texas Border Volunteers deal in numbers we see. We see the deaths. We see an increase in the number of crossers that we report to Border Patrol and none of us believe that there is a decrease in the number of illegals coming to this country.
The Texas Border Volunteers, or TBV, is a group of concerned citizens that has operated since the fall of 2006. During this time TBV has performed watches on private ranches in South Texas where we have reported over 1670 illegal aliens, 859 of those have been apprehended by Border Patrol. In 2012 alone, 232 IA’s were observed by TBV with 126 known apprehensions. TBV has also found lost and disoriented illegal aliens (IA’s) that were abandoned by their “coyotes”. These individuals were given lifesaving aid and assistance by our volunteers. Those IA’s have included pregnant women and juveniles.
One of the TBV board members is a South Texas ranch owner as well. She travels the ranch with a group of pets. She calls them her “BEST” team (Blitz, Elsa, Schatten and Tinkerbell). These 4 canines that travel with her have developed a knack for alerting to and finding illegal aliens. For 2012, the BEST team has reported 119 illegal aliens with 101 Border Patrol apprehensions. These numbers are in addition to the 2012 numbers reported above by TBV.
The mission of TBV is to observe and report illegal aliens that criminally trespass on the South Texas ranches we patrol. In addition TBV is actively involved with educating the general public about the border issue through group presentations, radio and media interviews and educational booths at various venues. The volunteers that make up TBV come from a variety of working backgrounds, ethnic origins, and political viewpoints.


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