Friday, February 1, 2013

Will Obama have you shot?

Sometimes I get very discouraged because it seems that no one is paying attention to that which is going on around us (by 'us', I mean American citizens)...but I don't ever give up!  In the 2010 Alabama 2nd Congressional District, primary candidate Rick Barber was right on with his Gather Your Armies video:
Its too bad that Rick lost in the primaries however his message is still viable today.  After four years of Obamanation the United States is more un-united than united and there's signs that some people are beginning to get Rick's message (although I doubt Chris Mathews will ever get it!) , gun sales are up, ammunition sales are through the roof, and NRA membership has increased substantially.  Most of our troubles are not broadcast by the main stream media for they too are part and parcel to our troubled times...they cover it up or refuse to inform the people.  We, or should I say, "I", can brag about all the warnings that I have given over the years but Dr. Garrow can summarize what I've been saying for the past four years in about twenty minutes.  Listen closely for what he is saying is absolutely clear, the Obama machine wants to destroy the American dream and if you don't heed these warnings you can kiss your country goodbye.  (Short note: The reference to placing like minded (left-wing) people in high ranking military postions started with Bill Clinton (and possibly Jimmy Carter) so Obama is just following in the footsteps of the power brokers out to destroy this once great country.)  Will Obama have you shot?  Listen up and you decide. ~ Norman E. Hooben

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