Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Breaking News: School Bus Driver Shot...hostage situation

See update info at bottom of page.
I just got off the phone...
My wife called from the stables (where we board our horse) and said she may have trouble getting home because a shooting occurred not far from where she is at... She did not have much in the way of details and it has not hit the local television as we speak...
Take that back...
The local TV just came on with the report...apparently there is a hostage situation and a bus driver was shot...
Will keep you up to date as I get more info.

Meanwhile this is all I have: FromWTVY News Dothan, Alabama

Bus Driver Reportedly Shot in Dale County

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Authorities report that a hostage situation is ongoing.
Witnesses say they heard gunshots and saw students running off of a Dale County School bus.
Witnesses also say that they bus driver was shot and killed.
At this point, it is believed that a child is being held by the shooter.
Police are not releasing further details at this time. They are expected to release more information in an official capacity shortly.
We have reports that two victims were shot surrounding this incident.
More reports in to WTVY at this time say a suspect came onto the bus and shot the bus driver.
Stay with WTVY for more information as it comes in.
We have reports of a hostage situation surrounding the bus driver shooting.
Reports say one child is confirmed to have been taken by a suspect behind Destiny Church in Dale County.
We have reports in to our news room that a bus driver was shot.
The Dale County bus driver was shot at the intersection of Dale County Road 1539 and 231 in Dale County.
We have reporters en route. No additional details are known at this time but stay with WTVY News 4 for the very latest information.

Update video.  For more updates go here (WTVY News) or here (Dothan Eagle) Overnight Update: Sheriff Wally Olson Press Conference (un official)

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