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American Holocaust

Obama Approves Of Killing or out of the womb!

Paul Ryan: At least he knows what he's talking about.*

*See video below.
by Norman E. Hooben

It ain't over 'til it's over!  I never rallied around any of the contestants and it wouldn't have mattered anyway because it's always the dumb-factor that determines the winner.  If dumb people were not allowed to vote...let me back off a bit...if smart uninformed people were not allowed to vote (because they are probably the largest voting block) then the country would be in much better shape.  These so-called smart people have no clue who or what they are voting for therefor I call it the dumb-factor.
Nobody is running on the real issues...the issues are always controlled by the politic elite.  I bet your thinking that jobs and the economy are the real issues.  They are because you were led to believe that by the powers to be.  Certainly jobs and the economy are on a lot of people's minds but what are the root causes for this uncertain economy?  I know, but I'm not telling...but you can find out on your own because you wouldn't believe me anyway.  I'll give you a hint...John F. Kennedy knew...Franklin D. Roosevelt knew...George Herbert Walker Bush knows (might as well throw in George W. Bush too; they're all in the same boat) ...William Jefferson Clinton knows...and even our dictator in chief, Barack Husein Obama knows.  They all have a common thread and it's so obvious to all but those smart uninformed voters. 
Meanwhile I didn't know where I was going turn this into a commentary about Romney's pick for VP so let me just repeat a comment I said earlier in the day over at Atlas Shrugs.
Although I liked Alan West and really never gave Ryan a second thought, it looks as though we're stuck with what we got. Romney was never the best choice to begin with and anybody that ever voted for TARP (as did Ryan) does not belong in any position of public trust...regardless of any half-hearted apologies after the fact!  But enough with the negatives, we have to move on and if the double-R boys can't win in November be prepared for the return of the dark ages.
At least he knows what he's talking about.

Keep This, Forward This, Make Copies, Distribute...before the blue berets take over!

Agenda 21...You ain't heard nothing yet!...Just wait 'til the blue berets come through your neighborhood!

What is Sustainable Development?
According to its authors, the objective of sustainable development is to integrate economic, social and environmental policies in order to achieve reduced consumption, social equity, and the preservation and restoration of biodiversity. Sustainablists insist that every societal decision be based on environmental impact, focusing on three components; global land use, global education, and global population control and reduction.
Social Equity (Social injustice)
Social justice is described as the right and opportunity of all people “to benefit equally from the resources afforded us by society and the environment.” Redistribution of wealth. Private property is a social injustice since not everyone can build wealth from it. National sovereignty is a social injustice. Universal health care is a social injustice. All part of Agenda 21 policy.
Economic Prosperity
Public Private Partnerships (PPP). Special dealings between government and certain, chosen corporations which get tax breaks, grants and the government’s power of
Eminent Domain to implement sustainable policy. Government-sanctioned monopolies.
Local Sustainable Development policies
Smart Growth, Wildlands Project, Resilient Cities, Regional Visioning Projects, STAR Sustainable Communities, Green jobs, Green Building Codes, “Going Green,” Alternative Energy, Local Visioning, facilitators, regional planning, historic preservation, conservation easements, development rights, sustainable farming, comprehensive planning, growth management, consensus.
Who is behind it?
ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability (formally, International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives). Communities pay ICLEI dues to provide “local” community plans, software, training, etc. Addition groups include American Planning Council, The Renaissance Planning Group, International City/ County Management Group, aided by US Mayors Conference, National Governors Association, National League of Cities, National Association of County Administrators and many more private organizations and official government agencies. Foundation and government grants drive the process.
Where did it originate?
The term Sustainable Development was first introduced to the world in the pages a 1987 report (Our Common Future) produced by the United Nations World Commission on Environmental and Development, authored by Gro Harlem Brundtland, VP of the World Socialist Party. The term was first offered as official UN policy in 1992, in a document called UN Sustainable Development Agenda 21, issued at the UN’s Earth Summit, today referred to simply as Agenda 21.
What gives Agenda 21 Ruling Authority?
More than 178 nations adopted Agenda 21 as official policy during a signing ceremony at the Earth Summit. US president George H.W. Bush signed the document for the US. In signing, each nation pledge to adopt the goals of Agenda 21. In 1995, President Bill Clinton, in compliance with Agenda 21, signed Executive Order #12858 to create the President’s Council on Sustainable Development in order to “harmonize” US environmental policy with UN directives as outlined in Agenda 21. The EO directed all agencies of the Federal Government to work with state and local community governments in a joint effort “reinvent” government using the guidelines outlined in Agenda 21. As a result, with the assistance of groups like ICLEI, Sustainable Development is now emerging as government policy in every town, county and state in the nation.
Revealing Quotes From the Planners
“Agenda 21 proposes an array of actions which are intended to be implemented by EVERY person on Earth…it calls for specific changes in the activities of ALL people… Effective execution of Agenda 21 will REQUIRE a profound reorientation of ALL humans, unlike anything the world has ever experienced… ” Agenda 21: The Earth Summit Strategy to Save Our Planet (Earthpress, 1993). Emphases – DR
Urgent to implement – but we don’t know what it is!
“The realities of life on our planet dictate that continued economic development as we know it cannot be sustained…Sustainable development, therefore is a program of action for local and global economic reform – a program that has yet to be fully defined.” The Local Agenda 21 Planning Guide, published by ICLEI, 1996.
“No one fully understands how or even, if, sustainable development can be achieved; however, there is growing consensus that it must be accomplished at the local level if it is ever to be achieved on a global basis.” The Local Agenda 21 Planning Guide, published by ICLEI, 1996.
Agenda 21 and Private Property
“Land…cannot be treated as an ordinary asset, controlled by individuals and subject to the pressures and inefficiencies of the market. Private land ownership is also a principal instrument of accumulation and concentration of wealth, therefore contributes to social injustice.” From the report from the 1976 UN’s Habitat I Conference.
“Private land use decisions are often driven by strong economic incentives that result in several ecological and aesthetic consequences…The key to overcoming it is through public policy…” Report from the President’s Council on Sustainable Development, page 112.
“Current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class – involving high meat intake, use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and work air conditioning, and suburban housing are not sustainable.” Maurice Strong, Secretary General of the UN’s Earth Summit, 1992.
Reinvention of Government
“We need a new collaborative decision process that leads to better decisions, more rapid change, and more sensible use of human, natural and financial resources in achieving our goals.” Report from the President’s Council on Sustainable Development
“Individual rights will have to take a back seat to the collective.” Harvey Ruvin, Vice Chairman, ICLEI. The Wildlands Project
“We must make this place an insecure and inhospitable place for Capitalists and their projects – we must reclaim the roads and plowed lands, halt dam construction, tear down existing dams, free shackled rivers and return to wilderness millions of tens of millions of acres or presently settled land.” Dave Foreman, Earth First.
What is not sustainable?
Ski runs, grazing of livestock, plowing of soil, building fences, industry, single family homes, paves and tarred roads, logging activities, dams and reservoirs, power line construction, and economic systems that fail to set proper value on the environment.” UN’s Biodiversity Assessment Report.
Hide Agenda 21’s UN roots from the people
“Participating in a UN advocated planning process would very likely bring out many of the conspiracy- fixated groups and individuals in our society… This segment of our society who fear ‘one-world government’ and a UN invasion of the United States through which our individual freedom would be stripped away would actively work to defeat any elected official who joined ‘the conspiracy’ by undertaking LA21. So we call our process something else, such as comprehensive planning, growth management or smart growth.” J. Gary Lawrence, advisor to President Clinton’s Council on Sustainable Development.

the EPA’s reign of terror: A Government Out Of's time we did something to stop the abuse of power!

Defense of Environment and Property Act

You and I are on the verge of losing a vital battle to stop the EPA’s reign of terror on property owners.

The only way to win is to strongly demand that more members of the U.S. Senate co-sponsor and support Senator Rand Paul’s new bill.

If we fail, the bill will die. 
Let me explain.
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Forest Service, National Park Service, and the Fish and Wildlife Service have become OUTLAW agencies of our federal government.
And it’s time we brought them under control.

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has introduced a bill to do just that. It’s called the Defense of Environment and Property Act of 2012 (S. 2122).

Senator Paul’s Bill is vital for the protection of private property and personal freedom. It is a new weapon to stop enforcement of Agenda 21 policies.

It is urgent that you sign the enclosed petition to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell urging support for S.2122 so that we can finally put a stop to the outrages of these outlaw agencies.

Why do I call these federal agencies Outlaws?

Because they are making their own rules under the pretext of enforcing federal law, particularly the Clean Water Act. As a result, they are ruining the lives of innocent, law abiding Americans and locking away millions of acres of private land – using the excuse of protecting the environment.

§  They pretend that occasional mud puddles are wet lands that have to be protected.

§  They arrest property owners for simply improving their land, claiming they have violated the Clean Water Act. Many have served prison time for nothing more than putting some fill dirt in a ditch.

§  They block property owners from building on their land.

§  And they issue crushing fines against property owners, even when there is no proven violation.

§  They sneak onto private land looking for violations. And sometimes they even manufacture those violations and then arrest the owners.

§  And when they declare an area of the property to be a wetland, true or not, the property owner can no longer use the land, nor sell it.

This is government out of control.

This is a tyranny orchestrated to enforce the policies of Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development.
But you and I can stop it.
We need to build support for Senator Paul’s Bill, “Defense of Environment and Property Act, S.2122.”

His bill defines exactly what a “navigable water way” is. It is not a mud puddle or a temporary runoff of rain water. How sad it is that a Senate Bill has to clarify these
definitions for government agencies entrusted to comply with the law.

But that’s what must be done.

Senator Paul’s bill also makes it mandatory that Federal agents get written permission from the property owner to enter the land. No more sneaking!

And finally, Senator Paul’s bill tells the federal government that, if it takes private land, then it has to pay double the value of the land to the landowner.

Why? Because once the government declares that land is a wetland – the property value plummets. Doubling the price will help enforce the “just compensation” provisions of the 5th Amendment to the Constitution.

S.2122 will help stop enforcement of the UN’s Agenda 21 that the EPA and these other federal agencies are working to enforce.

So, please, right now, sign your enclosed “Support S.2122” petition to your U.S. Senator

I need thousands of these signed petitions to build support for the bill.

Remember, we have to force it past Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid – one of the worst violators of American property rights and individual liberties. And he decides what bills are brought to the Senate floor for a vote.

Only by flooding Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s office with signed petitions can we bi-pass Harry Reid and force a vote for S.2122. The good news is that Senator Paul is Senator McConnell’s fellow senator from Kentucky. He will help us get a vote if he sees enough support for the bill from Americans nationwide.

But it won’t happen without our efforts! So please sign your petition today!

And, if you can, please call your two Senators and demand they co-sponsors the bill. 30 co-sponsors would assure the bill would get action.

And will you also include a contribution to APC with your signed petition? APC has been on the front lines fighting these agencies for many years.

In fact, APC is one of the only organizations that’s been in this fight from the beginning. I have personally worked with some of the victims I’ve described here. I have shared their tears and frustrations and I pledged to get justice for them.

You and I must stop these outlaw agencies before they ruin the lives of more innocent Americans. Your financial support of APC will help make sure that happens.

You have seen what APC can do when we take on a battle. The huge national battle now raging across the nation against Agenda 21 is a direct result of APC’s 18 year fight to expose this massive UN threat. I never gave up. I kept fighting against all odds. And as a result – today we are making huge progress to in stopping Agenda 21.

Your financial support is all I have to wage these battles. No corporations will give us grants because APC is too controversial. Nor will any large foundations – for the same reason.

And that’s OK with me. I much prefer to be supported by dedicated individual contributors like you. That keeps APC independent and much more effective in our fight against the tyrannical forces like the UN and the EPA.

So, please, will you help me lead this battle to pass Senator Rand Paul’s Defense of Environment and Property Act (S.2122) so we can reign in these outlaw agencies.

Whatever amount you can send – I urgently need it today. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will do everything he can to kill S. 2122 so that these outlaw agencies can continue to terrorize American property owners.

With your signed petition to Minority Leader McConnell, and your generous contribution to APC today, we can win. Please join me in this battle to stop these outlaw agencies.

Click here to sign your petition now


Tom DeWeese

P.S. Senator Paul’s bill needs more co-sponsors to stay alive. The best way to get them is to call your two senators and ask them to co-sponsor. Tell them it is vital that we reign in the power of this outlaw agency before it destroys our property rights. I’ve enclosed the phone number for the U.S. Senate switch board on the enclosed reply form. Please do it today.

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Obama, lay off my America!

This is not Obama's America...
It's mine and all of my patriotic friends!
Obama, keep your Socialist-Marxist hands off!

Obama not only supported the mayor who led to the destruction of Detroit...
After the mayor went to jail Obama outsourced all the jobs...
and that's not all...
Obama is proud of his accomplishment...
Take a look!  This is what Amerca will look like in another four years!

When Obama runs on his record...this is his record.

Posted by Norman E. Hooben

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Joe "The Slease" Soptic lies about dead wife for political gain. How much did they pay you joe?

From The Mark Levin Show
On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show: An Obama Super PAC ad says that Mitt Romney is responsible for the death of a woman because Bain Capital left her husband without healthcare. But Mark finds out that the whole ad is a lie because the woman did in fact have insurance. So the Obama campaign and this PAC are caught in a lie while trying to defame Romney for things that they he had nothing to do with. In addition, if that is now the standard, then logically we can argue back that Obama is responsible for any deaths, illnesses, or misery that occurs as a result of his policies. Whether it's the open border problem, the Obamacare mess, or certain regulations, any suffering that comes as a result of this Obama should get the blame for.

From ABC News
Pro-Obama ad ties Romney to woman's death from cancer
By Olivier Knox
A pro-Obama super PAC, Priorities USA Action, unleashed what may be the most vicious and personal attack ad of the 2012 election cycle to date, effectively blaming Mitt Romney for the death of a laid-off steelworker's wife from cancer. The Romney campaign hit back hard, calling the charge "dishonest" and "contemptible."
The stark, minute-long commercial — entitled "Understands" -- features Joe Soptic, who lost his job and his health benefits after Romney's Bain Capital closed the GST Steel plant in Kansas City, Kansas — a move that has been the subject of pro-Obama ads before.
"I don't think Mitt Romney understands what he's done to people's lives by closing the plant," says Soptic, echoing recurring Democratic attacks on the former Massachusetts governor's tenure at Bain.
But here is the rest of the script:
"When Mitt Romney and Bain closed the plant, I lost my healthcare, and my family lost their healthcare. And, a short time after that, my wife became ill. I don't know how long she was sick and I think maybe she didn't say anything because she knew that we couldn't afford the insurance. And then one day she became ill and I took her up to the Jackson County Hospital and admitted her for pneumonia and that's when they found the cancer and by then it was stage four. It was, there was nothing they could do for her. And she passed away in 22 days. I do not think Mitt Romney realizes what he's done to anyone, and furthermore I do not think Mitt Romney is concerned."
With 8.3 percent unemployment nationwide and the economy still sputtering three and a half years after Obama took office, the president's supporters have tried to paint Romney as a heartless practitioner of locust capitalism, someone who will fight for the very rich at the expense of everyone else. At a fundraiser in Connecticut on Monday, Obama himself dubbed his presumptive opponent "Romney Hood."
"President Obama's allies continue to use discredited and dishonest attacks in a contemptible effort to conceal the administration's deplorable economic record," said Romney spokesman Ryan Williams.
"After 42 months of unemployment above 8 percent, it is clear that the President and his campaign do not have a rationale for reelection. He focused on health care instead of the economy," Williams said by email. "He's done little to change the way Washington works."
"Mitt Romney has a Plan for a Stronger Middle Class that will jumpstart the economy and bring back millions of jobs," the spokesman said.
From CNN
Ad linking Romney to death of the wife of a laid off steelworker not accurate

A new attack ad by a Super PAC backing President Obama appears to blame Mitt Romney for a woman's death from cancer after his company, Bain Capital, shut down the steel mill where the woman's husband worked.
Ref: During the White House briefing Tuesday, Press Secretary Jay Carney said he hadn't yet seen the ad.
Jay Carney is a known deceiver of the truth and it is highly improbable that he hadn't seen the ad.  The probability that he had seen the ad before it was released would be more believable.  Carney's 'no assessment' is in essence an approval of the lie...or as I said above, "deciever of the truth" .
Ref: It's become a common occurrence this election cycle: a Super PAC does the dirty work so the campaign, the candidate and, in this case, the White House don't have to.
The fact that Obama and his minions knows the ad is not true and has not asked Prorities USA Action  to remove the ad, implicates Obama as a partner in the dirty work...  Besides, Obama was known for his dirty work in Chicago, what makes you think he has changed his tactics?  Also, the use of the words 'candidate' and 'White House' is CNN's way of not saying, "Barack Obama".  Using the term 'White House' is very vague.  Since when did a house make decisions.  CNN is also a known deciever of the truth.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Underwater Drones...a bit on the slow side (for now anyway)

"The vehicle that completed the 26-hour voyage from Cape Cod to Newport... " (Note from Norm: Heck I can almost swim that distance faster than that [LOL])
Source: Boston Herald
Navy tests ocean drones in Narragansett Bay
By Associated Press

NEWPORT, R.I. — Just beneath the placid, sailboat-dotted surface of Narragansett Bay, torpedo-shaped vehicles spin and pivot to their own rhythm, carrying out missions programmed by their U.S. Navy masters.
The bay known as a playground for the rich is the testing ground for the Naval Undersea Warfare Center in Newport, where the Navy is working toward its goal of achieving a squadron of self-driven, undersea vehicles.
One of the gadgets recently navigated its own way from Woods Hole, Mass., to Newport, completing several pre-set tasks in what the military calls an unprecedented feat.
Technology under consideration by the military is often tested aboard cylinder-shaped vehicles with a diameter of about 20 inches. But the center also tests its own prototypes, including one dubbed Razor, which can propel itself by using flippers, like a turtle, for stealth.
The Navy hopes its drones will eventually pilot themselves across oceans. The vehicles are already used to detect mines and map the ocean floor and, with tweaks over the next several years, the military says they will be applied more to intelligence gathering and, in the more distant future, anti-submarine warfare.

"We do see these autonomous undersea vehicles as game changers," said Christopher Egan, a program manager at NUWC.
Compared with aerial drones, the undersea vehicles can be challenging to control from a distance. The water distorts the transmission of signals, and the drones have to contend with boat traffic, swirling currents, and obstacles on the ocean floor.
They are typically powered by batteries, but their endurance has been sharply limited by the lack of a stronger power source that will allow for safe handling by sailors who deploy and collect the devices aboard submarines.
With advances in alternative energy sources, particularly fuel cells, the Navy says it is close to achieving a fully independent drone. By 2017, the Navy aims to have a large, unmanned vehicle that can stay out for 70 days. Within the next decade, it wants to field its first full squadron.
"We’ve seen the advances of unmanned aerial vehicles and what that provides to the war fighter," said Navy Capt. Brian Howes, who is involved in planning for the vehicles as commander of Submarine Development Squadron 5 in Washington state. "We’re pushing the technology to have the same leap for our unmanned undersea vehicles."
In a time of tight federal budgets, the Navy also sees drones as a cost-effective way to extend the reach of its submarine fleet, which has been gradually shrinking in size since the end of the Cold War.
Norman Friedman, a New York-based naval analyst, said the unmanned undersea vehicles — or UUVs — are a necessary investment. Whether they deliver on their promise, he said, will depend on success at finding the right power plant.

Vision Systems Design
"The big obstacle is going to be energy," he said. "I don’t get the feeling anyone has jumped up and said this is not a problem anymore."
The bay is perfect environment with shallow water, varied features on the bottom and commercial traffic, Egan said. At times, however, the engineers have to contend with interference from pleasure boaters, including one man who was approached by a Navy vessel after trying to grab a vehicle near the surface.
"We’ve had occasional interactions where a boat operator sees an opportunity to maybe snap up a cool device," Egan said. "We’ve had to deter them on occasion."
The Navy has used unmanned vehicles to simulate enemy submarines for training purposes since the 1970s, but officials say they have made dramatic leaps in autonomy.
The vehicle that completed the 26-hour voyage from Cape Cod to Newport in October 2010, for example, plotted its own course without relying on GPS positioning or other communications, Egan said. Guiding itself by features on the sea floor, it passed through the pylons of a bridge, circumnavigated the island of Jamestown and surfaced in a pre-determined spot inside the harbor.
The laboratory at the Naval Undersea Warfare Center, which has 65 engineers and scientists dedicated to UUVs, works closely with private companies, academic institutions and other government agencies involved in similar research. The gadgets have a wide range of applications beyond the military, as demonstrated last year by vehicles that recovered the flight data recorder from an Air France plane that crashed in the mid-Atlantic (link).
The submarine community is particularly eager to see what the vehicles can do. Electric Boat in Groton, Conn., has designed a module to help future attack subs deploy and recover the drones, transporting them through the payload tubes.
"If you can do reconnaissance with multiple UUVs or one UUV, then in effect you extend the area the submarine touches," Friedman said.

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But...What if?

September 13, 1923. Washington, D.C. "W.H. Murphy of the Protective Garment Corp. of New York stood less than ten feet from [Frederick County, Md.] Deputy Sheriff Charles W. Smith in police headquarters Wednesday and let the deputy fire a .38 caliber revolver straight at his chest. When the bullet hit, Murphy never batted an eye. Inventors ot the bulletproof vest, which weighs about 11 pounds, have put it on the market for the protection of police and other officers in emergency cases. The bullet which Deputy Smith fired into the vest Wednesday was presented to him for a souvenir." National Photo Company. ~ Source

Source Wikipedia

I've been to a lot of places but I've never been here!

Curiosity...Flawless, Awesome, ...What more can I say?

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Dear Bob Beckel, Nowhere in the Bible does it say, "You must rob from one group to give to another."

Where in the Bible does it say that the government shall rob from the people in order to promote the cause of Liberalism?
If there is a poor man among your brothers in any of the towns of the land that the LORD your God is giving you, do not be hardhearted or tightfisted toward your poor brother. ~ Deuteronomy 15:7
There will always be poor people in the land. Therefore I command you to be openhanded toward your brothers and toward the poor and needy in your land. ~ Deuteronomy 15:11
Borrowing a phrase from a pastor from Tacoma, Washington:
"When we want something that God has not yet chosen to provide in our life, and we want it bad enough to steal for it, we have made that thing into an idol."
Exactly the kind of thought process in the Liberal mindset (Liberals want it bad enough to steal for it under the guise of taxes).  Their idol is stolen (under the guise of taxes) from hardworking individuals and given to people willing to vote for the guy that gave them the free stuff (in other words, selling their souls to the devil).  Most recipients of taxpayer benefits (stolen money) are able-bodied individuals capable of earning an income on their own.  There is nowhere in the United States Constitution that says the government should take care of the poor...that's the job God has assigned to each an everyone of us. ~ Norman E. Hooben

PS: The problem with Liberals they do not understand the following: (And it's so simple!)

To remedy these wrongs the socialists, working on the poor man's envy of the rich, are striving to do away with private property, and contend that individual possessions should become the common property of all, to be administered by the State or by municipal bodies. They hold that by thus transferring property from private individuals to the community, the present mischievous state of things will be set to rights, inasmuch as each citizen will then get his fair share of whatever there is to enjoy. But their contentions are so clearly powerless to end the controversy that were they carried into effect the working man himself would be among the first to suffer. They are, moreover, emphatically unjust, for they would rob the lawful possessor, distort the functions of the State, and create utter confusion in the community.

It is surely undeniable that, when a man engages in remunerative labor, the impelling reason and motive of his work is to obtain property, and thereafter to hold it as his very own. If one man hires out to another his strength or skill, he does so for the purpose of receiving in return what is necessary for the satisfaction of his needs; he therefore expressly intends to acquire a right full and real, not only to the remuneration, but also to the disposal of such remuneration, just as he pleases. Thus, if he lives sparingly, saves money, and, for greater security, invests his savings in land, the land, in such case, is only his wages under another form; and, consequently, a working man's little estate thus purchased should be as completely at his full disposal as are the wages he receives for his labor. But it is precisely in such power of disposal that ownership obtains, whether the property consist of land or chattels.

Socialists, therefore, by endeavoring to transfer the possessions of individuals to the community at large, strike at the interests of every wage-earner, since they would deprive him of the liberty of disposing of his wages, and thereby of all hope and possibility of increasing his resources and of bettering his condition in life. (circa 1891)
Just a reminder... (this video was originally posted some time ago) 

Lessons From California...New York and Detroit

The following from: The Freeman...ideas on liberty
Richard W. Fulmer
Malware: How Government Destroys Wealth

From the air, there is no indication that the state of California is in financial trouble. Flying into Los Angeles one sees the city’s immense wealth: hundreds of factories, warehouses, and stores; highways and bridges; tens of thousands of houses; countless cars and trucks. What cannot be seen from the air is the value that has been torn from all of this capital stock in recent years. Untold wealth is lost every day as the state government systematically abolishes property rights. Regulations, environmental restrictions, zoning laws, sales taxes, income taxes, property taxes combine to reduce the value of people’s land, homes, and businesses. Place enough taxes and restrictions on any asset and it becomes a liability, costing the owner more than it is worth. Move that same asset to a place where property rights are protected and the asset instantly regains its value. So, capital flees the state. Money, resources, and people are packing up and heading to those states that still respect property rights.
There is nothing wrong with California’s assets–its “hardware.” It’s the software that’s broken. The rules governing the hardware are destroying its value. Under current rules, government officials regularly deny owners the right to use their property as they wish or they confiscate their property outright. Under such rules, the hardware becomes worth less and with time, worthless. Change the rules, restore property rights, and the value is restored; the hardware begins generating wealth once more. Continue the same confiscatory rules, however, and eventually the damage will become apparent even from the air. The capital stock that still retains the potential to create great wealth and lift millions out of poverty will decay, as it has in New York City where rent controls have laid waste to entire city blocks; in Buffalo, where government malware has been running and ruining the hardware for decades, and in the city of Detroit where high taxes, poor services, and little protection from criminals have driven residents away in the tens of thousands. The buildings in the pictures linked to this article were not destroyed by war. They were not destroyed by earthquakes or fire.
They were destroyed by powerful and voracious governments. Look at them and mourn the ruined lives and wasted resources that each building, each dwelling, represents. Mourn as California, that once golden state, stumbles toward the same wretched, unnecessary end.

Bonus Video...Is this a slam dunk or else?

Rahm Emanuel must be proud of Chicago's murder rate...Must be that murderers voted for him