Sunday, December 2, 2012

Good Cop, Bad Cop

Updated Dec 5, 2012 see below

In the first video the Sheriff did exactly what any good American law enforcement officer should do.  The officer did exactly what he is paid to do...protect the rights of the individual citizens.   The second video depicts an officer who decides to make the law into whatever he decides it should be.   There is no law against the filming of police officers  doing their job...especially if they're on YOUR property.   The unlawful arrest should demand the severest of punishments to the arresting officer and in my own humble opinion the guy should be fired and serve, at the minimum, ten years at hard labor.  A little harsh you say, not hardly...people have been killed for doing exactly what this officer has done.  To the best of my knowledge America has not yet turned into a police state but you couldn't tell if you watched the second video.


The 1st and 7th circuit decisions mean that it is now technically legal to record on-duty police officers in every state in the country.  Read full story here
 Also here: Supreme Court rejects Illinois plea to block recording of police
United States Supreme Court
The United State Supreme Court has rejected a plea made by an Illinois prosecutor to allow enforcement of the state's anti-eavesdropping law when citizens video record police in the course of their duties.
Reaffirming a lower court ruling, the Court on Monday stated the anti-eavesdropping law violates the guarantee of freedom of speech when used against citizens who videotape law enforcement officers engaged in their duties in public places...full story here

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