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The 'REAL' Jihad against the Federal Reserve

I was watching TV when the news broke about a young man wanting to blow up the Federal Reserve Bank in New York City... Was I worried?  Not in the least!  It was just another planned event by the powers to be (in this case the patsies over at the FBI) wanting to remind American citizens what a wonderful job they're doing concerning their number one responsibility...our safety!  If you think that the Obama administration is one-bit concerned about your safety then I've got some ocean front property in Arizona for sale.  Meanwhile, Saman Mohammadi posts an interesting commentary that pretty much explains the reality of these faux scare tactics (that's tactics with an 's'...there were others and there will be more).  ~ Norman E. Hooben

The FBI Wants You To Believe There Is A Global Jihad Against The [Private] Federal Reserve ( ~ source)

Totalitarian governments operate very predictably and foolishly. Their propaganda is so over-the-top absurd that even the most gullible and uneducated members of their permanently indoctrinated populations start becoming more and more skeptical of official government accounts of reality.

According to The Fascist Bureau of Intimidation, the same institution that was responsible for the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. and other American political reformers in the 1960s, is in the habit of abusing its authority in the post-9/11 paranoid political environment in the United States.

Last week, the FBI arrested a young man from Bangladesh named Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis for planning to blow up the New York Federal Reserve Bank. It all sounds very scary, but the FBI had everything under control. Innocent lives were never at stake because the manipulative FBI supplied Nafis with a fake bomb. Those tricky spies were just having a little fun with the guy. No big deal.

Kurt Nimmo reported on October 17 in an article called, "FBI Entraps Witless Patsy in Federal Reserve Bombing Plot":

Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis was provided with “inert explosives” by federal agents and closely monitored by the FBI as he tried to act out his plot, according to the Associated Press.

Federal prosecutors said Nafis had proposed several spots for his attack, including the New York Stock Exchange. In a letter claiming responsibility for the Federal Reserve plot, he said he wanted to “destroy America.”

Nafis also provided the feds with a videotaped statement in which he said, “We will not stop until we attain victory or martyrdom.”

Federal authorities said the public was not in danger at any point during its “sting” operation.
Alex Newman writes in his article, "FBI Celebrates Foiling Its Own Terror Plot, Again":

In reality, however, there was no al-Qaeda, there was no threat, there were no bombs, and the only alleged “plot” the FBI “foiled” was the one it helped hatch with its dupe, Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis. Like the vast majority of recent domestic “terror” schemes against the United States, the latest supposed “operation” was essentially run by authorities from start to finish.
There are very imaginative people working for the FBI. They must watch a lot of movies in their offices. Action and spy films probably motivated them to join the FBI in the first place, rather than any sense of patriotism or love for public service.

How can FBI officers justify their existence when there are no domestic or foreign security threats to the United States government besides Wall Street bankers and rogue CIA officials? Instead of catching the real bad guys, FBI officials spend all their time finding Muslim dupes, give them fake bombs, tell them what to say, and then stand back and let the magic happen.

After every one of its staged terror stunts, the FBI invites television crews and issues grand public statements about how they prevented a great disaster. This is really silly stuff. This is not something that sane adults do. Sane adults do not create terror plots out of scratch and manufacture fake emergencies. This is what failed states that have no political legitimacy do.

Pakistan's security services is also neck-deep in this kind of fear-mongering, stupidity, and nonsense. They use the fear of the Taliban, an organization that they created with the CIA, which they continue to fund and arm, in order to justify the draconian use of state power.

Seriously, has the FBI no shame? Do FBI officials have self-respect? Are there any patriots left in this insane institution?

We all know the answer.

The entire U.S. political establishment has become a total joke. The FBI's invented case of a Jihadist aiming to blow up the Federal Reserve is part of a larger narrative, the purpose of which is to make the American people believe that the Federal Reserve is a victim of a grand conspiracy.

The conspiracy theorists in the totalitarian government in Washington are pushing the paranoid view that Al-Qaeda and the Tea Party will form a strategic, political, and ideological alliance and take revenge on America.

So, we're supposed to believe that drugged up Muslim dupes in Al-Qaeda and anti-Muslim, hardcore American patriots in the Tea Party will team up and fight America? Okaaay. The U.S. government has officially gone batshit crazy. It has entered tin-foil hat territory.


The fanciful link between Al-Qaeda and the Tea Party is manufactured through internal government planning papers and staged terror events. The U.S. army wrote about the "insurrectionist" tendencies of the Tea Party in a document called, Full Spectrum Operations in the Homeland: A “Vision” of the Future. Paul Joseph Watson wrote an article about the bizarre paper, here is an excerpt:
An academic study about the future use of the military as a peacekeeping force within the United States written by a retired Army Colonel depicts a shocking scenario in which the U.S. Army is used to restore order to a town that has been seized by Tea Party “insurrectionists”.
Citing the Declaration of Independence and the fact that the federal government is not deriving its “just powers from the consent of the governed,” the Tea Party rebels draw support from, “other tea party groups, militias, racist organizations such as the Ku Klux Klan, anti-immigrant associations such as the Minutemen, and other right-wing groups.” The paper goes on to add how Al-Qaeda terrorists also may hijack the crisis outlined in the scenario or join forces with the Tea Party rebels.
It is no secret that one of the biggest political targets of populist anger in the United States is the privately managed Federal Reserve cartel, which has protected the big banks at the cost of impoverishing America's national infrastructure and economic health. Basically, the criminal Federal Reserve has financially raped the United States.

Watch this interview of Lew Rockwell on Russia Today to learn how the Federal Reserve has been responsible for the growth of the war state and the decline of the American middle class.

By stimulating fake terror cases in which the Federal Reserve is presented as the victim of global Islamic Jihadists, the FBI is masking the political corruption of this criminal and vampiric institution that has aided and abetted financial treason against the United States.

The idea that idiotic Jihadists and Al-Qaeda would want to target the Federal Reserve is ridiculous. They don't even know what the Federal Reserve is, who created it, and when it was created, so how can they be angry at what it is doing? Al-Qaeda only targets what the CIA tells it to target because it controls it. If the CIA ordered Al-Qaeda to target Mecca and burn down the Kaaba, Al-Qaeda would do it.

This guy Nafis is a joke. The real and true "Jihad" against the Federal Reserve began in 1776 by Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, James Madison, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and the other great founding fathers of America.

They declared a war on private central banks and gross financial speculation, and won. Washington fought against what the Federal Reserve represents, and here is the FBI betraying Washington's legacy by defending the Federal Reserve. It is pitiful and outrageous. Taking the side of financial tyranny is morally wrong and politically unjustifiable.

It must always be remembered that the Federal Reserve is NOT America. It is a leech upon America. There is nothing federal about it. Ron Paul is a bigger national institution than the Fed. This illegitimate, illegal, unnecessary, treasonous, and corrupt institution was not around when America was created.

A hundred years of economic data has proven what a monstrous institution the Fed is and that the founders were right about the ills of private central banking. A private central bank should've never been created in America. The Fed steals and destroys the wealth of the American people. That is all it does.

If Thomas Jefferson was alive in our time he would write a Declaration of Independence from the Federal Reserve and declare an eternal jihad against it. And, in turn, the treacherous FBI would label him a domestic terrorist. That is how crazy, moronic, and corrupt the FBI has become. Anything it says is propaganda and must be rejected at face value.

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william seward said...
the website of the firm suing the fed and the banksters.
the story was originally on cnbc but 2 children of one of the execs were murdered the day the story was posted. the story was removed immediately. there’s a media blackout, but the lawsuit is real because you can view the file on the NY. federal court website.