Saturday, October 6, 2012

Congressman Allen West Reveals Dems Tactics

Above collage by Norman E. Hooben
NoteThe Democrats are no strangers to Saul Alinsky's Rules For Radicals.  Not only did Hillary Rodham Clinton submit her college thesis on the Alinsky philosophy in which she recieved accolades from ole Saul himself; during the Carter Administration, President Jimmy Carter distributed hundreds (maybe thousands) of the controversal book to community organizers throughout the country.  Carter hid the program from the taxpayers (printed at taxpayer's expense) under the shield of the Vista Program...leftover books were discovered in the Vista office in Washington, D.C. after Carter lost his bid for re-election.  Not sure when Community Organizer, Barack Husein Obama received his copy but he executes the rules as if he wrote the book himself. ~ Norman E. Hooben ...all of the above is a matter of record. See also: Still the Alinsky Playbook
Source for the following: Times 24/7
West: Cynical jobs report inspired by Saul Alinsky
We all want the suffering of the American people from this rampant scourge of unemployment to end. However, today's jobs report is confusing to say the least. Previous month’s numbers have been revised and yet the workforce participation rate remains at a 30 year low. The unemployment rate drops to 7.8 percent, that is where it was in January 2009 when the President took office. But the U6 computation of unemployed, underemployed, and discouraged Americans remains the same at 14.7 percent.
I agree with former GE CEO Jack Welch, Chicago style politics is at work here. Somehow by manipulation of data we are all of a sudden below 8 percent unemployment, a month from the Presidential election. This is Orwellian to say the least and representative of Saul Alinsky tactics from the book "Rules for Radicals" — a must read for all who want to know how the left strategize. Trust the Obama administration? Sure, and the spontaneous reaction to a video caused the death of our Ambassador ... and pigs fly.

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