Sunday, September 16, 2012

If you had a choice...Who would you want for President?

We all know that the two dominant political parties control who gets to live in the White House; after all, who wrote the FEC rules laws?  That's right!  The Democrats and the Republicans!  Do you call that a choice?  Not hardly, when they control the agenda (and that includes the rules established by them; in other words, what you must do that they've decided you must do to get elected).  What if we the people decided that we no longer like whatever it is they're doing to this once great country...and whatever it is, its not good...we've been in a steady decline for much too long.  Take the guy who currently is spending our money into the next century...if Obama is re-elected there's no way the country can survive another four years (more like four months than years). 
Is there ANYTHING the people can do to change the course?  For starters, I'm a firm believer in the write-in vote because I get to choose the candidate...not a bunch of politic elites!  I've actually done this on occasion even knowing that some people say my vote did not count.  And I say to that, "It certainly did!  Neither of the other candidates had one more vote!)  Do you remember Senator Strom Thurmond the senator from South Carolina?  He served for forty-eight years and guess what?  He got in as a write-in candidate because he didn't like what was going on with the guys who were running the show.  Now if more and more people decide that they no longer like (I was going to use the word trust but that's a given, nobody trusts a politician) what is being forced down our throats we could start our own simply using a #2 pencil (or that felt tip thing some precints use).  I once mused over the idea of running myself on the write-in system (Would you believe, all of twelve people actually suggested this to me).  I even thought of a way to spread the word simply by mouth.  Without going into a whole lot of detail that scenario would go like this:
If you got ten people to tell ten people and those ten people would tell another ten people etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc.; at the end of seven days you would have one-hundred-million people.  (Way more than enough to stick it to those politic elite.)
Well obviously I'm not running for anything now-a-days but if I were to suggest a good someone who is not already corrupt, a guy who made it on his own, a down to earth real person, who is mature enough to run the country and yet not too young as to stay around for the length of a Strom Thurmond marathon; I would probably suggest the guy in this interview ↓see below↓.   Meanwhile, I'm not suggesting who you should vote for this coming November as long as its anybody but Obama! ~ Norman E. Hooben 

Lets face it...he would make a much better president than any of ↓these guys↓.
The count down to November (Don't let this happen!)
See that guy on the left, he's clinging to his gun and his religion.
...and this just in

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