Sunday, August 19, 2012

The growing possibility of civil, na, I don't think so; how 'bout 'the growing possibility of government unrest'

Something is definetly rotten in Denmark Washington, D.C. lately (Did I say, "lately"?). Recent stories about various government agencies purchasing millions of rounds of ammunition and then retracting the stories as if it were no big deal.  I got to admit that I never knew that such administrative agencies like the Social Security Admistration had their own police force...since when did that happen anyway? So while the government is arming itself to the hilt the statists among us are trying to prevent the citizenship from arming themselves. Sounds like the government is preparing for some kind of civil war in which they want to out gun the small fry (that's you and me!). ~ Norman E. Hooben

More federal agencies buy multithousands of rounds of ammo

A news report today indicates that the Social Security Administration has purchased 174,000 rounds of ammunition, adding the agency to a growing list of federal agencies that have purchased multithousands of rounds of ammo over the last six months. Click here for full story.

Retraction: (Now it's just a rumor)

The most widespread of the recent rumors involves a Department of Homeland Security contract for a maximum of 450 million rounds of .40-caliber jacketed hollow-points, to be supplied over the next five years.
After receiving numerous questions from his constituents regarding the contract, pro-Second Amendment U.S. Rep. Lynn Westmoreland (R-Ga.) and his staff set out in search of the truth. In a
press release, Rep. Westmoreland's office explains:
If you take the number of agencies that will be using this ammunition – CBP, Citizenship and Immigration Services, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), ICE, the U.S. Secret Service, Transportation Security Administration, the DHS police force, and all the guards that protect the various buildings these agencies are housed in, and spread that out over 5 years, you start to see that 450 million rounds really isn't that large of an order. Especially considering it is used for training purposes like firing range and live fire exercises, on-the-job use (though that is very limited), and to shore up their supplies. In fact, there are 65,000 – 70,000 law enforcement personnel at DHS who would be covered under this … ammunition contract. If DHS were to purchase all 450 million rounds over 5 years, then that would equate to only about 1,384 rounds of ammo per year per law enforcement [officer] … assuming the lower estimate of only 65,000 law enforcement personnel at DHS. Considering those agents go through training exercises several times per year, that is not a lot of ammunition. Click here for full story.

And if you have a stake in this game you've got to stop S.3458 and H.R. 6241 and the statists among us:

On Monday, July 30, U.S. Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.) and U.S. Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-N.Y.) introduced legislation that would impose sweeping new--and not so new--restrictions on ammunition sales.

The bills,
S. 3458 and H.R. 6241, are known as the “Stop Online Ammunition Sales Act.” The bill itself has four elements:
  • A federal licensing requirement for ammunition sellers;
  • Recordkeeping on all ammunition sales;
  • Reporting of all sales of more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition to anyone without a federal firearms license within five consecutive business days; and
  • A photo identification requirement for all non-licensees buying ammunition, “effectively banning the online or mail order purchase of ammo by regular civilians.”
The two lawmakers’ contempt for “regular civilians” is nothing new.  Click here for full story.

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