Saturday, August 11, 2012

Paul Ryan: At least he knows what he's talking about.*

*See video below.
by Norman E. Hooben

It ain't over 'til it's over!  I never rallied around any of the contestants and it wouldn't have mattered anyway because it's always the dumb-factor that determines the winner.  If dumb people were not allowed to vote...let me back off a bit...if smart uninformed people were not allowed to vote (because they are probably the largest voting block) then the country would be in much better shape.  These so-called smart people have no clue who or what they are voting for therefor I call it the dumb-factor.
Nobody is running on the real issues...the issues are always controlled by the politic elite.  I bet your thinking that jobs and the economy are the real issues.  They are because you were led to believe that by the powers to be.  Certainly jobs and the economy are on a lot of people's minds but what are the root causes for this uncertain economy?  I know, but I'm not telling...but you can find out on your own because you wouldn't believe me anyway.  I'll give you a hint...John F. Kennedy knew...Franklin D. Roosevelt knew...George Herbert Walker Bush knows (might as well throw in George W. Bush too; they're all in the same boat) ...William Jefferson Clinton knows...and even our dictator in chief, Barack Husein Obama knows.  They all have a common thread and it's so obvious to all but those smart uninformed voters. 
Meanwhile I didn't know where I was going turn this into a commentary about Romney's pick for VP so let me just repeat a comment I said earlier in the day over at Atlas Shrugs.
Although I liked Alan West and really never gave Ryan a second thought, it looks as though we're stuck with what we got. Romney was never the best choice to begin with and anybody that ever voted for TARP (as did Ryan) does not belong in any position of public trust...regardless of any half-hearted apologies after the fact!  But enough with the negatives, we have to move on and if the double-R boys can't win in November be prepared for the return of the dark ages.
At least he knows what he's talking about.

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Adrienne said...

I know there are lots of threads connecting all those people. I also understand the "dumb" or "smart-but-uninformed" factor. The latter falls into the dumb factor (IMO) because if they were really smart, they'd be informed.

My question is: Exactly what do we do about it?

Sounds like a post to me...