Saturday, June 9, 2012

Syria: Want to stop the slaughter? Stop Obama! He's backing the carnage!

In April of 2012 I determined there should be a re-thinking (Re-thinking Assad) of what is really going on in Syria.  Here's the comment I made at that time:
Perhaps you should rethink who's side we should be supporting. Assad is fighting off the friends of Obama and company...they are mostly Sunni Muslims (Muslim Brotherhood etc.) The main stream media and the United Nations are quite proud of their world-wide indoctrination of the 'people'... they have convinced most people that Assad is killing his own people and this is simply not true. It's a religious war of sorts, Muslims against Muslims (Alawis or Alawites against the Sunnis et al Muslims)
The civilized world needs to wake up. ~
Norman E. Hooben  (link )
Not long afterwards (May 2012) another post from yours truly went un-noticed by the main stream media even though the title was accusatory: Syria: Obama & Company Lying To American Public.  Well if I was hard pressed to prove my well thought out assumption (it wasn't very difficult to determine), I may have had to stutter a bit before I could come up with convinicing evidence to prove my point.  Both the Tony Cartalucci and the  Shoshana Bryen reports are documentarily sufficient to come up with the prevaricator accusation.  Should I leave it at that and go on about something else?  Hell no!  I want the American people to wake up to this lying piece of you know what that occupies the White House.  

Now we have more than this small-fry (that's me !) commentator dishing out what the main stream media does not want you to know.  Proffessor Michel Chossudovsky, Director of the Centre for Research on Globalization backs up everything I've said (Was I the first to report on this?) and more in the following's an eye opener so please watch. ~ Norman E. Hooben

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