Thursday, June 28, 2012

Matthew Hart, Zoe Strauss, et al commit unforgiveable sins as Obama looks the other way.

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I Don’t Mean To Be Politically Incorrect, But…
Michael J Nellett

I recently read an article that absolutely made my blood boil. The article stated that Obama’s White House invited members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community to celebrate “Gay Pride Month”. While in the White House, a couple of the hardcore members decided to stand in front of the portraits of former presidents Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush, and flip them off, give them the middle finger, diss them, etc. (I hear in the back of my mind that we should respect the office of the President even if we don’t respect the man just before my anger explodes at this blatant example of vulgar disrespect.)
Here, we have people who have voluntarily CHOSEN and accepted a lifestyle that is completely against the norm of human relations. Yet, these people want the tolerance and respect for that lifestyle that they themselves are NOT willing to give others. They are not willing to accept the fact that Christianity holds God’s truth that He made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve! They are not willing to believe that God did NOT make a mistake when He made them a man or a woman, contrary to what some of these “psychoanalysts” might tell them. Bisexual people are apparently worried to death about being left without a date; therefore, they swing both ways to cover all their bases.
Those gays who mind their own business, keep their sexual activities to themselves, and treat everyone else with decency and respect are some of the nicest people I have ever met. Their militant counterparts are nothing more than vulgar, disrespectful, intolerant morons. I do not have to accept the crap spewing out of their pie-hole because some SOCIALIST PROGRESSIVE says that I should. I for one am tired of hearing that my Christian beliefs make me a bigot, racist, or whatever. I will answer to God Himself, not you politically correct dimwits. If you want to believe you’re the “enlightened ones”, feel free, but you only get one chance to get this life right.
If you took all the gays and lesbians and put them on a very large island somewhere, within a hundred years, there would be few if any of them left. If you did the same with heterosexuals, you would need a bigger island. I guess if you’re the leader of an overpopulated country, turning most of your people into homosexuals would be the most successful kind of birth control that you could imagine. No procreation, no population problems….simple. Darn those pesky humans!
Why would the President turn a bunch of militant gays loose in his White House (his words, not mine) to disgrace themselves and the President this way? Obama obviously thinks that he is above the decorum and the respect reserved for past occupants of the White House that the American people demand. As a side note, if those people in that picture think it would make a good fundraising tool….I would think twice if I were you, but thank God, I’m not!
On top of all the other problems that Obama has, he sure didn’t need this one. Is there NOTHING that Obama won’t do to trash American beliefs and culture? Why are the poll numbers between Obama and Mitt Romney so close? Romney is a good and decent man compared to this composite person named Barack Hussein Obama Sorento. Romney has a history that can be followed from cradle to present day. Can the same be said of Obama? I’ve even heard that an author of one of his biographies is claiming that it was made up?
What’s next for Obama’s White House? Hey, how about a mass “pardon party” for the 11 MILLION illegals in this country out on the South Lawn and half of Washington D.C.? The White House staff could put up pinatas with Reagan’s and Bush’s faces on them to appease the crowd? After cake, ice cream, and burritos, Obama could just wave his almighty hand and pardon everyone of them! Hurry, Mr. Obama; the election is coming quickly, and you’ll need time to plan this (or at least your staff will. They work, you get the credit….perfect.)
Hey, get your gay friends to be the servers; that should make it really interesting. Good luck, and Happy 4th, people!

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