Monday, March 12, 2012

Our names are Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and we approve of this message.

The overwhelming support for the Muslim Brotherhood by both Barack Husein Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton made what you are about to see possible.  The Muslim Brotherhood hates the west and has desires to make Islam the world's religion (something Obama yearns for).  This desecration of Christian and Jews grave sites in Libya is beyond forgiving and Obama and company will do nothing to stop it (Hillary is probably laughing her ass off...or did you forget how she played up to those scum bags when she lived in the White House...and later when she kissed Yassar Arafat's wife.) ~ Norman E. Hooben


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Ben said...

Do not fall prey to the name game. Call it turd, crap, feces, excrement, manure, droppings or scat, it ain't sandwich spred; don't eat it.

Islam is the same way: al-Ikhwan-al-Muslimeen is pure, unadulterated Islam, as are its spin offs, HAMAS & al-Qaeda. Read the Charter of HAMAS; which is derived from the Brotherhood's credo. Read the Qur'an & Sahih Bukhari to learn where that crap came from.

There is no moderate Islam. Islam is based on the Qur'an. Try reading 9:111 & 120, then read 2:85.

There is no peaceful Islam. There is no anodyne Islam. "Its Islam, stupid!".

It is what it is: call it Islam.