Saturday, March 17, 2012

Exposing the end game...We are never supposed to fully settle our debt to the FED.

The Ultimate Government Contract
by Ron Arnold

Imagine a Government contract where you are given a monopoly over a product the U.S. Government cannot survive without, and the Government cannot cancel the contract! Think of the Federal Reserve as a business that sells its product (Federal Reserve notes known as "dollar bills") to the U.S. Government at whatever price it wants to!
The truth is that the Government cannot do without the FEDs product. The FED has a legal monopoly on this product, the contract cannot be cancelled, and it NEVER EXPIRES!!

In 1913 our congress un-Constitutionally voted to give away its authority to regulate and maintain our monetary system to the Bankers who own the Federal Reserve System. The Federal Reserve System (the FED) is a PRIVATE banking corporation which LOANS money to the U.S. government with interest! It is not Federal at all. Previous to the FED, gold backing had limited our money supply. After the FED was given control over the U.S. monetary system, they pushed for the removal of gold backing so the banks could print as much money as they needed to buy control over the U.S. government. Wall Street and Washington DC pushed the U.S. into wars to achieve the circumstances needed for congress and the American people to accept the Federal Reserve as a means to stabilize our economy, and stop future market fluctuations.

Here are some details of the product the FED provides the U.S. gov, and the profit margin the FED enjoys:
It costs the Federal Reserve (FED) roughly 5 cents to print a $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, or $100 bill. For example, say the U.S. Government orders $500 dollars. The FED prints five $100 dollar bills for 5 cents each, their cost. The FED then prints an invoice (or loan form) for the amount of $500.00 dollars. The FED has roughly 25 cents invested in those 5 bills. The person at the U.S. Treasury Dept signs that invoice as a promise to repay this loan to the FED for $500.00 dollars! The FED just made a profit of $499.75 for simply loaning (selling) the U.S. Gov five $100 dollar bills.
We are also charged interest on the money we BORROW from the private banking corporation the FED.  The link below will open your eyes a bit to what is going on. This is a Gov website showing the interest we pay on our national debt.  Remember, ALL dollars in circulation in the U.S. are LOANED to the U.S. government by the Federal Reserve bank:
When you receive a loan it is principle. You repay the principle along with interest to satisfy your debt. In the case of our government, we borrow money from the FED and they charge us interest. There is not enough currency in our system to repay the principle AND the interest. It's impossible! We only have enough currency to repay the principle. The currency necessary to repay the INTEREST to the FED never existed. If we took all the money ever loaned to the U.S. government by the FED, and gave it back to them, in theory, we would have settled the principle amount of our loan. That would remove all of the currency from our country. With no currency, how are we to repay the interest portion of our debt to the FED? This exposes the end game set up by the bankers in 1913! We are never supposed to fully settle our debt to the FED.

Where have we heard: the borrower is subservient to the lender!!

The Ultimate Government Contract!
by Ron Arnold

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