Saturday, January 21, 2012

Make no mistake about it, Obama is ordered to comply with a subpoena

I won!!! I won!!! I won!!! Judge Malihi ruled in my favor. Obama’s motion to quash my subpoena is denied! He has to appear at trial and present all the documents that I demanded to produce in my subpoena!
Posted on  January 20, 2012
It has been 3 years of 24/7/365 fight. I was defamed, viciously maligned by so many Obots (Obama bots), pro-Obama media thugs, by a few corrupt officials and judges. Recently even people, who claimed to be on my side turned sides and viciously defamed me and attacked me. Among them were Arlen Williams, Dean Haskins, owner of a blog Birther Summit, Bob Nelson-owner of a blog Birther Report or ObamaReleaseYourRecords, Helen Tansey -owner of a blog art2superpac and even attorneys, who should’ve had some professional ethics. Attorneys Gary Kreep and Philip Berg filed insane pleadings, saying that I tried to hire a hit man to kill Lisa Liberi, legal assistant of attorney Berg and kidnap children of a web master Lisa Ostella. It has been 3 years of total nightmare, these people were like a pack of wild dogs attacking me and coming up with each and every accusation in the book. Now I am vindicated. My legal action is with merit. We are going to trial on January 26, 2012. I issued subpoenas. Barack Obama through his attorney Michael Jablonski filed a motion to quash my subpoena and all the other subpoenas. I was attacked yet again in this motion. Judge Malihi just issued an order. Motion to quash my subpoena was denied. Barack Obama, President of the United States will have to appear in court on January 26 and comply with my subpoena and produce all the documents, that I demanded. Interesting, that two other attorneys are representing plaintiffs on similar matters: Van Irion and Mark Hatfield. They could have an opportunity to examine Obama with me, however either because I was maligned so badly or because they were scared to press the most explosive charges, these attorneys filed motions for their cases to be severed from my case. Their motions were granted. Irion’s case will be heard first. He stated on the record, that his case will take only 10 minutes and will be limited to ascertainment if Obama is legitimate based on the precedent of Minor v Happerset. Obama will not be answering any of his questions. Second will be a case presented by attorney Hatfield. He, also, severed his case and did not issue any subpoenas. In his motion to sever he stated that he did not want to be joined in the same complaint with me, because he did not want to be part of a case, where I brought forward allegations of elections fraud and social security fraud committed by Barack Obama. Hatfield was saying that he was afraid that his clients will be prejudiced by such explosive allegations. Yesterday, after I filed an opposition to motion to quash, attorney Hatfield tried to follow suit by filing a notice to appear, however notice does not have as much of a force as a subpoena and I do not believe Obama will be complying with a notice, particularly since Hatfield’s complaint does not entail the same charges as mine. My case will be heard third. My case will not be limited to definition of natural born based on a case Minor v Happersett. I will be also presenting a case, showing that elections fraud was committed by Barack Obama, that he is using a forged birth certificate, stolen or fraudulently obtained Social Security number and that there is no evidence to believe that the last name he is using is legally his, due to the fact, that in his mother’s passport he goes under the name Soebarkah and in his school registration in Indonesia he went by the last name Soetoro. There is no evidence of legal change of name.
I wanted to thank people who helped me along the way with donations, who did not stick a knife in my back, like the ones mentioned before. I am asking my supporters to donate to this work, as I am paying for airfare and hotel of witnesses and a number of other expenses. Also, if you are a CA Republican please, download my nomination for the US Senate and sign and circulate it.
nomination papers
Make no mistake about it. This is the beginning of Watergate2 or ObamaForgeryGate. I believe this is the second time in the U.S. history a sitting President is ordered to comply with a subpoena, and produce documents, which might eventually bring criminal charges to the President and a number of high ranking individuals.
I feel extremely proud to be a part of this historic moment. I guess an American dream is still alive, as this subpoena was issued by an immigrant, who was raised in a communist dictatorship of the Soviet Union and came here with one suitcase with a couple of dresses, who had to study English, to study law at night, while working as a dentist and raising a family with 3 children. Only in America is this possible.
Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ
Motion to Quash SubpoenasX
Reply |Michael Jablonski to Kim, me, Kip
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Attached you will find a motion to quash subpoenas on behalf of President Obama. The motion is directed at subpoenas directed to the President and all of the other subpoenas being sent on behalf of the plaintiff in the Farrar case. Thank you.
Michael Jablonski
Motion to Quash subpoenas v4.docx

Motion to quash subpoenas served on Obama by Taitz
Motion to quash subpoenas by Barack Obama
Opposition to motion to quash subpoena
Order on Motion to quash subpoena by attorney Taitz

 The following from: Before Its News
IF WORRIED EUROPEANS CAN SEE IT, WHY CAN'T THE USSC SEE IT AND ACT ON BEHALF OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND THEIR CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA?A "Thank You" Letter to Dr. Orly Taitz, Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the others who have been Fighting a Courageous Uphill Battle since 2007 for the USSC to Enforce Constitutional Compliance.

BY Al Thompson / ThompsonY3K,

TO: Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq.- Licensed Attorney (J.S.) and Licensed Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) - Rancho Santa Margarita, CA.
An American Patriot and a Champion Promoter for the Return of Relevance to the Constitution of the United States of America

FROM: Al Thompson, R.E.A., C.E.I.- Innovative Entrepreneur,
Small Business Owner, Manufacturer (on American soil), Environmental Consultant, Proud American-Conservative (Torrance, CA USA) -
Greetings Dr Taitz -- It is a pleasure to speak with you again. There are many conservatives living in the EU have witnessed (first hand) the changes a country goes though when a silver-tongued socialist or dictatorial figurehead and their absolute-power form of government strong-arms their way into power through a chain of corruption that is supported by a barrage of Utopian-like propaganda that, in the end, may be nothing like what was promised in the campaign, but designed for his/her's ultimate success. This is similar to a bloodless coup.

Once in office, those who loyally assisted in his/her successful rise to power are then rewarded with a lucrative "Thank You" in the form of an appointment to a high position within the new Administration. If there are not enough government positions available, the new leader will then create a position of limited power like a Czar, that could oversee an entire department within the government - whether the loyal subordinate has experience or not in the position (sound familiar?).

Dr. Taitz, you will be pleased to learn that many Europeans and people living in other regions around the world are aware of your gallant efforts to bring certain Articles of United States Constitution to the "table of compliance" which addresses not only Obama's eligibility (or ineligibility), but also his explanation of why he is alleged to have been using a fraudulent CT social security number when, in fact, Mr. Obama has never lived in Connecticut.

In addition there are a growing number of questionable transactions including what has become a "Solargate", of sorts in which hujnfreds of millions of taxpayer dollars was handed out to at least two solar technology companies that Mr.Obama had quietly authorized. "Solorgate" may also be connected to a relative of a prominent democrat that could be a conflict of interest and prove costly for Mr. Obama and the American people.

I have noticed a recent increase in the number of "conservative Europeans' who sympathize and support attorney Dr. Orly Taitz's uphill legal battles and the majority of Americans who are also fighting for America to "stay American" and keep their American way of life in tact. They (we) want to prevent the USA from having to endure the radical social and political fates that other countries have met.

Those foreign-born "patriots of conservative government", even though they live in the EU, are starting to speak-out on our behalf the United States (we Americans) because they, too, see the disturbing similarities in the sequence of events that has happened during the process of change their own country went through. They fear they are witnessing a similar scenario in the direction that Mr. Obama is attempting to take the USA.

In my opinion, I think the growing number of people living in the EU who are pro-American are worried that if the United States were to keep on their current path and fall into a socialist form of government, America's defenses will certainly erode by design and the desire to protect and keep those smaller and more politically vulnerable democratic nations will diminish as well, leaving smaller democracies even more vulnerable to unwanted political and in some cases military aggression by others -but this time with no "Big Brother" USA to come to their rescue.

They do NOT want to see America, the greatest and most generous country in the history of the planet, to have to endure the same suppressive changes and challenges they went through in their own country. Dr. Taitz knows this first hane, immigrating from a communist country herself and "Americanizing" herself to rise up and become a noted proponent for the return of relevancy of the Constitution and the preservation of "the American way of life".

Thanks to true American patriots like Dr. Orly Taitz, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and a few others who have engaged themselves in upholding the Constitution of the United States by challenging Obama's eligibility to be president as well as other legal issues that appear to be part of a pattern of deception in which Mr. Obama has followed to gain enough control to be handed the keys to the White House. Some Europeans and others know the truth about Mr. Obama. Why can't the USSC see it? Or d they see it and are afraid to investigate because of political pressure to "just let it ride" and to not jeopardize their own positions by obligating themselves to further investigate the issues if their first round of discovery proves what Dr. Taitz, myself and others already know to be true.

In my opinion, the USSC and others who have been asked to engage themselves and their resources in this historical investigation fear they may become directly involved in the biggest case of political fraud the United States has ever seen of which could prove costly to them and their careers. On the other hand, they could become heroes for upholding the integrity of the Constitution and the United States.

The following front page of "The Globe" was sent to me today from a close friend and fellow/lady conservative in Germany. She, as well as many of my friends, family and associates have followed your admirably tenacious and bird-dog-like efforts in nailing this squatter who has homesteaded himself and his tight-lipped family in the White House and armed himself with his team of attorneys whom, themselves, MUST know the truth about their employer but fail to act on America's behalf. Obama's lawyers continue to fail America's Constitution and what it stands-for.

 Once in awhile the "Globe", "National Inquirer" and a few of the gossip rags get the story right and and develop the gonads to publish the scoop first ("publish" being the key word). In this case, the entire liberal media has known the truth. and thanks to courageous attorneys like Orly Taitz and a true American patriot Arizona Sheriff, the constant coverage and pressure to produce will eventually force the USSC to finally step up to the plate and act on behalf of the people of the USA and the Constitution of the United States.

by Al Thompson / ThompsonY3K,
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Findalis said...

The question is not whether Barack Obama will be subpoenaed, but whether he will show up at court.

He has been ordered to court but will he show up? And if he doesn't will a bench warrant be procured for him? And if one is, who will carry it out?

Could you imagine Barack Obama delivering a speech and the Marshall showing up, arresting him, live on TV.

Storm'n Norm'n said...

Ref:"Could you imagine Barack Obama delivering a speech and the Marshall showing up, arresting him, live on TV."

I look forward to that moment...
sort of like when VP Spirew Agnew was served an arrest warrant on the Capitol Steps...another great moment in American history!