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In The News...Not In The News...two sides of the same story

In the News...side one
October 14, 2011
Britain Agrees to New Inquiry Into Poisoning Death of a Former K.G.B. Officer (Source: New York Times )
LONDON — A coroner has agreed to open a full inquest into the radiation poisoning of the former K.G.B. officer Alexander V. Litvinenko, potentially bringing the case before a British legal forum for the first time, opening new seams of information about his death and possibly stirring new tensions with Moscow.
The decision by the coroner, Andrew Reid, on Thursday came almost exactly five years since Mr. Litvinenko died after ingesting a rare radioactive isotope, polonium 210, believed by the police to have been slipped into a teapot at an upscale hotel in Grosvenor Square on Nov. 1, 2006, just weeks after he had acquired British citizenship by naturalization.
His death 22 days later caused widespread alarm that such highly toxic material could be brought into the British capital apparently with impunity. Britain subsequently brought murder charges against Andrei K. Lugovoi, a former K.G.B. bodyguard and business associate who is now a member of the Russian Parliament. But Russia refused to extradite him, saying its Constitution did not permit such measures. Mr. Lugovoi denies murdering Mr. Litvinenko.
The standoff led to a chill in British-Russian relations redolent of the cold war, with tit-for-tat expulsions and reprisals against British officials in Russia. Only last month, when Prime Minister David Cameron visited Moscow, did the two countries seem to agree, in Mr. Cameron’s words, to “work together to advance our mutual interests” in trade, investment, energy and other areas.
Word of a public inquest could well end the thaw, however, particularly since the coroner, Mr. Reid, offered support for a “preliminary view that there should be further investigations into the wider circumstances” surrounding Mr. Litvinenko’s death. That would raise the question — unresolved so far — of whether the Russian authorities had a hand in the killing.
Mr. Reid also ordered the British police and security services to make further inquiries into the death, according to the newspaper The Evening Standard, which reported that the coroner had agreed in principle to an inquiry comparable in its scope to the inquest into the London subway and bus bombings of July 2005. The coroner did not say when the inquest would formally open.
Mr. Litvinenko, 43 at the time of his death, was a critic of Vladimir V. Putin, who was then president, and had sought to expose what he called wrongdoing within the F.S.B. security service, the K.G.B.’s domestic successor. Mr. Litvinenko had worked for the K.G.B. and the F.S.B. before he fled Russia in 2000. On his deathbed, Mr. Litvinenko blamed Mr. Putin for his demise.
“Did Russia murder Litvinenko is a question that this inquest, if it is going to do anything in the public interest, has got to be in a position to answer,” Ben Emmerson, a lawyer for the Litvinenko family, told the coroner.
A former head of Britain’s Crown Prosecution Service, Lord Ken Macdonald, said recently that he had the “gravest suspicions” of Moscow’s involvement.
The timing of the coroner’s decision seemed to reflect the growing frustration of the Litvinenko family with the absence of any other legal moves to investigate the case. An inquiry was “not going to happen in Russia, and it never will,” Mr. Emmerson said.
The Russian authorities say they are prepared to investigate the killing, and accuse the British authorities of failing to cooperate by handing over their findings.
The British authorities had sought a narrow inquiry focusing more on technical issues, apparently to prevent the emergence of broader issues that could damage relations with Moscow.
The British police said on Thursday that they had delivered further evidence to prosecutors, and Mr. Reid indicated that he would await their response before proceeding.
In Britain a coroner’s court can establish the circumstances and causes of death, but criminal courts are responsible for the prosecution of suspects.
Mr. Lugovoi, the accused killer, was also represented at Thursday’s hearing by a lawyer, Jessica Simor, who said the inquest should investigate “all other possibilities including death by misadventure and suicide,” British news reports said on Friday.
“We do not accept that there is an indisputable verdict of unlawful killing in this case,” she said, echoing assertions by Mr. Lugovoi that Mr. Litvinenko had acquired the polonium and ended up poisoning himself.
Marina Litvinenko, Mr. Litvinenko’s widow, said the inquiry would include “an investigation into the involvement of the Russian state in his murder, which is exactly what I want.”

Not in the news...side two

19 October 2011
An aggressive Russia – War or something else? (Source: LionHeart)

For the Russians to be poisoning a dissident agent with polonium 210 in London potentially causing a major Nuclear incident in the UK’s Capital City was a "serious-credible" incident but we only know of one death that has come from it and that is Litvinenko’s.
How and why did Litvinenko get so close to someone carrying such a substance?

Im sure the Russians could have done a much cleaner job than contaminate London with one of the most hazardous
nuclear substances known to man. The only way of obtaining such grade is from a State Nuclear Industrial source. That source led all the way back to Russia (Literally).

What is the greater significance?

The Russian finger prints all over it.


Was it a
Russian sponsored terrorist act upon British soil in peace time?

Or was Litvinenko attempting to buy the substance on-behalf of the Chechens from what he thought was a reliable rogue KGB source, who then turned around and murdered him?

It is noted that Litvinenko became a
converted Chechen moslem.

Why would Chechen moslem converts living in Britain linked to Russia be on the black market looking to buy the chemical needed for the trigger mechanisms inside suitcase nuclear bombs. And why London?

Russians killed 2 birds with one stone.

Exposed the nature of the threat now within the UK and killed one of the direct threats in the process, not just to the UK but America and Russia too, and then showed you everything that was carried out and why, that’s why poisoning him with the chemical he wanted to purchase couldn’t leave anyone in any doubt, especially not because Russia knows the whole game and the threat that we all face because those missing suitcase nukes are ultimately theirs from a by-gone era.

The Russians
know about the Chechens in the UK raising funds for their Islamic war against Russia.

The Chechens are like wild dogs with no sense of humanity when it comes to war that’s why they
targeted a school in Russia and set bombs off and killed as many children as possible for the shock tactic within terrorism against the Russian State.

Anders Breivik carried out an almost identical style attack which was carried out for sheer shock tactic against the Norwegian State just like the Chechens.

If you blow up what could be perceived as a legitimate target i.e a government building, then those inside would be viewed as collateral damage for being in the building in the first place.

To hunt down and kill 69 innocent kids on their summer camp whilst dressed as a police officer to lure them out into a false sense of security as an act of political terrorism, was not what could be perceived as a legitimate target in most sane people’s minds.

Except of course, the extreme far-right who despise the European Marxist Elites.

The only other type of terrorist groups out there who carry out such attacks as acts of terrorism are the Chechens. They have form for it.

There is talk of Breivik
being trained in Belerus by an ex-Soviet Colonel who it is stated is a Chechen moslem convert after marrying the daughter of a Chechen leader.

Is Russia a friend or foe for spreading
polonium 210 around London and killing a rouge Russian moslem dissident in the process?

Relations over the Nuclear incident cant be that bad after the British PM just
visited the Country.

Russians, Chechens, British/foreign Jihadi’s and suitcase nuclear bombs.

What if?

Who would be the first person you go too if you were a defeated Soviet Colonel who had suitcase nukes to trade?
Osama Bin Laden.

How many of those missing Soviet made suitcase nuclear bombs have been retrieved?

I should imagine a few in Afghanistan where their Pakistani
nuclear engineers worked on them, with a few scrap ones laying about, probably retrieved by Coalition forces, and the rest, primed and sent out into the world pre-911.

Then Bin Laden declared war against a Nuclear Nation (America) with the
threat of nuclear terrorism as the ultimate weighing balance within the war. America is the only Super Power left for Islam to conquer before having military dominance across the whole earth based upon the military wing of the ‘Ummah’ now waging Jihad against the West. That is the ultimate aim of Islam based upon the Koran, and Bin Laden’s call for a global jihad against America and the West is to assert Islam’s dominance upon the earth globally through terrorism until Islam eventually rules the earth.

Holy War in the chemical nuclear and biological age...

The military wing of the ‘Ummah’ in Afghanistan destroyed the Soviets and now believe it is their destiny to destroy America. They are
religious fanatics who do not believe anything other than their war in gods name against America and the West and dying in the process waging that war and there can only be one winner at the end of a war.

Who was in the market to buy and sell Polonium 210 to Litvinenko the moslem? Or is there a bigger meaning.

All Foreign governments know that it is only a matter of time until a large scale chemical, nuclear or biological weapon goes off somewhere in the World, in the name of the global Jihad.

There are millions of crazed lunatics around the world even living in Britain who want to kill us in the name of their religion and in the process think they are doing god a favour by ridding the earth of us unbelieving infidel scum so that Islam can cover the whole earth.

Its just when and where, and what protective preventative measures are in place to track those suitcase nukes in their possession before they set them off. Or what procedures are in place for the day after?

21st Century warfare in the Nuclear age with Iran now the Worlds No.1 State sponsor of terror along with a wealth of nuclear knowledge after its own highly publicised programme.

The coming Islamic terrorism in the nuclear age.

Launch pad UK to the greatest battlefield of the 21st Century - The American homeland

Docum drama: Dirty bomb in London - Part 2

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

“Give me liberty or give me death!” It will be one or the other! ...It’s time for the second America Revolution!

Ineptocracy (in-ep-toc’-ra-cy) – a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers. ~ Angus @ AWD

Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. It’s time for the second America Revolution! This time we cast off the tyranny of American leftists! Enough common sense has drained out of collective America to it’s where our country is now but a shell of the nation that produced the most wealth and power in history. Over the past 50 years, liberal politicians have transformed America from a responsible, hard-working nation built on Judeo-Christian principles to one where half the population is quite willing to live off the earnings of others while championing the “rights” of illegal aliens, freakozoids, and lazy moochers! The left loves everyone from every world culture except the conservative Americans who pay the bills! It’s a sad thing to watch America shrivel while being force-fed the doctrine of Marx and Engels. Clearly, too many Americans have swallowed that poisonous bait whole!
The leftists, with their comrades in the media, have been quite successful in dumbing down America. With politically correct tools constantly in their hands, leftists have turned traditional American values upside down. What was once sacred, is now ridiculed. What was once appalling is now accepted as the norm. Nothing is sacred to leftists unless it is vehemently anti-American. Fortunately, not everyone has fallen for the lunacy of the statist left. After all, common sense Americans realize that no communist country has ever succeeded at anything more than imprisoning or killing millions of its citizens.
The Occupy Wall Street With Idiots protests did not just materialize from anger from American unemployed producers. These rent-a-mobs of socialist miscreants protesting whatever-it-is have been planned for a long time. It is clear that labor unions are pulling the strings of these events. Labor unions own the White House and are flush with cash after profiting nicely with the $1 trillion Stimulus money funneled to them by their employee Barack Obama. Obama doesn’t go to the bathroom without asking the labor unions for permission. Labor unions and tax-payer funded communist groups like ACORN and their off-shoots have been planning violence in American cities once it became clear that Obama would be unable to hold on to the White House in 2012. The left has tried to destroy the voice of the opposition in the tea party by lies and distortion but failed. They have only succeeded into making a movement begun by 41 people in February, 2009 a political powerhouse that represents the future of America. Now that the left’s traditional methods of using the politics of destruction have failed, leftists have only one recourse…violence!
AWD was in Time Square this past Saturday night. I saw with my own eyes the army of worthless, human trash assembled to protest. These were not unfortunate people angry because they cannot find employment. These were anarchists espousing the politics of Lenin and castigating America and capitalism. They use the convenient lie that capitalism was responsible for Wall Street bailouts. They could not be more wrong. Capitalism would have let every one of those failed banks and corporations fail. It is how capitalism keeps the strong and best business models while eliminating weak ones. It was pure socialism from Washington that stepped in and bailed out Wall Street and General Motors. Notice the socialist brats aren’t protesting GM…one of Obama’s biggest mistakes. The current economic nightmare we currently are suffering is because Democrat politicians in Washington decided every minority in America “deserved” a mortgage whether they could afford it or not. They forced banks to make risky loans they wouldn’t have made in a million years and told bankers the government would back the worthless loans with taxpayer dollars. The housing and banking crisis was manufactured in Washington by Democrats! The unwashed scum touting the tenets of communism neither understand the history of why Wall Street banks were bailed out nor care!
The protesters have been ordered to provoke the police into violence. The police have shown great professionalism and restraint. Look soon for the rent-a-mobs to step up the violence. The goal of the left is riots, burning and looting along the lines of what England recently experienced. It will spread from city to city with anarchist welfare turds follow what their labor union masters order them to do. What happens will set the course for America for the next 50 to 100 years.
Violence is always the weapon for those who cannot defend their failed ideology. Violence is all Democrats have left. For 50 years, they have depended on the goodness of the American producer to keep busy working and paying taxes while the Dims siphoned off their wealth to buy voting blocks of professional moochers. We are at the end of that road. There is no more money. The good people of America must be prepared to put down the violent thugs who soon will come to a town near them. This is something we do not want. It is not something we have ever anticipated in this country. But there is an existential threat to America and we are at the point of battle. No one will be left unaffected.
Sad thing is, this needs to happen. The modern-day left must be totally destroyed or America will not survive. No country can survive the self-hatred and lunacy of the left. Washington must be decimated in power, expense and scope. Schools must begin to teach American values and history. We will no longer tolerate our children being taught that America is the world’s problem. There is no going back at this point. A dust-up is required to clean things up. There is simply no other way.
I am not prepared to live in America if the leftists win. I anticipate Texas would secede in the next 10 years along with many other red states. I don’t have a problem with that. Whatever it takes. I believe and swear to Henry’s words: “Give me liberty or give me death!” It will be one or the other!

Monday, October 17, 2011

TX High School Students Made to Recite Mexican National Anthem, Pledge of Allegiance

OK, lets start over (I took a lot of flak over this).  First I don't need people telling me (via a number of emails) how the school system is run in Texas.  Having went to four of their colleges and universities (count 'em: UTSA, Trinity University, Southwest Texas State College[it may be a university now but when I went it was still a college] and San Antonio Junior College) and all my children attended grade school at various levels and independent school districts (depending on where I lived), with one daughter graduating from St. Edwards University.  By the way, not all school districts are equal...neither is the tax structure. 
As for Governor Rick Perry, I never thought I would be using a John Kerry quote, but I was for him before I was against him (OK, I'll fess up. I'm still leaning a little in his direction).  So I was quite abrupt with my "Dump Perry" remark but it was not exactly like putting my foot in my mouth; I was ticked off !  And anyone watching the video should be...pure brainwashing...of the worst kind!  I don't care what or whose culture one studies,there is NEVER justification or cause for impressionable students to memorize a national anthem or pledge of allegiance...never, never, never, never! 
No, I never should have implied that the Governor  Perry allowed this type of indoctrination...but the statement still stands on its own,"any governor that allows this in state funded schools needs to be fired!"  I have no idea if any governors are allowing such the implication was wrong, but the statement is right! 
Meanwhile, because of the notoriety of the video, Governor Perry should be informed of its content...if then he fails to act in a postive manner to correct this attack on America's youth, then and only then, should he be chastised.  ...'nough said !  Norman E . Hooben

ps: the emails were roughly 50-50 pro and con regarding this I wasn't alone for my outburst at the outset.  I assume the 50% have re-considered their position. 

Dump Rick Perry!
Any governor that allows this in state funded schools needs to be fired!  And that especially means Governor Rick Perry...and he thinks he wants to be president.  ~ Norman E. Hooben

PS: I'll tell ya what Perry...I'll give ya a second chance if you fire the teacher and the principal and have the students speak English...  It is an American school, isn't it?

TX High School Students Made to Recite Mexican National Anthem, Pledge of Allegiance

Students in a Texas public high school were made to stand up and recite the Mexican national anthem and Mexican pledge of allegiance as part of a Spanish class assignment, but the school district maintains there was nothing wrong with the lesson. Read full story here: The Blaze

Maybe Governor Perry has a friend in the White House
This was uncalled for... NEH

There's enough evidence to put Obama and company behind bars... What's holding things up?

Rememember this conversation? (No I didn't think you did but its only a small part of whats wrong with America...the guy should be behind bars!):
source - US Attorney's copy of wiretapped conversation.
Blagojevich: “Hey, do you need some speakers?”
Obama: “Speakers, why, uh, why, I, uh, I don’t know.”
Blagojevich: “I got some top quality [bleep]. Real primo stuff, man.”
Obama: “What kind of speakers are they?”
Blagojevich: “[Bleep] what the [bleep] you [bleep] mean what kind of [bleep] speakers are they? They [bleep] play [bleep] [bleep] [bleep]-suckin’ music, mother-[bleep]!”
Obama: “No, I mean, what brand of speakers are they? Like, are they Bose? I could really dig some Bose speakers, Mr. Governor.”
Blagojevich: “Check this [bleep] out man: I can totally hook you up with some Bose speakers, I’m talkin’ like a complete [bleep] surround sound, all around your [bleep] house and up yo’ [bleep] and in your face and all that [bleep].”
Obama: “That sounds nice.”
Blagojevich: “Yeah, man, and I can totally get you hooked up today for four hundred dollars.”
Obama: “That’s a pretty good price. Are you sure you can’t hold them until, uh, um, uh, to-, uh, um, tomorrow?”
Blagojevich: “Mother-[bleep] [bleep], this [bleep] has got to go! [Bleep] this [bleep] is so [bleep] hot that it’ll burn a hole through the sun!”
Obama: “It’s hot? What does that mean?”
Blagojevich: “Stupid [bleep] [bleep], it means I gotta get rid of the [bleep] today!”
Obama: “Oh, I see, like a clearance sale. Well there’s no need for name calling. I’ll take them.”
Blagojevich: “[Bleep] [bleep] [blorp]!”