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If terrorists were defined as a species the origins would be Pakistan (Who is the UN trying to fool?)

Delusions Of The UN

First The Delusion (see the Real Truth below)

On golden anniversary, Ban Ki-Moon lauds Pakistan’s contribution to UN peacekeeping

Members of the Pakistani Formed Police Unit serving with the UN Mission in Haiti

26 April 2011 – As Pakistan celebrates 50 years of participation in United Nations peacekeeping, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon hailed the dedication of the troops, police and civilian personnel who play a crucial role in helping people around the world recover from war.
“Peacekeeping is a credit to us thanks to the fine work of our troop-contributing countries – Pakistan a leader among them,” Mr. Ban said last night in remarks at the opening of a photo exhibition celebrating 50 years of Pakistan’s participation in UN peacekeeping.
He noted that Pakistan’s contribution has been consistent ever since the first Pakistani peacekeeper served in the Congo 50 years ago. Pakistanis have served in 38 missions worldwide. They are involved now in nine of the UN’s most dangerous operations, with large contingents in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Sudan, Côte d’Ivoire and Liberia.
“The numbers tell only part of the story. The other part is played out in the lives of people recovering from war,” Mr. Ban told the gathering, held at Pakistan’s Mission to the UN.
From the women who are treated by female members of Pakistan’s medical unit to children who play football on fields constructed by Pakistani troops, the services rendered by brave Pakistani troops, police and civilian personnel deserve profound gratitude, said the Secretary-General.
At the same time, “this great contribution comes at a great cost,” Mr. Ban added, noting that 122 Pakistani military, police and civilian personnel have lost their lives while serving the Organization.
“They are sons and daughters of Pakistan … but they are also members of the United Nations family. We mourn their deaths. We remember their lives. And we vow to carry forward their valiant work for peace.”

The Real Truth

Source for the following: Terrorist haven Pakistan: How Pakistanis threaten world peace
Every incidence of Islamic terrorist attack in the world has been found to be linked to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Pakistanis are being found to be involved in every terrorist attack that takes place in the the name of Islamic terrorism either through direct participation or by providing training and a safe haven to Islamic terrorists of the world.

Pakistan has emerged as the epicenter of this movement of Islamic terrorism and provides refuge & inspiration to the vast legion of Islamic terrorists who plan to destabilize the world, unleashing mayhem violence and anarchy on the people of the world in their bid to fulfill their own diabolical plans.
Realizing the perils of continuing to allow Pakistan to get away with nurturing Islamic terrorists in its country, many enlightened moderate Muslims are taking up the initiative to expose Pakistan's dual-faced, dishonest conduct with the world. One the one hand it pleads for and recieves billions of dollars of aid each year from countries of the world to sustain its mostly impoverished and uneducated citizens without making any serious attempt to become self-sufficient and capable of looking after its own. On the other hand, however, it has created and nurtures a society that promotes hatred and intolerance towards these very countries and nourishes desires to cause harm and damage to the people of the very nation on whom Pakistan depends on for its sustenance.
As a result of such an societal condition, countries of the world are being targeted by Islamic terrorists owing connections to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan
Some significant attacks with Pakistani connections
* hijackers involved in the September 11 2008 attack on the WTC buildings
* Al-Qaeda & Taliban terrorists attacking NATO troops in Afghanistan
* 7/7 serial terrorist attacks in the UK
* Pakistani Faisal Shahzad, the son the a retired Air Vice-Marshal in the Pakistan Air Force planning and trying to carry out a bombing attack at the Times Square in the United States of America
* Pakistani student detained in Chile for being found to handle explosives and reportedly planning terrorist attacks in Chile
....among the many more attacks that have terrorized the world with their brutality.
In the latest edition of GPS telecast on CNN, eminent Muslim personalities like Fareed Zakaria, Irshad Manji and other studying Islamic Terrorism discuss the trend of Islamic Terrorism originating from Pakistan and creating havoc around the world and harming and killing innocent Westerners in the process.

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United Nations...the most corrupt organization ever devised by man.  Nothing in this world could compare to this body of decadent fools. ~ Norman E. Hooben

the triumph of evil...get ready to kiss your red, white, and blue banner of freedom goodbye

Are you ready for this?  "The United States Federal Reserve bankers are already prepared for a hostile merger of Canada with the United States..."
Sometimes I just don't know where to begin but there are altogether too many complacent Americans out there...actually, "Stupid Americans" would be apropos considering all the warnings that have been presented throughout the blogosphere (if you think the main stream media would have warned you, you're beyond stupid...and that's being nice!).  Too many nincompoops have disregarded the conspiracy and believed the conspirators press releases that it was simply a theory.  Theory, my butt!  Have you seen what's happening right in front of you? 
There's a couple of issues presented below that you have been warned about on numerous occasions and you have done nothing...recall the oft used phrase by Edmund Burke, "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."  That's right!  You!*  You did nothing!  (If you did we wouldn't be having these problems.)
First we have a video that should not alarm you (because to you it's just a theory) but we're about to lose our sovereignty and you obviously don't understand what that's all about but get ready to kiss your red, white, and blue banner of freedom goodbye.  Obama lies when he says, "I'll be very protective of the core values of the United States." But tells the truth when he adds, "...and those won't always match up perfectly (regarding the core values).  Now all you Democrats don't get all riled up because I'm picking on Obama for it was George W. Bush that paved the way with his un-Constitutional Security and Prosperity Agreement (YouTube link ...don't pass on the video, its worth the watch)
After you've gotten use to the idea that your country will no longer exist did it ever occur to you that the money issued by your former country will be worthless (probably should repeat my Stupid Americans line here because we warned you good people and you did nothing).  See the full story below. ~ Norman E. Hooben
*America at large

Source for the following: Press Core (Canada)

Related...(not from Press Core)

Now get ready to kiss your greenbacks goodbye!

The United States Federal Reserve bankers are already prepared for a hostile merger of Canada with the United States with the aid of Stephen Harper. The same bankers who orchestrated the United States Wall Street swindle ($12.5 trillion bailout the Federal Reserve bankers swindled from the American taxpayers - as of December 1, 2010) are banking on Stephen Harper winning a majority on May 2, 2011. They are laying in wait until Harper wins a majority and dissolves Canada, the Canadian flag and the Canadian Dollar. The Federal Reserve’s North American Union Note (sample image above) has already been printed to replace the US Federal Reserve Note, the Canadian Dollar and the Mexican Pesco.
Why is the Federal Reserve printing North American Union Notes? The United States is financially bankrupt – thanks entirely to the Federal Reserve Bankers. The Federal Reserve Bankers orchestrated the largest swindle in the history of the United States, and the World, by fraudulently declaring loses of $billions. These bankers fraudulently declared that their banks would fail unless the US government paid them $trillions in bailout money. Both George W Bush and Barack Obama were willing conspirators in the massive swindle of over $12.5 trillion from the American taxpayers. Because Bush and Obama handed over $trillions to the federal Reserve bankers the United States has no money to finance its social programs, its health care system, the American peoples’ pensions, its military, its government and all of its financial obligations. The Japan earthquake and tsunami added to the US economic woes as the second largest holder of US debt can no longer support the US economy. Japan is itself faced with the massive financial burden of rebuilding and can no longer afford to buy the US debt. China can clearly see that the U.S. financial system is effectively insolvent and is now starting to dump the worthless US federal Reserve Note.
The Federal Reserve bankers have been working for years to destroy the United States as we know it. Their goal is to bankrupt the United States. By bankrupting the US the US government will be forced to dissolve the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights in favor of a North American Union with Canada and Mexico. As the United States is the largest forced trading partner (NAFTA forcibly took control of the Canadian commerce) with Canada the Federal Reserve bankers has been preparing and is ready to force Canada into merging with the US to form a North American Union – one controlled by the Federal Reserve bankers.
A Stephen Harper majority is key to forming the Federal Reserve bankers’ North American Union. The Federal Reserve bankers’ plans for a takeover of Canada in 2009 were defeated in 2008 when Stephen Harper won only a minority government. In 2008 the Feds were so sure that Harper would win a majority that they printed $billions in North American Union Notes dated 2009.
The accompanying article photo above is a sample of the 2009 Federal Reserve North American Union Note. Click your mouse on the sample image to enlarge it. The counterfeit note is concrete evidence of the Federal Reserve bankers’ conspiracy to destroy the United States in order to form a Federal Reserve banker controlled North American Union.
The Note Reads – “Federal Reserve Note.” It has a Federal Reserve bankers adopted NAU flag (blue with 3 white stars that represent Mexico, the US and Canada) above the words “The United Federation of North America”. Below it the Federal Reserve bankers boldly claims “THIS NOTE IS LEGAL TRANSNATIONAL TENDER BY UNION OF THE NORTH AMERICAN REPUBLIC ESTABLISHED AND AUTHORIZED BY THE FREE TRADE AND RECOVERY ACT OF THE CENTRAL BANK APPROVED BY THE U.S. FEDERAL RESERVE BANQUE DU CANADA AND BANCO DE MEXICO” .
The note is a complete fraud. In the United States – The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, coin Money, regulate the Value thereof. The Federal Reserve bankers’ NAU Note unlawfully eliminates the US Congress power to coin the US money. It is a fraud because it eliminates the vote of the US citizens, the Canadian citizens and Mexican citizens. Its claim of legal tender is based entirely on the Federal Reserve created free trade agreement. The Federal Reserve bankers claims totalitarian authority over the United States, Canadian and Mexican people. Their worthless North American Union Note isn’t approved by the people of the United States, Canada and Mexico. It is only approved by itself. It fraudulently claims that it is approved by the central banks in the US, Canada and Mexico. Those central banks could never approve such a scheme as they are mandated by the elected representatives of the people of the United States, Canada and Mexico. Here in Canada the Bank of Canada’s (BANQUE DU CANADA) mandate is to conduct monetary policy in a way that promotes the economic and financial well-being of Canadians – not to a foreign owned Federal Reserve Banks.
What does this mean for Canadians? It gives Canadians another very good reason not to give Stephen Harper a majority government. I am Canadian, are you? I support Canada, do you? I will defend Canada, will you?

More from Canada...

No Thanks Conservatives

The Conservatives advocates stronger economic ties to the United States. The Conservatives (under Brian Mulroney) catered to the US financial needs by imposing upon Canadians the controversial pro-US Free Trade legislation in 1989. Then in 1990 the Mulroney Conservative government created a new 7% "Goods and Service Tax" that would henceforth be imposed on all commercial goods. To this day, the tax is synonymous with Mulroney's name, and the Conservative party. It remains one of the most despised elements of Conservative governing. By 1993 everyone hated Mulroney and the Conservatives, and the polls revealed he had earned the dubious distinction of being the most unpopular Prime Minister in Canadian history. Rather than face certain defeat at the ballot box over the anti-sovereignty Free Trade Agreement and the economically crippling GST, Mulroney decided to resign and hand the reigns of power over to a sacrificial lamb - Kim Campbell. Because of the Free Trade and the GST the Conservatives were almost wiped out in 1993.

15 years later minority Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper put Canada into a $56-billion deficit with an unnecessary massive spending spree. In 2008 Canada was the only country in the World not affected by the orchestrated Wall Street banking swindle. Even though no banks in Canada were failing and no bailouts were asked for nor handed out, Conservative Stephen Harper decided to impose an unwarranted $56 billion deficit on all Canadians. A deficit that can only be paid off by cutting social programs, raising taxes and payroll deductions. Today on the campaign trail the Conservatives are promising to eliminate the $56-billion deficit they imposed on Canadians by 2015 and reduce the GST tax they imposed on Canadians. Has anyone noticed that all of Harper's Conservative 2011 election campaign promises are for the next election & not this one?

On Friday, March 25, 2011 Canadian House of Commons MPs (the Canadian peoples' elected representatives in Parliament) voted 156-145 in favor of charging Stephen Harper's minority Tories with contempt of Parliament and expressing non-confidence in the government. This is the first time a Canadian Government has fallen on Contempt of Parliament, and is a first for a national government anywhere in the Commonwealth.

Contempt of Parliament is the punishable offense (a violation of the penal law) of obstructing the parliament in the carrying out of its functions, or of hindering any Member of Parliament in the performance of his or her duties.
Note regarding this post's title.  The triumph of evil refers to the politic elite who have decided that  they alone know how to run the world...a world where individual freedom will no longer exist.  These so called elitists include both Democrats and Republicans but in recent years they have been mostly Democrats (deny this and repeat my Stupid Americans line here) 
Meanwhile, it would be useless for me to suggest a way out of this mess for you (same definition as above*) would do nothing...but perchance you would wake up before November of 2012 I have the following solution:  Get rid of every single member of the both Houses of Congress (no incumbents need apply) and the current Executive Branch of hoodlums.  Do away with party affiliation on voting ballots (this would assist in doing away with straight ticket voting).  Elect only solid patriotic American citizens willing to do away with all the benefits currently enjoyed by elected officials, serve one term and go home...I could add more suggestions here but prior experience tells me you can only absorb so much and then the good men do nothing syndrome kicks in. ~ Norman E. Hooben