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When will the average citizen forcefully challenge and respond to the lies and machinations of Barack Obama?

Source: American Thinker

The Mendacity of Barack Obama
By Steve McCann
Over my 45+ years in the business community, both domestic and international, I have dealt with an overwhelming variety of people of all races and political philosophies. Men and women who were thoroughly honest and many who had no concept of honor and integrity. Among them were those who would do or say anything to achieve their ends and do so with a straight face and an air of self-confidence that would deceive the most gullible. It is only through painful experience that one is finally able to develop an antenna to quickly weed out those charlatans.
While I have always been wary of and have written about his dishonesty, after the speech the president delivered the 13th of April regarding the federal budget, one that was chock full of lies, deceit, and crass fear-mongering, it must be said that Barack Obama is the most dishonest, deceitful, and mendacious person in a position of power I have ever witnessed.
That performance was the culmination of four years of outright lies and narcissism that have been largely ignored by the media, including some in the conservative press and political class who are loath to call Mr. Obama what he is in the bluntest of terms: a liar and a fraud. That he relies on his skin color to intimidate, either outright or by insinuation, those who oppose his radical agenda only adds to his audacity. It is apparent that he has gotten away with his character flaws his entire life, aided and abetted by the sycophants around him, thus he is who he is and cannot change.
The question becomes is he a compulsive liar or a sociopath? By definition:
A sociopath is typically defined as someone who lies incessantly to get their way and does so with little concern for others. A sociopath is often goal-oriented (i.e., lying is focused -- it is done to get one's way). Sociopaths have little regard or respect for the rights and feelings of others. Sociopaths are often charming and charismatic, but they use their talented social skills in manipulative and self-centered ways.
A compulsive liar:
A compulsive liar is defined as someone who lies out of habit. Lying is their normal and reflexive way of responding to questions. Compulsive liars bend the truth about everything, large and small. For a compulsive liar, telling the truth is very awkward and uncomfortable while lying feels right. Compulsive lying is usually developed in early childhood, due to being placed in an environment where lying was necessary.
I came to the United States as a survivor of the Second World War. I spent my early years alone on the streets of a totally destroyed city somewhere in central Europe. In order to survive I had to steal food where I could and lie in order to survive. I spent a good part of my life, even after coming to America and being adopted, battling those inbred impulses. It was a never-ending struggle with successes and failures, but I was able to finally defeat those demons. 
What I say about Barack Obama I do not do lightly, but because I fear greatly for this country and can, not only from personal experience but in my dealing with others, recognize those failings in a person whose only interest is himself and his inbred radical ideology, which as its lynchpin desires to transform the country into a quasi-totalitarian state by any means possible.
In the United States there is great deference paid to the occupant of the White House. Justifiably so, as that person is not only the chief operating officer of the country but also the head of state representing the nation around the globe. The president's actions and demeanor set the tone for not only the political class but the country as a whole. Over the centuries there have many exceptional but also a few inept men to hold the office of President.
Today so much power is now vested in the Office of President of the United States that honor and integrity must be a hallmark of a president's character. It is not with Barack Obama; he may well be the most dishonest and disingenuous occupant of the Oval Office in history, and will do more damage to the nation than all his predecessors combined.
His failings can no longer be excused by this historical deference or timidity fostered by race, with the euphemisms of spin, obfuscation, fabrication, or politics being used to avoid the truth. Obama is extremely adept at exploiting the celebrity culture that has overwhelmed the society as well as the erosion of the education system that has created a generation or more of citizens unaware of their history, culture as well as historical ethical standards based on Judeo-Christian teaching.
While the future of the country depends on dramatically altering the economic and governing landscape, it cannot do so unless the opposition politicians and average citizens forcefully challenge and respond to the lies and machinations of Barack Obama and his allies without fear of what may be said about them or to them. As for me, I have already experienced far worse than anything that could be said or done to me. My only concern is for the welfare of my fellow citizens and the noblest experiment in the history of mankind: the United States.

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I don't know whether to laugh or cry...because its true!

George Bush, Queen Elizabeth, and Vladimir Putin all die and go to hell. While there, they spy a red phone and ask what the phone is for. The devil tells them it is for calling back to Earth.

Putin asks to call Russia and talks for 5 minutes. When he is finished, the devil informs him that the cost is a million dollars, so Putin writes him a check.

Next Queen Elizabeth calls England and talks for 30 minutes. When she is finished the devil informs her that the cost is 6 million dollars, so she writes him a check.

Finally George Bush gets his turn and talks for 4 hours. When he is finished the devil informs him that the cost is $5.00.

When Putin hears this he goes ballistic and asks the devil why Bush got to call the USA so cheaply. The devil smiles and replies, "Since Obama took over, the country has gone to hell, so it's a local call." 

The Lincoln-Obama Debate: Straight out of the Alinsky’s analysis not found in the main stream media

The Alinsky President Plays The Lincoln Card:
Obama Attempts To Invoke Greatness To Sell His Suicidal Economic Plan
Posted By Chris Queen On April 14, 2011
By now you’ve heard all about President Obama’s speech on reducing the budget deficit. If you, like me, weren’t able to listen to it live, chances are you’ve heard enough of the speech (or maybe you read the text of it), as well as some sort of commentary on it, to form an opinion. After all, it’s been chopped into sound bites, parsed, and analyzed to death by both sides.
It’s actually pretty easy to have an opinion on Obama’s words. It’s easy to look at the ideas and plans the president laid out in the speech and make a decision on whether you agree with them or not. Let’s face it: the vast majority of analysis of the speech has centered around the specifics of it.  But let’s take a look at one aspect of the speech that hasn’t been spotlighted much: Obama’s quoting of Abraham Lincoln.

Here’s where the 44th president invoked the 16th:
From our first days as a nation, we have put our faith in free markets and free enterprise as the engine of America’s wealth and prosperity. More than citizens of any other country, we are rugged individualists, a self-reliant people with a healthy skepticism of too much government.
But there has always been another thread running throughout our history – a belief that we are all connected; and that there are some things we can only do together, as a nation. We believe, in the words of our first Republican president, Abraham Lincoln, that through government, we should do together what we cannot do as well for ourselves.
It’s worth noting here that President Obama either badly summarized a much longer quote from President Lincoln, or misused it, or possibly even attributed a completely new meaning to it. Here’s what Lincoln wrote in 1854:
The legitimate object of government is to do for a community of people whatever they need to have done, but cannot do at all, or cannot so well do, for themselves, in their separate and individual capacities. In all that the people can individually do as well for themselves, government ought not to interfere. The desirable things which the individuals of a people cannot do, or cannot well do, for themselves, fall into two classes: those which have relation to wrongs, and those which have not. Each of these branch off into an infinite variety of subdivisions.
The first—that in relation to wrongs—embraces all crimes, misdemeanors and non-performance of contracts. The other embraces all which, in its nature, and without wrong, requires combined action, as public roads and highways, public schools, charities, pauperism, orphanage, estates of the deceased, and the machinery of government itself.
From this it appears that if all men were just, there still would be some, though not so much, need of government.
Next: Where have we seen this before?
Fascinating, isn’t it? To read the complete Lincoln quote, it appears that he viewed the role of government as limited to certain tasks that individuals cannot effectively undertake themselves. Yet President Obama cherry-picks and paraphrases to give Lincoln’s words a seemingly innocuous communitarian spin.
Why is this significant, rather than just mere nitpicking? The answer lies in the fact that Obama used a tried and true Alinskyite tactic in his speech: wrapping communitarian and statist ideas in language that invokes the country’s great leaders of the past. It’s a time-honored tradition among radicals like Alinsky and Obama.
Stanley Kurtz lays out this aspect of stealth socialist strategy well in his book Radical-In-Chief: Barack Obama and the Untold Story of American Socialism. Yes, we’ve gotten plenty of mileage out of it here at NewsReal Blog, but the book’s searing truth is worth pointing out time and time again. Please do yourself a favor and get your hands on a copy of it. (Get it for Kindle here.) According to Kurtz, one key tactic used by communitarians is:
…to use the language and ethos of traditional American communities…to promote a “populist” version of socialism.
Obama’s “we’re all in this together” reading of Lincoln on government, as well as going all the way back to his “Yes, We Can” campaign slogan are fine examples of radicalism in the guise of populist rhetoric.
Kurtz notes that this type of strategy hearkens back to the “Popular Front” days of American Communism, in which Communists worked hard to appear as patriotic citizens.
During that period, America’s communists dropped their openly revolutionary language and presented themselves as ordinary Americans instead. The Popular Front embraced American icons like Abraham Lincoln and the Founders, but moved to redefine them in de facto communist terms. The result was the greatest expansion the part had ever seen.
Never before were so many Americans drawn to socialism as during the Popular Front…
It’s easy to look at Obama’s loose quoting of Lincoln as just a gaffe or a slight lapse in judgment, or to give him a mere slap on the wrist for paraphrasing rather than directly quoting, as Neil Hrab appears to do in the Washington Examiner. However, the truth seems much more likely to be that Obama intentionally picked those words to quote as an attempt to invoke Abraham Lincoln for communitarian, statist, and even stealth socialist purposes.
Given what we’ve learned from Kurtz about Obama’s political heritage, history, and associations, it makes perfect sense that pretty much everything the president says and does serves to advance a radical Left-wing agenda. Using one of America’s greatest statesman to do so is straight out of Alinsky’s playbook. After all, Obama learned from the best.

Chris Queen hails from Covington, GA. Check out his blog, Random Thoughts From The Revolution, and follow him on Twitter.

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This Report Brought To You By The Obama Administration: CBS & WaPo Dip Into Obamacare Slush Fund
Posted By Chris Queen On April 7, 2011
These days, it’s hard to believe that anybody still falls for the fallacy of objective reporting from the mainstream press. For over half a century, media bias in favor of the Left has been a problem. And it seems to have gotten worse during the Obama years. From skewed reporting of events, to fawning, softball interviews with the president, to the insertion of the Obamas into otherwise apolitical situations, it is abundantly clear that the mainstream media is firmly planted in the Obama camp.
Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, it has. Two influential media corporations are now receiving money from an Obama administration program, to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars. (But don’t worry: their coverage of health care reform will be unbiased, won’t it?)

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Worried about the budget, the war, taxes...? ...lets not forget Japan...they have no room to run!

After reading this potential scenario, (and yes, it could happen) the only wishful thinking that came to mind was, "Too bad Washington D.C. is not on the west coast.  They could use a little radiation therapy!"  Also for all you people who like to plan ahead and purchase those dosimeters there's a good chart located here in case you need to know your radiation levels.  ~ Norman E. Hooben

Source: Uncle Sam's Auntie

Japan’s Nuclear Disaster – Can We Ignore It Away?

Maybe it’s a good thing we decided to bomb Libya so that the country’s attention could be diverted. Apparently Charlie Sheen’s meltdown wasn’t a big enough draw.
At least three of the six nuclear reactors in Fukushima, Japan are in some stage of meltdown and the U.S. is seriously considering evacuating the Yokosuka Navy base that happens to be further south from those reactors than Tokyo is. But fortunately for Tokyo’s 13 million residents… The prevailing winds blow eastwards… Towards north and south America. Of course that’s small consolation when one considers that Tokyo’s groundwater and food supplies could be at risk.
If any one of those units goes into full meltdown… The plume will be enormous! Exponentially so if the others go. This situation has the potential to dwarf Chernobyl in human and economic impact. Japan’s population of 135 million is crammed into a space slightly smaller than the state of California and faces at least two reactors melting down mere yards from the sea… While Chernobyl was a single reactor meltdown that never reached groundwater and it’s plume affected an area several times larger. Chernobyl also is not 135 miles from a city of 13 million. Granted that Kiev is less than 100 miles away and has a population of 2 million… But they at least had room to run. Where does one shift more than 13 million people to on an island that’s already packed with people?
The Japanese people are literally between the devil and the deep blue sea.

World governments are paralyzed due to fear of creating widespread panic and the need for preparing their populations for a potentially nasty environmental and economic situation. The American food supply is dependent on fruit and vegetables from Chile and Central American countries as well as Mexico… All of which would be directly affected by airborne contamination Add in California, Oregon and Washington State’s crops being contaminated and food inflation will be a small concern compared to outright food shortages. And while most pigs and chickens are raised indoors… Cows aren’t. Milk and beef shortages? Kiss that burger and shake goodbye.
The foregoing paragraphs only begin to touch on the great toll humanity will have to pay if one or more of those reactors go worst case.
Let’s now consider the economic effect of taking the world’s number two economy out of the equation.
Most stock markets will crash overnight. The average person will begin to feel the impact of the loss of Japanese manufacturing within a month. Cars, electronics, medicines and seafood production will drop off dramatically. And not only Japanese car brands will be in short supply. A lot of components used in American and European cars come from Japan. Worldwide shipping will need to reroute around the contaminated area. And then there is the impact on the airline industry due to Japans major airports being out of the picture. The loss of Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya airports alone will disrupt Pacific Rim and Asia traffic for months.
And then there’s the refugee problem. The U.S. military is preparing to evacuate 87,000 military and dependents. Where will the Japanese people go? Millions of them will have to be moved. Who will take them? Never before in human history has the possibility of migrating a substantial portion of a First World country’s population been seriously considered.
Perhaps hoping the issue is just a bad dream and that it’ll go away if we ignore it long enough is just as well as sitting and worrying what to do if it really does happen. It’s like hitting the snooze button… It’s going to keep going off every 10 minutes until you ultimately have to get up and face whatever the day brings. But in the meantime… That extra ten minutes can often times be the best sleep of the night.

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Where does Obama get his billion$ ? ...according to this report, he steals it!

I was somewhat skeptical of this report knowing that the main stream media (MSM) would never publish anything derogatory about their partner in crime, Barack Husein Obama.  That they mentioned Wachovia Bank was fined 160 million dollars seemed strange to me for I apparently missed the MSM report on such a scandal...maybe I was asleep at the time but you would think that it would have been all over the news.  In any event, I done a quick search and sure enough, there it was in plain sight at a U.S. Justice Department's website a press release titled, "WACHOVIA ENTERS INTO DEFERRED PROSECUTION AGREEMENT".   You would think that the headline should include something about the drug-money laundering and/or the amount of the fine...but they probably figured the average person never reads such stuff from government websites.  Meanwhile, I posted the press release at the bottom of the report that follows. 
Do I believe that Obama moved $85 Billion to Honduras?  I have no proof that he didn't...but I had wondered where he was going to get a billion dollars for his re-election campaign. ~ Norman E. Hooben

The following from: Nesara News

Shock Report Says Obama Moved $85 Billion To Honduras
By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

An entry in the March, 2011 report prepared by the Russian Ministry of Finance for the International Criminal Police Organization (ICPO) [aka INTERPOL] designed to track major international monetary transactions related to the global drug trade lists a US-EU transfer to Banco Citibank de Honduras, S.A. from Barack Hussein Obama II in the shocking amount of “$73 Billion in cash and US Securities” and “(estimated) $15 Billion in gold and silver bullion” on the same day the American President (March 22nd) was visiting El Salvador on his visit to Central America.

Important to note is that the entry in this report naming “Barack Hussein Obama II” does not list him as the American President [pictured top left with coup-ousted Honduran President Manual Zelaya], but as he is the only person in the world having this exact name one would be hard pressed to believe it could be anyone else.

The American leader’s ties with Honduras, the Central American country where this staggeringly huge deposit was made, are well known with his supporting of the 2009 coup d'etat that ousted President Manual Zelaya in favor of a right-wing military junta. Under Obama’s direct orders, President Zelaya was held at the US airbase outside Tegucigalpa before being forcibly sent to San José, Costa Rica, a move that earned Honduras an expulsion from the Organization of American States (OAS) and shocked the entire Latin American World.
Zelaya had earned the wrath of both the US and the right-wing thugs arrayed against him for his efforts to stem the flow of drugs from South America to Mexico, none of which could reach the American market without traveling through Honduras. Since Zelaya’s ouster by Obama, however, Honduras is now described as a “Drug Traffickers’ Paradise.”

Since 2009 Obama has become the leading ally and cheerleader for the right-wing coop leader Porfirio Lobo, and Hillary Clinton’s US State Department is currently campaigning for Honduras to be readmitted to the OAS. Since the 2009 coup, the US has, also, built two new military bases in Honduras and increased its training of local police.
To where Obama gained access to a fortune that has made him the richest man in the world we can glean from the special report published last week by London’s Observer newspaper wherein they detailed how one of the United States largest banks named Wachovia was discovered to have laundered over $500 Billion for Mexican and Colombian drug cartels.

According to the Observers report, an investigation begun in 2006 after a CIA-linked DC-9 aircraft made an emergency landing in the Mexican port city of Ciudad del Carmen carrying nearly 6 tonnes of cocaine also contained detailed financial records linking some of Americans largest banks to the global trade.
Though US Federal Prosecutors wanted to indict many powerful US banking executives, for what is described as the largest drug related money laundering scheme in history, Obama overruled them allowing just Wachovia to be prosecuted, and which rather than going to trial they admitted guilt and paid a $160 million fine, the largest amount ever gained under the US bank secrecy act.

Even more important to note about Obama’s covert involvement with the drug-linked US banking and financial system (who actually put Obama into power to begin with) was that at the height of the 2008 banking crisis, which allowed him to become the American President, Antonio Maria Costa, then head of the United Nations office on drugs and crime, said he had evidence to suggest the proceeds from drugs and crime were “the only liquid investment capital” available to US and EU banks on the brink of collapse. Costa further stated that “Inter-bank loans were funded by money that originated from the drugs trade,” and “There were signs that some banks were rescued that way.”
Even more shocking are the reports coming from the US that Obama has ordered his government agents to allow powerful weapons to go to Mexican drug cartels that are now, as the Washington Post News Service reported today, being used to kill babies and children.
According to the CBS News Service, US Federal Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) Senior Agent John Dodson made this charge against Obama, and we quote:

“I'm boots on the ground in Phoenix, telling you we've been doing it every day since I've been here, here I am. Tell me I didn't do the things that I did. Tell me you didn't order me to do the things I did. Tell me it didn't happen. Now you have a name on it. You have a face to put with it. Here I am. Someone now, tell me it didn't happen.”
Most astounding in all of these events are the American peoples continued subservience to what can only be described as one of the most cruel and corrupt regimes our world has ever known, none of whom seem to care that are, in fact, ruled by monsters.
To how shocking the conditions in America have become, we need look no further than today’s Guardian News Service report that says:

“More than 250 of America's most eminent legal scholars have signed a letter protesting against the treatment in military prison of the alleged WikiLeaks source Bradley Manning, contesting that his "degrading and inhumane conditions" are illegal, unconstitutional and could even amount to torture.

The list of signatories includes Laurence Tribe, a Harvard professor who is considered to be America's foremost liberal authority on constitutional law. He taught constitutional law to Barack Obama and was a key backer of his 2008 presidential campaign.

Tribe joined the Obama administration last year as a legal adviser in the justice department, a post he held until three months ago.”

Most curious about Obama, too, who in an interview this past week said he misses “being anonymous,” are the lingering doubts about if he is even an American, a charge leveled against him last week by Billionaire Donald Trump and joined this weekend by the former Alaska governor and potential 2012 US Presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

Coming to Obama’s defense was Dr. Chiyome Fukino, the former director of Hawaii's Department of Health, who said in a rare telephone interview with the NBC Television News Service that he had “personally reviewed Barack Obama's original birth certificate.”

Joshua Wisch, a spokesman for the Hawaii attorney general's office further told NBC that State law does not, in fact, permit the release of “vital records,” including an original “record of live birth” — even to the individual whose birth it records, a statement that stands in direct contradiction to Hawaii’s requirements for obtaining a drivers license which clearly state on their website a “record of live birth” with “both parent listed” must be produced to establish proof of name and date of birth.

Unfortunately in all of these things, as the massive anti-war demonstrations held in New York City this past weekend clearly show, the American people will remain ignorant of them, not because they can’t know, but rather because they choose not too.
© April 11, 2011 EU and US all rights reserved. Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked back to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com.
[Ed. Note: Western governments and their intelligence services actively campaign against the information found in these reports so as not to alarm their citizens about the many catastrophic Earth changes and events to come, a stance that the Sisters of Sorcha Faal strongly disagrees with in believing that it is every human beings right to know the truth. Due to our missions conflicts with that of those governments, the responses of their ‘agents’ against us has been a longstanding misinformation/misdirection campaign designed to discredit and which is addressed in the report “Who Is Sorcha Faal?.]


March 17, 2010
Bank Agrees to Pay $160 Million
Wachovia Bank, N.A. (“Wachovia”), one of the largest banks in the United States, has entered into a deferred prosecution agreement with the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Southern District of Florida and the Asset Forfeiture and Money Laundering Section of the Criminal Division of the Department of Justice to resolve charges that it willfully failed to establish an anti-money laundering program. Today’s agreement is the result of an investigation into Wachovia’s transactions with Mexican currency exchange houses, commonly known as “casas de cambio” (“CDCs”), announced Jeffrey H. Sloman, United States Attorney for the Southern District of Florida, Lanny A. Breuer, Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division of the Department of Justice, Mark R. Trouville, Special Agent in Charge, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Miami Field Division, Daniel W. Auer, Special Agent in Charge, Internal Revenue Service, Criminal Investigation Division (“IRS-CID”), John C. Dugan, Comptroller of the Currency, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), and James H. Freis, Jr., Director, Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). The agreement also resolves Wachovia’s admitted failure to identify, detect, and report suspicious transactions in third-party payment processor accounts.
A criminal information, filed March 12, 2010 and unsealed today, charges Wachovia with willfully failing to maintain an anti-money laundering program from May 2003 through June 2008, in violation of the Bank Secrecy Act (“BSA”). According to the information and other documents filed with the court today, including a detailed Factual Statement and a Deferred Prosecution Agreement (“the Agreement”), Wachovia failed to effectively monitor for potential money laundering activity more than $420 billion in financial transactions with the CDCs.
As part of the Agreement filed today, Wachovia has agreed to forfeit $110 million to the United States, which represents proceeds of illegal narcotics sales that were laundered through Wachovia. FinCEN also assessed a $110 million Civil Money Penalty that is deemed satisfied by the forfeiture to the U.S. government, for serious and systemic BSA violations. Moreover, pursuant to the terms of the Agreement and the OCC’s separate Cease and Desist and Civil Money Penalty Orders, Wachovia has agreed to pay an additional $50 million fine to the U.S. Treasury. The total sum of $160 million is due within five days from the date of the Agreement.
In light of Wachovia’s willingness to acknowledge responsibility for its actions and omissions, its cooperation and remedial actions to date, and its promised continued cooperation and remedial actions in the future, the government has agreed to defer prosecution of the criminal charge in the information for 12 months. If Wachovia fully complies with its obligations under the Agreement, the U.S. agrees to dismiss the criminal information at the end of the 12 months. Earlier today, the Agreement was accepted in federal court in Miami by U.S. District Judge Joan A. Lenard.
According to the documents filed with the court, Wachovia was aware, as early as 1996 and through 2004, of the high risk that drug money was being of laundered through the CDCs. Wachovia was also aware that other U.S. banks had stopped doing business with the CDCs because of these concerns. Wachovia, however, continued to expand its business with the CDCs. Indeed, from at least May 2004 through December 2007, Wachovia provided correspondent banking services to various Mexican CDCs, including wire transfer, bulk cash, and pouch and remote deposit capture services, among others.
According to the documents, Wachovia allowed CDCs to wire transfer funds through accounts at Wachovia to recipients throughout the world. Wachovia also offered a “bulk cash” service to CDCs, through which the CDCs collected large sums of dollars that would be physically transported to the United States for deposit. In addition, Wachovia offered a “pouch” deposit service and later, a “remote deposit capture” (“RDC”) service, which allowed the CDCs to deposit at Wachovia items drawn on U.S. banks, including checks and traveler's checks, presented by their Mexican customers. According to the documents filed today, Wachovia did not have an effective anti-money laundering policy or procedure to monitor these transactions to detect and report potential money laundering activity, as required by the BSA. As a result, from May 1, 2004 through May 31, 2007, at least $373 billion in wire transfers were made from the CDCs to Wachovia accounts; more than $4 billion in bulk cash was transported from the CDCs in Mexico to accounts at Wachovia; and approximately $47 billion was deposited at Wachovia accounts through the RDC service. These monies included millions of dollars that were subsequently used to purchase airplanes for narcotics trafficking operations. Ultimately, more than 20,000 kilograms of cocaine were seized from these airplanes.
According to court documents, Wachovia also maintained account relationships with certain third-party payment processors for the telemarketing industry from 2003 to 2008. These processors deposited more than $418 million using remotely-created checks into Wachovia accounts on behalf of the telemarketers. Remotely-created checks are created when the holder of a checking account authorizes a payee to draw a check on that account but does not actually sign the check. In place of the account-holder’s signature, the remotely-created check generally bears a statement that the customer authorized the check. These checks were often returned as “unauthorized” resulting in return rates that, in some cases, exceeded 40 percent of the deposited checks. Wachovia admitted that it failed to identify, detect, and report the suspicious transactions in the third-party payment processor accounts, as required by the BSA, due to deficiencies in its anti-money laundering program. Specifically, Wachovia failed to conduct appropriate customer due diligence by delegating most of this responsibility to business units instead of compliance personnel. Wachovia also failed to monitor high return rates for remotely-created checks and report suspicious wire transfer activity from the processors’ accounts.
U.S. Attorney Jeffrey H. Sloman stated, “On the heels of the UBS international banking case, in which we held accountable the largest bank in Switzerland, today we announce the deferred prosecution of Wachovia, one of the largest banks in the United States. Wachovia’s blatant disregard for our banking laws gave international cocaine cartels a virtual carte blanche to finance their operations by laundering at least $110 million in drug proceeds. Corporate citizens, no matter how big or powerful, must be held accountable for their actions. Today’s historic agreement makes it clear that such conduct will not be tolerated and imposes the largest penalty in any BSA case prosecuted to date.”
“As this case demonstrates, financial institutions - no matter how large - will be held accountable when they allow dirty money to pollute the U.S. banking system,” said Assistant Attorney General Lanny A. Breuer of the Criminal Division. “With billions of dollars flowing through our financial institutions each day, it is imperative that banks maintain robust anti-money laundering controls to identify possible illegal activity.”
“A narcotics investigation always involves two things: drugs and money,” said Mark R. Trouville, Special Agent in Charge, Drug Enforcement Administration, Miami Field Division. “DEA Agents and our law enforcement partners investigating a multi-national drug trafficking organization were able to seize drugs and identify the associated financial trail. Diligent investigative work exposed how this organization capitalized on weak anti-money laundering practices at Wachovia to further their drug trafficking abilities.”
Daniel W. Auer, Special Agent in Charge of the IRS-CID in Miami, stated, “The law requires all banks, including Wachovia, to notify the Department of Treasury when they detect suspicious activity. By failing to maintain an adequate anti-money laundering program, Wachovia disregarded numerous financial transactions that should have raised "red flags" and caused their bank to act a as conduit to launder money.”
“The practices targeted by today’s enforcement actions reflect a totally unacceptable breakdown in the standards expected of banks’ anti-money laundering systems and compliance. Today’s actions by the OCC and other agencies demonstrate our firm commitment to the highest standards of compliance in this arena and the success of continued coordinated efforts by the Department of Justice, OCC, and FinCEN to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Bank Secrecy Act,” said John C. Dugan, Comptroller of the Currency. “Financial institutions must maintain anti-money laundering compliance programs and policies that are adequate to identify, analyze and report suspicious activity and are commensurate with the risks being undertaken. With these actions, we are sending another strong message that we will not tolerate use of the U.S. financial system to launder illegal monies.”
“In the recent past, Wachovia was the fourth largest commercial bank in the United States, and held itself out as a global leader in correspondent banking,” said James H. Freis, Jr., FinCEN Director. “During FinCEN’s joint investigation with our law enforcement and regulatory agency partners, it became evident that, despite such a prominent role in the domestic and international banking sectors and accompanying resources, Wachovia did not institute systems, controls and other measures to manage risk commensurate with the scope and magnitude of its products, services and business lines, particularly foreign correspondent banking.”
Wachovia Bank will merge into Wells Fargo Bank later this month. The Agreement binds Wells Fargo, as Wachovia’s successor, to continue to implement remedial measures to fully bring Wachovia into BSA compliance.
The CDC-portion of this matter was investigated by the DEA’s Miami Field Division, IRS-CID’s Miami Office, FinCEN, and OCC. The case is being prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorneys Andrea G. Hoffman and Jared E. Dwyer of the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Florida. The investigation of the third-party payment processors was prosecuted by Trial Attorneys Constantine Lizas and Matthew Haslinger of the Criminal Division's Asset Forfeiture and Money Laundering Section. This portion of the case was investigated by the Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation, Philadelphia Field Office and the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, Philadelphia Division.
Information (PDF)
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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Muslims Cannot Be Good Except In There Own World...and they want the world!

Source: Plancks Constant

Can Muslims be Good Americans? An Analyses

By Bernie

muslim demonstrator NY city
One of my early blog articles five years ago when I first started blogging was a discussion of an email going around back then called "Can Muslims be Good Americans?" and we concluded that the answer is a resounding NO!

Since then, we have learned that Muslims can't be good Frenchmen, good Germans, or good Englishmen.
The once very tolerant Dutch are fleeing the Netherlands to get away from Muslims. The Swiss voted to keep Muslim minarets from polluting their skies.
And so in every country where Muslims have invaded immigrated, they have shown that they cannot be good citizens.
Look at the photo top right of a demonstrator in New York City. He is not a member of al Qaeda or any known terror group (other than the terror group known as Islam). He is one of those Muslims that the US government counts as a moderate Muslim, until of course, he actually blows something up. As a Muslim, he rightly considers infidels as evil and as enemies of Islam.
He might even be born and bred in America just as many of the Muslims who have been caught plotting against our country. Even though he might have been born in this country, he will never feel American just as Muslims born in France do not feel French or those born in the UK do not think of themselves as British.
The reason is simple. Muslims in Syria, the Jordan, Iraq, etc. do not consider themselves as Syrians, Jordanians, or Iraqis as much as they think of themselves as Muslims. Most Middle East countries did not even have names until the last century when the French and British divided the old Ottoman Empire and assigned names such as Syria, the Lebanon and Iraq to arbitrary areas on a map. If the French after WWI had moved the border between Syria and Iraq a little more to the left, people we call Syrians today, would have been instead called Iraqis.
For centuries these peoples lived as Muslims under Ottoman rule and never had a history of nationality or of belonging to a specific state. Being a citizen of a country means very little to a Muslim. You will never see a Muslim from a Muslim country going out and killing anyone if an American burns a flag of their country or says something vile and offensive about their nation or ethnic group. A Syrian Muslim doesn't feel any more a Syrian than an American Muslim feels American. But go and print a rather mild cartoon of Mohammed in Denmark and Nigerians who have not a single friend in Denmark and unlikely even know where the hell Denmark is on a map, will go out and kill Christians and burn down churches.
A few months ago, Roshonara Choudhry, a Muslim girl born in the UK, educated her entire life in British schools, bred in English culture and society, and who seemed to be a typical young British girl, went into sudden-jihad-syndrome and tried to assassinate a British MP because of the British presence in Iraq. It is not the fact that Iraqis were being killed by British soldiers that angered Ms Choudhry. She doesn't know anyone in Iraq, has no friends or relatives there, and has never even been there. But infidels were killing Muslims. Thus she was compelled to attack one of her own countrymen in order to save the life of a Muslim foreigner. Being a Muslim is more important than family, ethnic group, or country.
For those of my readers who will complain that there are Muslims honorably serving in our military, let me say that they are Muslims in name only. No true, self-respecting, devout Muslim can do so. Devout Muslims in our military are time bombs, recall the case of Nidal Malik Hasan who tried to be both an American soldier and a devout Muslim but eventually failed and was compelled to do the only thing a devout Muslim in our army must do.
Can a Muslim be a good American? The larger question is "Can a Muslim be a good citizen of any country?" The answer is: Not if he is a true Muslim. A devout Muslim, by the rules of his religion, must seek to make all religion in the world for Allah.

Free Speech In Coldwater...not if the little Hitlers have their way

Source for the following: Michigan Capitol Confidential
Town Bans Tea Party Signs in Public Park
Lawsuit filed against Coldwater for resolution banning signs deemed 'too controversial'
By Tom Gantert | April 11, 2011
A federal lawsuit claims a Branch County tea party group was denied the right to display banners and signs at a tea party rally at a public park in Coldwater because it was “too political” and “too controversial.” The Coldwater City Council then passed a resolution banning all banners and signs in that park.
The Thomas More Law Center law firm filed its lawsuit last week in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Michigan. Attorney Robert Muise of the Thomas More Law Center alleged that Coldwater City Manager Jeff Budd objected because the Common Sense Patriots of Branch County were “too political” and “too controversial.”
Budd didn’t respond to an email seeking comment. Heather Peet was the only person of the nine-member City Council to respond to an email seeking comment. She referred questions to John Hutchinson, the city’s legal counsel. Hutchinson didn’t respond to a phone message left at his law office or an email.
In a Nov. 2 memo to the City Council, Budd stated the “administrative headaches” of increased requests to have banners in the park led the city to either “allow all banners or no banners.”
Barb Brady, a member of the Common Sense Patriots of Branch County and one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit, referred questions to the Thomas More Law Center.
According to the lawsuit, the Common Sense Patriots had held five rallies at the Four Corners Park. Muise said to regulate speech at a traditional public forum such as a city park, regulations must be precise. He said the ban of all signs and banners is too broad.
“Instead of using a scalpel, they used a sledgehammer,”Muise said. “They didn’t mind when they had people put up banners for some innocuous event, but when the tea party put up their sign, they said, ‘Wait a minute. This is too controversial.’ ”
“There is a problem when you ban everything in a traditional public forum."
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Our Country Deserves Better...I do like this ad!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Operation Northwood, HAARP and other things you should know...before you vote!

"Vote for anyone...except Democrats and Republicans."

Source: The Daily Bell (video interview at bottom of page)

Jesse Ventura on Government Cover-Ups . . . 9/11, the Reality of HAARP and Making Government Better

Sunday, April 10, 2011 – with Anthony Wile

The Daily Bell is pleased to present an exclusive interview with Jesse Ventura (left).
Introduction: Jesse Ventura is the former Independent Governor of Minnesota. He is also a former U.S. Navy SEAL, professional wrestler, movie actor, a visiting fellow at Harvard Kennedy School of Government, and the New York Times bestselling author of five books. He is currently the host and executive producer of TruTV's Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura. He has a reputation as the ultimate non-partisan truth-seeker; he has no qualms about questioning authority.
Daily Bell: Thanks for sitting down with us. You've written another very interesting book, "63 Documents the Government Doesn't Want You To Read." Tell us about it.
Jesse Ventura: This is a book I collaborated on with Dick Russell, and I would like to give him the credit for doing all the research. That's why we make a good team. I just don't have the patience to do the research he does. It was our publisher, SkyHorse – it was their idea to do this book. Dick and I started searching for these documents, which are all documents released by the US government. WikiLeaks started releasing information right before we started, so naturally we used some of their stuff too. We started by going back to World War II, and we picked out 63 documents that we thought were very important. We choose 63 because that was the same year that President John F. Kennedy was murdered. That was when everything went bad. If you can murder the president and get away with it, you can do anything.
Daily Bell: Do you use original sources?
Jesse Ventura: Absolutely. The documents are original, not opinion. We reprinted the documents, so the reader has the ability to read all of them.
Daily Bell: What was the most shocking thing you learned.
Jesse Ventura: We learned a lot, and it's hard to pick out one thing. I think probably the one that got me the most was that the CIA has an assassination manual. Now, assassination is just a fancy way of saying, first degree murder and I find it unbelievable that my government would print a manual on how to do it, how to get away with it. As far as I know, and correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that's against the law in every country in the world.
Daily Bell: Do you believe criminal acts have been committed within the frame of reference of what you discovered?
Jesse Ventura: Absolutely, without a doubt. Many criminal acts have taken place. We break the book down into sections. Part 1 is Post War History; Part 2 is Government, Military and Corporate Secrets; Part 3 is Shady White Houses; Part 4 is 9/11; Part 5 is The War on Terror.
Daily Bell: How can regular Americans stop criminal behavior at the top levels of government and in the media?
Jesse Ventura: My belief is very simple and clear. All the people of the United States have to do is stop electing Democrats and Republicans. Vote for anyone else, because clearly, both of these parties, are bought off by the corporations. There is no doubt in my mind about it. I refer to the United States as the Fascist States of America now. If you look at the definition of fascism, it's when corporations and religion control the government and that's where we are.
Daily Bell: What is the CIA's top-secret program to control human behavior?
Jesse Ventura: They have been doing it for years. They started back in the 60s doing many things to control people. In our book we describe how they use the military for experiments. In the late 40s, the US went down to Nicaragua and infected a massive amount of people with syphilis because they needed to see if penicillin worked. Fortunately it did. I mean, these people didn't volunteer and that's part of the reason I kept thinking of Nazis when I was doing this book, because that's the type of behavior you'd expect from Nazis.
Daily Bell: Here is information we received your publisher about your book. Feel free to comment on these ... What was Operation Northwood and why does it matter?
Jesse Ventura: Operation Northwood was discussed under John .F. Kennedy's watch. It matters because of what it is. The Chief of Staff of the Pentagon suggested to the president that the CIA and the military attack certain US cities and make it look like Cuba did it. Then the country would support an invasion of Cuba.
My question: If this was on the table in the 60s, was it not on the table in 2001? Could it parallel the twin towers? Could the twin-towers have been what they call a False Flag Operation? There have been many False Flag Operations. It seems that every war has been started this way.
I am a Vietnam Vet, and the False Flag Operation of Vietnam was the Gulf of Tonkin. That's what pulled us into Vietnam with ground troops, because we were told that the Vietnamese had attacked one of our ships in the Gulf of Tonkin. Well, I was teaching at Harvard in 2004, when McNamara was getting ready to die and he figured he better come clean. He admitted that the Gulf of Tonkin incident had never happened. Some 58,000 of my generation were killed and well over a million Vietnamese were killed, all based on an event that didn't happen.
Likewise the Reichstag Fire in Germany in the 1930s. They burned down the congressional building and blamed it on the Communists, which set the stage for war. It turned out that the Nazi's had done it themselves. So many of these things are repeated over and over in history. It's the old cliché, if it works once, it will work again.
Daily Bell: What potentially deadly healthcare outbreaks have been covered up?
Jesse Ventura: Many. There are biological experiments that have been done at Plum Island, which is right off Long Island. Eric Traub ran that operation, and his expertise was biological warfare with wood ticks and mosquitoes. Ironically, right across the water is a place called Lyme, Connecticut. And Lyme, Connecticut was where the first case of Lyme disease was reported, and as we know Lyme disease is passed by wood ticks. So was that an experiment that went awry at Plum Island, and now it's loose, and we have to deal with it? That's just one example of the US government dealing in biological warfare.
Daily Bell: What does the Department of Defense knows about our food supply—but won't tell?
Jesse Ventura: There are a lot of chemicals being put in food today. And then there's the water. Why do they put fluoride in the water? They tell us it's to help our teeth, but we can't look after our own teeth? Fluoride is the main ingredient for Prozac. So if you are drinking water with fluoride in it you, are drinking Prozac, and we all know what Prozac does. That is another little trick from the Nazis. They used fluoride way back.
Daily Bell: Any non-public domain documents?
Jesse Ventura: Every document that we have used is in this book is in the public domain. All 63 documents are in the public domain; you just have to know how to search for them and find them. They are all out there in the public domain so I don't have to fear being arrested.
Daily Bell: Any other documents in the book you want to tell us about?
Jesse Ventura: OK, let's go to 9/11 for a moment, because we cover that in the book. An interesting document on 9/11 is the Pentagon's stand down order. I always wondered why we didn't have jet fighter planes in the air that day. Lo and behold, June 1 of 2001 by executive order of the President, George W. Bush, standard operating procedures were changed, when dealing with hijacked planes.
Up until that point in time, it was left up to base commanders to make the call. If the FAA called them and said they had a problem in the air, the base commander would make the call to scramble the jets. June 1, 2001 there was an executive order changed that. The order from George Bush meant that no jets could be scrambled without approval from the DOD, which is the Department of Defense. Essentially you could have a stand down simply by Donald Rumsfeld not answering the phone, because nobody then would have the ability to go air-borne. Since then, it's been changed back.
Daily Bell: Is government generally too secretive?
Jesse Ventura: Absolutely and completely. It is mind-boggling how secretive the government is. The government classifies an astounding 16 million documents as top secret per this year! 16 MILLION! That must be every document they put out! If people attack me and say that I'm not patriotic, well, I stand with good people. Patrick Henry who wrote the book, Give me Liberty or Give me Death, said, "The liberties of people never were, or never will be secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them."
That's the problem. Our government is concealing so many documents from the public that no one knows what is going on. As a citizen, I have every right to know what my tax paying money is going for. They don't have a right to keep that secret from me. They are using my money; they are using the public's money to finance this stuff, so we have a right to know.
Now certainly, I understand from time to time the government may do some things that have to be secret; sure I do; I am a former Navy Seal. But when it's over, there is no reason that the documents should not be made public. This is supposed to be the job of the mainstream media. When my country was formed there were three branches of government and the fourth branch was considered the media. They were supposed to be the watchdog of the other three. The media has been bought out by the corporate world and is now just the rubber stamp of the government. They are not doing their job.
Daily Bell: Are government secrecy laws necessary? Why is government so secretive?
Jesse Ventura: I don't know. At times, as I said, it may be necessary but to the tune of 16 million documents a year? Ridiculous.
Daily Bell: Has the US government changed in the past 25 years? Has it become more authoritarian? How?
Jesse Ventura: Absolutely, without a doubt. Look at the Patriot Act. What puzzles me is that our forefathers set it up so that you have to jump through a lot of hoops to change the Constitution or amend it. They set it up that way so a president and congress simply can't pass a law that supersedes the Bill of Rights. Yet look at the Patriot Act. The first amendment is about freedom of speech, freedom of the press and the right to assemble. But the Patriot Act says that the government is free to monitor religious and political institutions without any suspicion of criminal activity.
The government can also prosecute librarians or any keepers of any other records, including journalists related to criminal investigations. You go to the 4th Amendment, which speaks to our right to be secure against unreasonable searches and seizures, The Patriot Act says the government can search and seize Americans without probable cause. Why are we letting them get away with this? They passed a law that superseded the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
Daily Bell: Do you trust the American government?
Jesse Ventura: I don't trust any government, not just the United States government. And I think that's patriotic. Thomas Jefferson said, dissention is the greatest form of patriotism. I personally believe it's every citizen's civil duty to pay attention to what their government does, to question their government and hold these people's feet to the fire. If you don't do that, you will get bad government. Let's remember something: Government is made up of nothing more than people, and people are not perfect. So it's up to us as citizens to be diligent.
Daily Bell: Do you think government is paranoid?
Jesse Ventura: I don't think the government is paranoid; they just have to pay homage to corporations. So, whatever corporations are doing throughout the world dictates what the government is going to do. Take for example, Hugo Chavez down in Venezuela; why does the United States hate Hugo Chavez so bad? He nationalized oil and kicked out Exxon. Another example, China is communist; Cuba is communist. We love China, and we do nothing but business with China. Yet we can't do anything with Cuba. The key is the fact that Castro kicked out corporations, while China welcomes them. As long as you respect international corporate power, you will not incur the wrath of the United States.
Daily Bell: Why hasn't bin Laden ever been charged with anything regarding 9/11?
Jesse Ventura: Exactly. I ask the same question. We're a country that has a rule of law. They've had nine years to feed a grand jury and indict him and hunt him down. How do you hunt someone down, to either arrest him or kill him without indicting him first? The point is, I don't think they have the evidence.
Let's remember an indictment does not mean a conviction. You are still innocent until proven guilty. An indictment is to get it to trial. So this has not been done, and that tells me clearly that they don't have enough evidence to indict bin Laden. I'll take it a step further, and this isn't in the book. If you go to the FBI website, pull up International Terrorists, when you get there, you will find Bin Laden. It covers his attack on the USS Cole, covers his attack on the US Embassy in Africa but not one word about 9/11. The biggest single terrorist attack of all time and no bin Laden. The FBI won't say it publicly, but off the record they have made statements that they don't have enough evidence. That's how come it's not in his resume. Excuse me, we've gone through two wars and gotten the Patriot Act over something we don't have enough evidence for. Not good.
Daily Bell: What do you think happened on 9/11? Top people on the 9/11 Commission say that people lied to them.
Jesse Ventura: I think the 9/11 Commission was a farce anyway. They weren't even going to investigate 9/11, until the survivors from the families of the dead people raised such hell that they finally agreed to it. Always follow the money. Whitewater, remember that one? Where they investigated the Clinton's real estate transactions, and ultimately found out the president cheated on his wife. Right? Well they spent US$100 million dollars to learn that! Now, here's 9/11 where you have the murder of over 3,000 people. You know what the initial allocation of money was to investigate it? $4 million. They didn't really want to do an investigation. The money speaks volumes.
Daily Bell: Would you run for office again?
Jesse Ventura: I don't know. I have no intention to right now, but after 59 years I have learned never, to say never. Maybe I would get motivated to do it. If I did there is only one office I would run for, and that would either be vice president or president, but I have no intention to do that now.
Daily Bell: Are warrantless wiretaps morally legal? Should they be used in America?
Jesse Ventura: Absolutely not. They are not needed. You can go get a warrant if you have credible evidence that one is needed.
Daily Bell: Is Congress intimidated by America's Intelligence-industrial complex?
Jesse Ventura: I don't know, you would have to ask Congress. I do believe the CIA has run rampant for years now. They've been a rogue element and basically do what ever they want to do.
Daily Bell: Why does America get into so many wars?
Jesse Ventura: It's ridiculous. It used to be that the rest of the world looked at the United States and saw hope. Today they look at the United States with fear, because if you cross the United States, there's no telling what they will do. We might invade you; we'll overthrow your government and occupy you.
George Bush destroyed my American dream. I never believed I would see my country, without being invited, overthrow another country as we did Iraq. I also never believed I would see the United States commit perjury. I've been water-boarded, and I know what water boarding is. It is torture. Once you give up that high ground, how can you look at any other country and expect them to do anything you would ask them to do.
Daily Bell: What is HAARP and why is it so important?
Jesse Ventura: HAARP is big in Alaska. It's 50 radio antennas and they shoot up 50,000 watts of power, which is the equivalent of what they allow for a radio station. It's run by five or six diesel engines the size of locomotives, and it sends low-level radio frequencies up to the ionosphere, which is the top level before space, and throws them back to earth.
Dr. Nick Begich, who wrote the book, "Angels Don't Play This HAARP, Advances in Tesla Technology," has told me, "Governor, this is the death ray. It can knock airplanes out of the sky. It can control the weather."
They claim it's to communicate with submarines under the water but they lied initially about it, because they called it an unclassified research center. When I went up there, they wouldn't let me in, so that tells you right there they are lying because it's not open to the public. If it were unclassified, somebody would be happy to let me in.
One of the initial stories behind it is intriguing. Remember the tsunami that hit Indonesia a couple of years ago? That tsunami happened, but there was no earthquake and there was nothing that should have caused that, and yet witnesses on the ground said they saw northern lights before the tsunami came. Well, you can't see the northern lights from Indonesia. But when HAARP is ramped up, it looks like the northern lights when they are using it.
So a guy says, "Come on Governor, you think they just kill these people for no reason?" I said, "No, they probably wouldn't do that, but what if they were testing this thing and the end result was they created this tsunami."
They aren't going to go, "Oops, I guess we screwed up." No, they're not going to say anything about it, if they caused it. Allegedly China is experimenting with it also. There is an international treaty that says you are not supposed to create any weapons that can control the weather. You know what the loophole is? Nothing says you can't do it domestically, so you don't violate the international treaty.
Daily Bell: Does the government have too much money? Should the Federal Reserve, which prints money from nothing, be abolished?
Jesse Ventura: Hey wait a minute, the government has no money. It's all the Federal Reserve's money. None of that money belongs to the government. It all comes from the Federal Reserve and their name is on it. We have to get that straight right away. Absolutely the Federal Reserve should be abolished, in my opinion. It was created illegally to begin with, because the Constitution said they couldn't do that and then in 1913 they just amended the Constitution and did it anyway. If you want to amend the Constitution, you have to have approval of two thirds of the states, on a vote. They never did that so the Federal Reserve is illegal.
Daily Bell: Is there such a thing as money power? What it is?
Jesse Ventura: Absolutely, he who has the money has the power. That's why I will tell you that the Federal Reserve probably runs the United States of America because they have the money and the power. The money equates to power.
Daily Bell: Does an Anglo-American monetary elite – a few powerful banking families – want to create a New World Order?
Jesse Ventura: I don't know. Maybe when you look at a world government, maybe it's inevitable. Maybe it's an evolution, because the world gets smaller every day, and I ‘m not saying that's good or whatever. The world has gotten much smaller with technology and computers and ultimately maybe in 100 years from now, there will be only be one world government across the earth. I don't know.
One thing that you would hope would happen is in such a situation, there wouldn't be anymore wars. That might be one positive thing that would grow out of it. But I don't think I necessarily support that. You know, they are trying to create it by using global warming. The global warming cap-and-trade means you will now be paying an international tax. When they start collecting all this money, guess what, it grows. Anything that gives money to taxation grows. Global warming is definitely a technique for creating global government.
Daily Bell: Let's step back a little. Please tell us a little about your background, where you grew up. You entered the armed forces, and you were a professional wrestler. Give us your story.
Jesse Ventura: I graduated from Minneapolis Roosevelt High School in South Minneapolis. I was the swimming captain, and I played on an undefeated football team, a typical high school jock. I joined the Navy right out of high school and being a swimmer, I immediately volunteered for the underwater demolition seal program.
I graduated from the Seal training program and served three years with Underwater Demolition Team 12, then served another two years. After I left the Navy, I began my pro-wrestling career for 15 years. Then I was successful running for political office and became Mayor of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, which was the 6th largest city from 90-94.
I went back to the private sector and did talk radio till 1998. Then I ran for Governor of Minnesota in 98, and was successful again, both times as an independent, I might add. The key to my run for Governor was this, something they never want to talk about. I only raised $300,000 to do it. The Democrats and the Republicans combined, spent 12 million on that campaign, and yet I beat them. I beat them with ideas rather than money.
When I finished being a Governor, I became a professor at Harvard University, I'm a fellowship professor at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, and it was at that point I went on an adventure by moving to Mexico, 900 miles down the Baja, where I currently live half the year. I live an hour from pavement and an hour from electricity. My house is completely solar down there. I am off the grid. I have no television, nothing like that. When I go down there, I call it flushing my brain out. I took up surfing and am trying to conquer surfing as best I can.
Daily Bell: Are you a libertarian?
Jesse Ventura: I classify myself as libertarian small L. The capital L libertarian is an anarchist. I am very much libertarian, but I understand there is a world for government. But it's not the world that it's blossomed into today.
Daily Bell: We believe the best government the one that governs least? What do you think?
Jesse Ventura: Absolutely. I am fiscally conservative and socially liberal. That's why I can't fit in either camp. I don't care if gay people get married, I don't care if gay people join the military, I am very liberal on all social issues, I am pro-choice, but on the flip side, government wise, I am fiscally conservative. I think that government is in far too many places, and it takes far too much money. I support abolishing income tax and going to a national sales tax, which would mean we would only have to pay 15% on the dollar. Right now with income tax, you can go to 30, 35 or 40% on the dollar.
Daily Bell: Are you afraid for your life or the life of your family because you are writing on such controversial subjects?
Jesse Ventura: No.
Daily Bell: What is next up for you?
Jesse Ventura: I will finish my book tour and then go back down to Mexico, and finish my last month and a half down there, and I will see what happens. I don't know. I will come back to the States. If my TV show gets picked up again, I will do that. Who knows what I'll do? I could also disappear. I will turn 60 this summer, so who knows? I never had a plan for my life anyway. But I will say that as of Friday, Jesse Ventura started his first official website. I have never owned a cell phone and I don't have a computer. My son is running my website now, and it's called,
Daily Bell: Some closing thoughts?
Jesse Ventura: Get involved! Quit being lemmings. When you live in a democracy, it requires the population to be involved. If you don't hold elected people's feet to the fire, you will get bad government. And that is what we've got to conquer here. The people who are not paying attention, people who are not caring. You can't be that way. You have to care and you have to keep government controlled.
Daily Bell: Thank your time. You are a most courageous man, and we hope everybody reads your book.
Jesse Ventura: Well thank you, and I hope everybody does too because its important book to read. People will be shocked when they read what's there. People in the United States seem to think their government can't be evil. Then on the flip side, there are a lot of great, honest, hard working people in government that work for the public good but it doesn't mean there isn't elements of evil in the United States government. It's our job to root out that evil.

What is most interesting about Jesse Ventura is the type of person he is. He is an original thinker and yet his background would not lead one to believe he would have become one. He is a challenger of corrupt authority, yet throughout his life he has been involved in a system of authority and profited from it. We think that he must scare the powers-that-be because he is a walking example of how one can be entirely acculturated within a social environment and still end up questioning it.
The Western system is positioned to point people in a certain direction and to deprive them of money and the time to think for themselves. Given the way the system has been set up, Jesse Ventura should not exist. He should have long ago accepted the certainties of Western power and ceased to question its authorities. He began, in fact, in the US military and presumably accepted a certain outlook as a result. He then became a well known pro-wrestler, an environment that is not known to be especially conducive to introspection and free-market thinking.
Some – a few – have emerged as entertainers and movie stars from pro-wrestling, yet Jesse Ventura moved from pro wrestling into politics. He became a mayor and then Governor of Minnesota, and an independent one at that, beholden to neither mainstream party. We read somewhere that after Ventura became governor, he was called to Washington where he met with the CIA. He took questions from a number of agents and wrote that eventually he figured out what they wanted to know. They were investigating how he'd managed to become governor on an independent ticket! What scared the powers-that-be, apparently, was that anyone could achieve outside the two-party system.
Yes, generally, Jesse Ventura is a scary person to the current system. Ventura has no business being where he is today. His military background could have switched off the part of his brain that asks too many questions. His experience as a pro-wrestler might have focused him on show-business and the ephemera of achieving in the venue of public entertainment. But instead, Ventura went into politics, where the system itself should have disciplined him and focused him on achievement within certain social and cultural parameters. Yet somehow Ventura emerged from this experience and continued to wonder about the world around him.
It is obvious that Jesse Ventura cannot help himself. He sees unfairness and wants to rectify it; he sees the growth in government power abuses and wants to prune it back; he sees the dangers of growing authoritarianism and government centralization and stands athwart the track shouting "stop." He has no reason to act the way he does, to ask the questions he does, to take on the battle of opposing increasingly questionable abuses of government authority throughout the West. Given his background, he should be PART of the authoritarian paradigm, not questioning it. And yet here is, a walking, talking refutation of the way the system should work. It is meant to winnow out the Venturas and either co-opt them or defeat them.
Jesse Ventura is an example of why the current bout of authoritarianism can go so far and perhaps no further. It must be intensely frustrating for those who have set up and implemented the current system, which is designed primarily, it seems, to make people obedient. People like him shouldn't exist in the Modern Age of the West. It is a mystery of the human spirit. But we are certainly thankful that there is a Jesse Ventura and that he, too, desires to spread freedom and free-market thinking.

Editor's Note: A few days ago, on April 7th, Russia Today's Anastasia Churkina sat down with Jesse Ventura for an exclusive interview about his latest book, "63 Documents the Government Doesn't Want you to Read." Watch the Ventura interview below: