Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What if? ...What if I called the cops on you and you had to pay the cops?

Something is definitely wrong with this picture...
The following from The Providence Journal
Narragansett passes ordinance to recover costs of police response to disturbances / Poll
by Andy Smith

NARRAGANSETT, R.I. -- As part of its continued campaign against loud house parties, the Narragansett Town Council Monday night passed an ordinance by a 4-1 vote that would allow the town to bill property owners or renters for the costs of responding to public disturbances.
After spirited public comment, the council amended the ordinance to require written warnings from the police, to expand the amount of time for appeal and to narrow the definition of "disturbance."
The council also asked the town solicitor to return with proposals to define the costs violators must pay, which are not specified in the ordinance.
In the paper: Wednesday, read the arguments for and against the new ordinance that allows the town to charge property owners or renters for the cost of responding to a loud house party.

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