Sunday, November 13, 2011

CBS Caught Red-handed: CBS News planned all along to snub Michele Bachmann...just another reason never to trust CBS News!

red-handed ~ 1819, earlier red-hand (early 15c.), originally in Scottish legal writing, from red (1) + hand, presumably from the image of a murderer caught in the act, with blood on the hands. ~

CBS news has been manipulating the news for as long as I can remember.  Surely most people can remember the brainwashing we took over the 'most trusted man in America' Walter reality, the most trusted man in the cabal to destroy America! (see video link) ~ Norman E. Hooben
The following from World Net Daily
Leaked CBS memo backs Bachmann 'snub' charge
Campaign says network debate manipulated to shut her up

WASHINGTON – Michele Bachmann's plenty steamed about her treatment in tonight's CBS News/National Journal debate between GOP presidential candidates.
Several times throughout the course of the 90-minute presentation, Rep. Bachmann, R-Minn., attempted to follow-up questions and answers by other candidates – just as the moderators of the debate suggested they would be allowed to do at their discretion. 
But despite often vociferous attempts to weigh in, the moderators chose other candidates.

Now the Bachmann campaign is going public with evidence CBS News planned all along to snub her.
Keith Nahigian, Bachmann’s campaign manager posted on her Facebook page an email exchange between CBS News political director John Dickerson and correspondent Caroline Horn in which Dickerson suggested before the debate "she's not going to get many questions."
Nahigian commented that the memo represents "concrete evidence of what every conservative knows – the liberal mainstream media elites are manipulating the Republican debates by purposely suppressing our conservative message and limiting Michele’s questions."