Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Obama: An Insult To Our Founding Fathers...he prays to Allah in the White House!

Oh, yes, Obama prays all right:
Oh, yes, Obama prays all right:
This is OUR President at a MOSQUE prayer session LAST WEEK AT THE WHITE HOUSE, on the site where the INAUGURATION is held every 4 years!
For Obama to continue as our president is an INSULT TO OUR FOUNDING FATHERS!
If you question the impact of the above picture, get a copy of the book The Sword of the Prophet by Serge Trifkovic. It is well researched, documented and highly trustworthy.
Anyone who believes that 'Islam is NOT a major threat to our freedom and country' has their head in the sand. This includes Obama himself.
Excerpt from the book: "the broad sweep of the global military, political, moral, and — yes — spiritual struggle that faces us; and what we must do if we wish to survive. Above all, we must avoid the twin perils of complacency and despair, and for that a sober, factual, and contextual presentation like that found in Trifkovic's work is essential. Every American owes it to himself to know the real score of the post-9/11 world — and this slim but invaluable volume is the place to start .
Enter Serge Trifkovic, a man of extraordinary intellectual courage. His book, THE SWORD OF THE PROPHET" departs from the moral “neutrality” of academia and, in six lucid and well-documented chapters, provides a “Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam.” Citing the Kuran and the voluminous Hadiths - the Traditions of what Muhammad said and did - Dr. Trifkovic exposes Islam's prophet as cruel, ignorant, and lascivious. He examines Islam's fatalistic theology; reviews this religion's devastation of other civilizations; warns of the Muslims' insidious penetration of America and Europe; criticizes U.S. appeasement of Saudi Arabia and other Islamic regimes; and goes to the heart of what must be done to prevent Islam's global ascendancy.  SodaHead.com
Bonus Videos...What you don't know will make you a slave.
For all the complacent people who don't bother to find out what it is their government is up to, here's a primer...coming to a neighborhood near you! ~ Norman E. Hooben

It's not only the United Nations...

It's people you know...or think you know!

George Herbert Walker Bush, William Jefferson Clinton, and Barack Husein Obama fulfill the meaning of Cicero's definition of a traitor.  The question is, "What are you going to do about it?"  While you're contemplating don't be complacent!  ~ Norman E. Hooben

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Findalis said...

What did you expect? He's been hiding in the closet for years now. But let him get re-elected and you will see him emerge from the closet as an open Muslim.