Monday, August 29, 2011

a quickie from the Snooper Report: I almost needed a teleprompter to type this title.

I know you can't see me or hear me right now but I'm actually doing one of those things we learned with the advent of text messaging...I'm LOL !!!  Why?  After I read the following: ~ Storm'n Norm'n

Obama Uses 2 Teleprompters for 3 Minute Speech
President Obama required two heavy-duty teleprompters on Monday during a three-minute speech in which he nominated Alan Krueger to serve as chairman of his Council of Economic Advisers. "I am very pleased to appoint Alan and I look forward to working with him," Obama said, staring at the large, flat-screen monitor to his right, then shifting his eyes to the teleprompter on his left. "I have nothing but confidence in Alan as he takes on this important role as one of the leaders of my economic team." ~ Follower Snooper at the Snooper Report

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