Friday, August 5, 2011

Krista Erickson Shines...Margie Gillis Needs To Get A Real Job

The interview took place in Canada and apparently caused a lot of grief among the Liberal Left and was a featured op-ed over at the Huffington Post ...personally I thought the interview exposed the Left's wacko ideology; Krista Erickson did a great job while Margie Gillis thinks its OK to take what is not rightfully hers (see my response to someone who goes by 2lib4oh at Huffington Post which is reproduced below).
The commentary associated with the video refers to the interview as an attack:
Krista Erickson's interview/attack of Margie Gillis, Canadian dance icon, on the pubic funding she's received over her 39-year career. The only positive is the grace with which Ms. Gillis handled this shameful attack. from YouTube
Nothing can be further than the truth for the real attack comes from the Left's insistence that they have some unfounded right to take from one class of people and give to another...I call that, "stealing" ~ Norman E. Hooben

This is a culture war. We have seen it here in the form of attacks on intellectu­als and artists as well here in America. Things that make us reflective and thoughtful are at odds with things that make us competitiv­e and aggressive­.
Powerful people in authority like to "get things done" without necessaril­y questionin­g if the thing is worth doing in the first place. Tea Party types don't question themselves­, they question others. They don't reflect. They are too busy trying to dominate the conversati­on even if they have to resort to extreme behavior.
There is so much to be said about this behavior. Artists and intellectu­als are a threat to this kind of thinking.Q­uestioning and removing the influence of artists on our society is the first phase to making people unsympathe­tic and dumbed down. You can see it is the first step to gaining control over the masses.
My Responce:
Ref:"1. Tea Party types don't question themselves­­, they question others. 2. They don't reflect."

1. TEA Party types question the powers to be their authority to take from me which is not rightfully theirs and give to you which is not yours to take. Margie Gillis has no 'right' to take taxpayer's livilihood which they've earned through a thing called 'labor'. If Gillis is so great she should able to earn a living through her 'labor' of dance based solely on the income generated from her audiences (don't force me to pay an admittance fee when I'm not present). 2. TEA Party types reflect the inequities of the wackos on the left.


Findalis said...

While there are people who due to circumstances beyond their control (mental, physical or other problems)cannot work, the rest of the people taking public assistance need to get off and become taxpayers.

If Margie Gillis is well enough to do what she has been doing, then she can find work.

You said it better than I could ever.

Storm'n Norm'n said...

Its the same when they take our money to buy food stamps for anybody but us...I used to donate to the poor but now I don't give them a dime because the government is in my wallet for dollars! See also