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The Pitchfork Papers
The Pitchfork PapersWe are Americans!

We the People of the United States love our nation and share great pride in our history. We seek to preserve our founding principles of protected Rights and Liberties while restoring the greatness of our battle-scarred ship of state.
We are no longer one people. We are a nation deeply divided as we approach our future with fear, uncertainty and confusion reign because we lack the quality leadership required for a stable course. Elected leaders entrusted to the rule of our nation are a world apart from us as the fabric of our nation is torn. To them we are black, brown, white, gay, Hispanic, Christian, Jewish, Democrat, Conservative, Republican, straight, liberal, or any other label they can affix as they struggle to lump us into groups they can manipulate for their own benefit. While each of these categories will describe many of us individually, they do not define us in the true division that has now settled upon our nation as we face this very dangerous struggle for our future.
We are divided but not how they would like us to be. Americans of today are divided as two determined opponents. There are now only those who wish to halt our demise, save our nation and restore our Constitutional Republic; and those who deliberately engineer our decline into something they can rule without our consent. We have gay men of color who proudly wave flags and we have white Christian women who burn them. We are divided but not as our leaders prefer.
We now have two American melting pots. One produces the raw material we can forge into a stronger, restored America with a brighter future for our children. The other contrives to melt us down to a chain of many weak links to be broken and bent against our will at the whim and fancy of those who covet power. There is no middle ground, no compromise to bridge this division and there is no Patriot who can honestly reconcile with those who seek to destroy us. We are divided and someone will win. Someone else will lose, but one of these two ideologies will certainly prevail to steer our future. Let it be the Patriots. Let it be those who stand proudly with the honor of those who have sacrificed to secure this great nation for us.
Patriots of America must prevail, but can only do so by removing the corrupt cancer of our opposition from positions of power they have so deftly achieved, and hold with a vise like grip. Our homeland is now locked into a vicious downward spiral as the deliberate seeds of destruction spread throughout our system. We find ourselves here because those who despise the success and freedoms of our Republic have worked diligently to obtain the power needed to dismantle it.
You cannot look upon these people as anything other than enemies of our nation. You cannot look upon these enemies to know them as they are of every color, creed and major political party. You will know them by their deeds, not their appearance or words but by the actual fruit of their labors. Know them by their loyalty to our Constitution or their efforts to pervert or ignore it. Our enemies and our Patriots are thus easy to define. The cancer of corruption has spread to infest every corner of our federal government as our enemies manipulate ours laws and our system of courts and legislation as needed to accomplish their goals. They now have the officials they need right where they can do the most harm.
We are Americans. We do not accept this. We have said, “Enough is Enough!”
Our enemies ignore us and our so-called leaders wander aimlessly, battered by a dizzying flurry of daily issues meant to prevent the focused purpose of Patriotic opposition. The cancer that is now killing our beloved America is the corruption of our enemies in places of power and those who fund and support them. The mind boggling blizzard of orders, regulations, waste, fraud, power grabs, and usurpations of our Constitution are the mere symptoms of this cancer.
We will not win our America for the future with a strategy of helter-skelter battles against these symptoms. We must first begin now to remove the source. The cancer of corruption must be removed so we may halt the increase of the symptoms and rebuild the damaged body of our federal system. “We the People”, the Patriot citizens of these United States, are willingly burdened with the duty to rise up and demand the resurrection of our Constitutional Republic. Enough truly is enough and now is the time to cradle our precious nation within the strong hearts of those who will refuse to become subjects.
Our nation needs us today more than ever, and we need the return of our birthright in the form of our Constitution and its protection of our Rights and Freedoms. Know our enemies when they react to oppose us. We have the law and history with us. They have their contempt for us, our looming demise, and a lust for power to drive them. We will overcome this danger now or lose our nation for all time. We must act boldly with dignity and determination or wander forward to a day of reckoning which can only result in violence (which must be avoided).
Our protests and pleas for redress have been ridiculed by our enemies and too frequently ignored by the very officials we work to elect to represent and govern. We are no longer pleading. We are demanding an end to the corruption in our federal government and the voting process that elects them. We are now preparing for an epic election battle knowing these elections are filled with fraud, and it is not prosecuted adequately or addressed by Congress. We demand the action to prevent and permanently eliminate this fraud and corruption begin immediately so the coming election can proceed with renewed integrity.
Our current elections must proceed as the Constitution prescribes, but we refuse to submit to one more day of blatant daily corruption while we wait many long months for the possible election of honest new leaders and the removal of too few bad ones. When we said, “Don’t tread On Me”, we meant it. Now we must act on our resolve.
Outrage without action is merely submission with regrets.
We are Americans, the people of the land that showed the world’s tyrants can be overcome by determined citizens who refuse to submit. We must begin now and meet the challenges as they are presented. If opposition from our corrupted leaders becomes so strong we cannot function, we must be prepared to shut this nation down, remove them by forced resignations, and reboot. We have that right and now we face that duty.
They will determine our options when they show us their response. They work for us; it is past time to remind them of this and just what that means. Every journey begins with a step and our march to restore must begin with the removal of our most corrupt enemies in government. We must begin with our most flagrant violators and those who have used their positions to defy the laws and or cause us the greatest harm. We begin with these steps to demonstrate to all others that we know our Rights and are more than willing to clean up our government since they will not.
Let us begin with the following: “Patriot Anti-Corruption Demands.” This list is in no particular order because each of these points is equally non-negotiable. Numbers are included only for reference.
1. We demand that our elected leaders in Congress support and act upon our demands by appointing a legitimate Special Prosecutor with integrity to investigate the myriad of complaints and possible criminal acts that litter the history, hidden records, and the potentially falsified documents surrounding President Obama. Guilt or innocence must be established to reduce the strain and division among the American people.
2. We demand the immediate removal of all Czars and their respective staff members from any position of power or influence within our federal system. We further demand a complete investigation and report regarding the taxpayer financed activities and efforts and accomplishments of each. This shall be followed by a permanent ban on the creation of these non-cabinet positions by all future Presidents of any political party. The American People refuse to accept the corrupt act of developing shadow positions in our top levels of government who operate in secrecy and report only to the President.
3. It is the Constitutional duty of our Congress to exercise balance of power authority by establishing or removing all inferior federal courts. Attempts to subvert the will of the people and the Constitution are a serious form of corruption that “We the People” will no longer tolerate. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals represents an extreme demonstration of this corruption, evidenced by the fact that they have an inordinate percentage of cases overturned upon review by the Supreme Court. Whether out of ineptitude, or the more obvious; deliberate intent. This Court is detrimental to the general integrity of our federal court system. We demand that Congress fulfill the duty of their sworn oath of office and disband and replace this federal court with qualified Justices who will honor their true Constitutional obligations.
4. We demand the immediate firing and removal of Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano. She has failed to protect the Southern border while at the same time developing and implementing oppressive intrusions against law-abiding citizens such as the invasive TSA searches. Under her guidance Homeland Security has battled states that seek to implement their own security or defend the Constitutional rights of their respective citizens. Director Napolitano repeatedly fails to adequately characterize and address the true threat from Islamic extremists and focuses more energy on oppression and investigation of Patriotic groups and citizens. Her attention is not on the best interests of our nation but consumed in furthering the agenda of enemies of our Constitutional Republic. She is corrupt in her agenda and derelict in her duty as Homeland Security Director and constitutes a clear and present danger to our Rights and Freedoms. She must be forced to resign immediately.
5. Eric Holder, Attorney General of the United States is the chief law enforcement officer for our nation. He has failed the American People and corrupted the integrity of our Department of Justice with an endless series of very deliberate moves. He has conducted aggressive prosecution against Patriots while refusing to prosecute criminals of various kinds, including some who have committed egregious acts of disrupting our polling places during federal elections. Under his guidance the DOJ has committed treasonous acts and has greatly destabilized our Justice system as he concentrates his efforts on achieving the goals of those who seek our destruction. Mr. Holder must be forced to resign immediately and be subjected to a very thorough investigation by reliable authorities. The crimes he has perpetrated while in office must be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
6. Rep. Charlie Rangel is a prime example of corruption in our Congress. As Chairman of the House Ways & Means Committee (overseeing our tax laws) he brazenly committed criminal income tax evasion – yet the other members of our Congress allowed him to remain in the House with no more than a censure, a letter of reprimand. Private Citizens are routinely imprisoned for the same acts. This is a precise example which validates the legitimacy of claims that Congress holds themselves above and separate from the laws and prosecution they so willingly enact against rank and file citizens. Rep. Rangel committed federal crimes yet serves to this day in our Capital and our Congress has severely failed the American People by allowing him to walk away from the prosecution and prison sentence any other citizen would receive. Mr. Rangel must be forced to resign immediately to demonstrate to all members of Congress that corrupt and illegal activities perpetrated by our elected officials are completely unacceptable to the American People.
7. Nancy Pelosi, while serving as Speaker of the House of Congress repeatedly misappropriated federal tax payer monies and military equipment as she converted such to private use by herself and her family far beyond the extent allowed by her position. Ms. Pelosi has demonstrated contempt for our Constitutional rule and she openly demanded free or absurdly discounted use of military jets and support staff for personal use. The American public recognizes this, and the failure to investigate these and other violations, as evidence of the corrupt acts that all members of Congress willingly accept on a daily basis.
These open acts of corruption demonstrated by former Speaker Pelosi while in a position of the greatest authority in our congress cannot be tolerated. We demand the immediate resignation of Nancy Pelosi from our House of Representatives. We also now state that our entire Congress has severely outraged the American People by their willingness to look the other way while she was committing these acts. This pattern of habitual abuse and corruption and the acceptance of it by other members of Congress must end now.
8. There must be a complete criminal investigation into the development of the mortgage crisis that crippled our nation’s economy and damaged markets across the globe. The members of Congress that initiated the policies that led us to this crisis must be forced to resign and prosecuted for any and all crimes and acts of corruption which are found to have been committed. This investigation must include the people who managed the federally funded mortgage institutions.
Our national economy and federal programs are not to be subverted by those seeking results to further their personal gains while disregarding the best interests of the United States and our citizens as a whole.
9. The United Nations is a corrupt organization that receives huge amounts of federal tax payer funding while our enemies use that money to defy us and aggressively orchestrate against our best interests. Member nations routinely work openly in support of our enemy nations and clearly demonstrate contempt and hatred for us while we provide the majority of their operating capital. The United States must extricate itself from this corrupt international organization and the U. N. headquarters must be seized, and all personnel must be instructed to leave the United States. All funding promised to, but not yet provided to them must be halted. Let them set up shop elsewhere.
10. The Congress of the United States has been corrupted by the act of members rewarding themselves with inequitable benefits, perks, and retirement packages. These corrupt acts have turned our Congress into lifelong career positions. Members of Congress are supposed to serve then return to private sector business to live with the results of their actions as was designed by the founding fathers. This guaranteed us a representative government “by the people, for the people.” They have stolen our representative government from us by voting to give themselves career packages so they can acquire great wealth while ignoring us. The pensions and benefits for all members of Congress must end as of January 1, 2012 and their pay shall be the only form of compensation they receive as stated in the US Constitution. We will not support, donate, or vote for a candidate of any office who will not actively work to help correct this injustice. Term limits shall be pursued but we must immediately end the rewards for those who desire to make Congress a career position.
11. The needs and best interests of our children must be addressed and protected for their own personal benefit and the future success of America as a competitive force in the world markets and power circles. The US Department of Education has managed the instruction of our children’s education for far too long as we have watched our test scores fall as compared to those in many other nations.
Our education system has been corrupted for use as an institution to promote the ideologies of those who hold contempt for our Constitutional freedoms, rights and preservation. It is now very heavily biased toward the political agenda that is damaging every other aspect of our national cornerstones. The best interests of our children’s education are more effectively served by local control involving parental input for final decisions. Our school system has deteriorated into a bloated, wasteful behemoth that is failing our children horribly. The Department of Education must be permanently abolished and control over education must be returned to our state and local governments. The acts required to accomplish this must begin immediately.
We understand that this list does not contain solutions for every ill that is now sweeping our nation. The totality can never be addressed effectively all at once and all of our problems are management problems. We should not be in the dire situation we now see and there was no cause for it that could not have been avoided. We are here today, experiencing our nation’s decline because of countless acts of corruption and self serving ploys by those elected to serve as stewards of our fortunes and future.
The people that we remove in this War on Corruption must never be allowed to move to other government positions or work elsewhere in our system. We said we would now hold them accountable and we mean it. They have ignored our protests and furthered their corrupt agendas and we will now completely remove them from the process along with their web like networks.
We will meet strong resistance – that is to be expected. The enemies of our nation have worked for many decades to get in position to destroy us and they resent opposition forming as they see themselves so close to their final goals. We have no choice. There is no more un-American act than for a Patriot who sees corruption and the destruction of our nation and fails to rise against it.
The first defense strategy of our corrupt opponents will be to encourage us to do nothing while we wait and tolerate their presence until November of 2012. That is simply an election; it is not a battle to end corruption immediately. Congress has an 8% approval rating because we know they will not do what we have demanded. We cannot blindly allow our state of demise to continue in hopes of a future Congress doing all that is required to save and restore our great nation. That is a failed paradigm to be avoided from this point forward.
Throughout the recorded history of mankind no elected body of leaders has ever saved a nation in decline. Not once.
The historical record of the rise and fall of great nations is littered with stories of how they lost them. Our government will not fix itself. That simply does not happen. This is our job.
This Patriot War on Corruption must reach into both major parties and their candidates for Congress and the Presidency. To that end, from the S.S. Pitchfork, we will submit a series of questions to each Presidential candidate, by name, and we will request written replies. Their replies will be published and those who refuse to reply, or join those who oppose us, will be exposed and denied our support.
We will never again allow the election of those who ignore our demands and protests or refuse to reply to organized citizens. We said Enough is Enough..
We need every available American Patriot to support these simple and fair demands. It is now time for all sworn Patriots to join us in a well defined pathway to success.
I know what this means and the opposition will be fierce, sometimes brutal. I am prepared for that and willingly proceed. Destroy me as they may, but they cannot make me fear them. Our government is supposed to fear citizens, but this they have reversed. So be it, this job must be done. They cannot act against each of us, we are too many.
More information and continued updates on this effort will be available at and and many radio stations and news sites across the country. We have the support of many Patriots in many forms of media. Will we have yours? Will you now act to save your nation as all true Patriots must? Join with us. Our nation needs us now.

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