Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ronald Reagan's Greatest Speech...just a little over a minute (thats all it took !!!) ...plus a few tidbits to keep you informed

You've all heard some of Ronald Reagan's great speeches...in fact one was so great it is now known as The Speech.   This little voluble speech needs no introduction...probably should be nominated for The Greatest Speech...ever! ~ Storm'n Norm'n
The Speech...
Now here's a novel idea...    

Our United States Constitution has its genesis in the English's Magna Carta but do we have the wherewithall (that's 'guts' to some of you) to stand up like those people of long ago who literally ganged up on the king and gave him an ultimatum...an ulitmatum from whence our freedoms and basic property rights were derived.  Well what goes around comes around and it looks as if the English are about to do it again...check this video out... (from YouTube)

Roger Hayes appeared in Court knowingly the Birkenhead judge Michael Peake would commit treason to hide the corruption going on in our courts. The BBC was there and all you will see from them on this monumental occasion was a brief piece on the Birkenhead local news n their website.

THEY Don't want you to know the court system has been proven to be corrupt. The freemen in court attempted to arrest the judge and the police arrested him, they clearly don't know the Law.

The court was then seized on behalf of the people, it was very peaceful and marked a president for the people, if you want to educate yourself on how you are being deceived then visit and join the sites below ;-


It's time to WAKE UP for the sake of your children and future generations ..... Peace

Think we could do likewise here?

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Maggie@MaggiesNotebook said...

I can't imagine today, not having Ronald Reagan to quote. What a magnificant man.