Thursday, March 17, 2011

IDF Intercepts Large Stash Of Weapons From Iran...Where's the MSM?

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I do not believe that you will see this on the media.
The IDF (Israeli Defense Force or Israeli Army) has produced a video on U-Tube explaining what's going on, but U-Tube wants to remove it by using the excuse, not enough people are logging in.*
Please forward this email, so many people will log in and the IDF will be able to have its voice heard.
*Disclaimer from Storm'n Norm'n ~ I could not find any reference to the referenced statement.
The following from YouTube

Rear Admiral Rani Ben Yehuda, the Deputy Commander of the Israeli Navy, discusses how the Israeli Navy was able to successfully board the "Victoria" cargo ship without incident, which was found to contain weaponry smuggled from Iran and Syria, eventually destined for the Gaza Strip.

He mentions that the Navy has had experience intercepting weapons intended for terrorist organizations who will use them against the Israeli population, thus there are significant security reasons for the inspection of all cargo heading towards Gaza.

For more information on the "Victoria" ship:
For footage of the IDF boarding the Victoria:
For more photos of weaponry and an Iranian document found on the ship:

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