Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cartoon of the week...I thought for a minute that this was a joke, but Jesse Jackson, Jr. is serious..ha, ha, ha, he, he, ha

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Jesse Jackson Jr is Not an Idiot - He is an Imbecile

By Bernie on 07 Mar 2011

I have written many times that Liberals are idiots. Now comes before us, Jesse Jackson Jr. who shows that some Liberals are even twice as stupid as Liberal idiots.
Listen to this imbecile make the case that the way out of our unemployment crisis is to change the Constitution so that every ghetto kid gets an iPod and a laptop and other idiotic things too outrageous to repeat in print.

Why not give every ghetto child a yacht? Think of all the shipyards that will be revitalized, think of all the shipbuilders put back on employment!
Some of my readers will not be convinced that he makes a good case in this video; however he has convinced me of one thing: he makes a good case for the forced sterilization of feeble-minded persons. Jesse Jackson Sr should never have been allowed to sire such an imbecile.

Note: if the video above is removed by YouTube, you can download it from my server here. You will need VLC Media Player to view it.

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bernie said...

Thanks Norm, this needs to be spread all over the country.