Monday, February 28, 2011

Voter Fraud what! that's what Democrats do...and they get away with it too!

I could make the statement that voter fraud exists and be absolutely certain that its true...because I was once a poll watcher and witnessed the fraud first hand.  But you know what, nothing is done to the people that are performing the scam.  In my first hand encounter I even had contact with the judge who should have came to the precinct to rule on an incident but instead she made excuses for the fraudulent voter without ever having met the voter.  In my frustrations with the judge who kept repeating that " may be her married name" (in reference to inadequate identification) I finally said to the judge, "I don't want to hear that it may be her married name one more time (she said it at least 7 times), what I want to hear from you is that it may be fraudulent and get down here and do your job!" then I immediately hung up the phone.  The judge never showed!  Now I don't know the circumstances surrounding the plea bargaining in the Dothan, Alabama incident mentioned in the video but I'll bet that the guilty person is still allowed to vote and the other cases mentioned (i.e. Florida and Pennsylvania) will also be thrown out or be the equivalent of the ole slap on the wrist routine. ~ Norman E. Hooben

Please note that the video referred to in the above narrative has mysteriously disappeared. This note added Wednesday, July 10, 2013

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redhawk1 said...

Fear Not Holder will not hold them accountable since they were " His People".... Boy o Boy does that Racist need a good PINK SLIP after his Rciast Testimony!!!
Does he think that he was confirmed to be AJ for Blacks only or for the American People yes Even Whites!