Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Obama-Holder & Company...enemy of the state...time to put out the 'WANTED' posters

Back in June 1997 there was a United States Supreme Court ruling that ruled the Brady Bill was in fact unconstutional and that the Federal Government could not commandeer state or county officers for federal bidding.  Some of you may remember this case concerning Sheriff Richard Mack versus President Bill Clinton... Clinton and the Federal Government lost big time! ...and this was a great day for America.  Federal agencies could no longer do whatever they damn well pleased.  The ruling stated at least three times that the States were "not subject to Federal direction."  The case proved that local officials have the right, the power, and the duty to stand against far reaching incursions by our own Federal Government.  Justice Scalia wrote for the majority, stating, "The Federal Government may not compel the states to enact or enforce a federal regulatory program."  I ask anyone, "Is this not the law of the land?" So what the hell is Obama and Holder doing by encouraging foreign countries to interfer with the internal matters of a sovereign state? 
For what you are about to see is basis for the immediate apprehension and arrest of Obama-Holder and company.  This in fact makes the Obama Administration an enemy of the State and any sheriff in the state of Arizona (and probably elsewhere) should have no qualms about making the arrest...time to put out the "Wanted" posters...they should offer an award.  ~ Norman E. Hooben

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