Saturday, January 22, 2011

"It is a big takeover by the federal government !" Phyllis Schafly knows, I we all know!

The story that follows is nothing new to most of us who knew of Obama's takeover objectives long before...the plans have been implemented for years and years albeit somewhat different than those laid out by the New World Order crowd (Carter, Clinton, Bush, Kissinger, and lets not forget Gordon Brown former Prime Minster of Great Britain [see video here] and that scoundrel of all scoundrels  Zbigniew Brzezinski ← link to YouTube video).  Obama is at odds with the Clintons, et al., because when the political winds blow in the direction of Islam its Allahu Akbar for Obama and those he bows to link to YouTube video and Dhimmitude for the rest of us.  Bill Clinton's World View may just have to wait...but he's proud of Obama's efforts non the less!  ~ Norman E. Hooben
ps: The picture incorporated into the story is not associated with the author...I take credit for the collage.
Gov't takeover Obama's objective?
Becky Yeh - OneNewsNow California correspondent
A pro-family group working to repeal ObamaCare believes President Obama's ultimate goal is to bring the American people under government control.

As Republicans began their challenge to repeal the healthcare overhaul, the Obama administration released a report detailing how repeal would hurt millions by making it more difficult for Americans to obtain healthcare coverage. However, Eagle Forum president Phyllis Schafly argues that ObamaCare is a disaster and is way too costly for America.

"It is a big takeover of an entire industry by the federal government, and unfortunately, I think that is one of the goals of Barack Obama," she contends.
Schlafly, who commented on ObamaCare during a recent tele-training conference hosted by (
see earlier story), believes President Obama wants to take the country into a "type of European-style socialism, where the government controls everything."
"President Obama meant what he said when he said he wanted to fundamentally transform America," she assures. "And I do believe he's trying to take us into a socialist country while he's bowing to foreign dictators all over the world."

The Eagle Forum president adds that America has always had a unique system of government that attracted the world, and for that reason should continue to be an "oasis of freedom and prosperity."

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