Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fundamental asked for it, you got it! (Will we get it back?)


The final piece of the total government control puzzle

" We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America." Those words were spoken by President elect Barack Obama shortly before being sworn in as the forty-fourth President of the United States. To many people, these were the words that they had been longing to hear. They wanted a new America, or so they thought! Not only did Barack Obama deliver on his promise to change our country, but he is very close to putting into place the last piece of his socialist, communistic ideological puzzle. Think this sounds crazy? Consider the "fundamental" changes already put into place and then imagine what will happen when the last piece falls into place.
1. Barack Obama has fundamentally changed the financial industry. Consider the role that the federal government plays in our financial lives as of today. Want a student loan? Uncle Sam is the only one authorized to give it to you. This change they passed as part of the health care bill! http://http// Aside from the student loan hijacking, many banks fell victim to the government as a provider scam when they accepted bailouts from the federal government in exchange for complying with new federal regulations. What happened to the banks who didn't want federal funds? Uncle Sam responded by telling the banks that they would take the money or they would see their banks downgraded by the feds. Control of the financial industry? Check!
2. Barack Obama has fundamentally transformed the way the government interacts with the manufacturing industry. Need we look any further than GM? The money that the government "loaned" to GM came with a very hefty price tag for GM. The government would have the power to regulate the salaries of top ranking officials of the company and even forced one to resign. Rick Wagoner was asked by the Obama administration to resign and Wagoner obliged. Forcing the CEO of a private sector company to quit his job as the CEO was clearly a power move designed to send a message that the government made all the decisions for GM now, not Rick Wagoner! As always, taking money from the government also meant taking orders from them, a classic Chicago style beat down by Chicago thugs themselves! The government also tried to convince Ford that they could not survive without relying on the government, but Ford declined to succumb to the hypnotic chant of Obama and his cronies. How did Ford do? They only made 1.7 billion dollars of profit in the third quarter of 2010, a 69% increase over the same period last year. Oh, I guess success can be had by relying on entrepreneurs and not the government! Oops.
3. Fundamentally transforming the governments role in providing health care? Check! You know, this is the bill that Nancy Pelosi said we had to pass to find out what was in it. This bill has absolutely nothing to do with providing health care to all Americans but has everything to do with squeezing the private industry out of the health care coverage business. You see, once the government has no competition when it comes to selling us health care, every single one of us is dependent on them! That, in essence, is the ultimate goal of this socialist, Marxist regime. They want all of us to crawl to the government for everything, and health care would entrap all of us, everyone!
So, there you have it. Three areas of society that our government has seized control of in just the past two years! But, as if that is not bad enough, there is one more piece of the puzzle that is about ready to fall into place, total control of the media. The recent wikileaks headlines has captivated the attention of most of America. The story looks a little different if you look at it through the lens of a revolutionary, however. Former chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, has been quoted as saying that "You never want a serious crises to go to waste." http://http// Most people would say that the leaking of Americas secrets on a website would qualify as a serious crises, but what would Emanuel and Obama propose that we do about it so as not to waste the opportunity? Two words; Net Neutrality. This bill, which will be introduced in the house of Representative very shortly, will give phone and cable companies the power to decide what you can and cannot see on the internet., well that's just great, isn't it? You see, Net Neutrality is not a response to wikileaks, as they will try to make you believe. No, no, wikileaks is simply the crises that the government will not want  to waste in order to push net neutrality, the final piece of the total government control puzzle into place. And then, it will be over. They will control our finances, our manufacturing, our health care and our media. I hope, for your sake, that you are on good speaking terms with Uncle Sam. I have a feeling that you'll be talking to him about a lot of things soon. Or most probably, he will be talking to you!

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