Saturday, November 27, 2010

Are you owned by the corporations? ...careful how you answer that

Will US Patent Office end gene patent enslavement of the human race?

(Source NaturalNews) This is one of the most important issues for the future of human civilization: Who owns your genetic code? Based on existing U.S. law, the corporations own it. Right now, over 20% of your genetic code is owned by biotech corporations (this is a fact). But the U.S. Justice Department has just issued a "friend of the court" briefing that looks poised to overturn this, driving a stake through the heart of the intellectual property monster known as the biotech industry.

This is a major reversal of decades of U.S. policy. If the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) enforces this new ruling, it would mean an end to all biotech patents on human genes. Effectively, it would set our genetic code free from corporate domination.

Human genes are part of nature, not a human invention

In its brief, the Dept of Justice argued that genes should not be patentable because they are part of nature:This makes sense, of course -- it's the same thing I've been arguing here on NaturalNews for years. To allow corporations to own even a small part of the human genome is a pathway to human slavery. We have been headed down that path for a long time, and now for the first time it appears things may be turning for the better.
The insanity of modern patent law
"The chemical structure of native human genes is a product of nature, and it is no less a product of nature when that structure is 'isolated' from its natural environment than are cotton fibers that have been separated from cotton seeds or coal that has been extracted from the earth..." (

Few reasonable people would argue that U.S. patent law as it exists today makes any real sense in the first place. Patents are supposed to offer legal protection for "man-made inventions." The whole idea that you can patent human genes is ridiculous from the outset.
Human genetic code was obviously not invented by humans, and especially not by one person or corporation. To grant a corporation an intellectual property monopoly over even a single human gene is an affront to human heritage and a violation of natural law. That this has already happened is a crime against humanity.

Theoretically, such patents actually give corporations the right to charge royalties when couples reproduce because by having a baby, you are "replicating" a patented gene without permission. Thus, you could be guilty of patent violation and be forced to pay a royalty to the patent owner.

Fast forward this a few decades under a country controlled by corporate interests, and you can see where it ends up: Just to have a baby, you might have to pay $100,000 in royalty payments to dozens of different corporations who own "your" genetic code. This would all be enforced by local police officers and sheriffs who might arrest you at gunpoint for your acts of "corporate piracy" (getting pregnant).

Don't think it could happen? Check out the history of the RIAA and its intellectual property war against the people. Look at what Monsanto has done to farmers who accidentally grew GMO crops because the GMO seeds blew into their fields. Look what Myriad Genetics is doing right now with its patent on human breast cancer genes BRCA1 and BRCA2 -- it's charging $3,000 a pop to run a simple test that determines whether women carry those genes.

Make no mistake: When you hand monopoly control to a corporation, that corporation will exploit it to its fullest extent, even if it means destroying human lives in the process.
Why stop at genes? Seeds should also be set free
If the USPTO disallows all patents on human genes, then by the same logic there should be no patents allowed on seeds or animals, either. The patenting of seeds is yet another method by which powerful corporations like Monsanto and DuPont may effectively enslave the human race by controlling the food supply.

To remove patent protection from seeds is to destroy the seed monopolies that these dangerous, destructive corporations depend on to enforce their control over the seed supply. And it is due to patent protection on seeds that we have already lost a tremendous amount of seed diversity in the agricultural seed markets.

Patents on genes and seeds are the enemy of freedom. They are the shackles that keep farmers and consumers enslaved by corporate interests. To see that these patents now have the potential to be disallowed entirely gives us a glimmer of hope that corporate domination over the human race may be effectively resisted.

Because, let's face it: If governments of the world continue to hand over our genes, seeds and medicines to the monopolistic, greed-driven corporations that have already destroyed our farms, contaminated our food supply and poisoned our bodies with synthetic chemicals, then the People of the world will ultimately be driven to the point of armed, violent resistance against their corporate oppressors. There is only so much tyranny the People will take before they rise up against their oppressors and fight back.

Today's decision by the Dept of Justice may have averted that future bloodshed scenario -- at least over the issue of genes and seeds. Long-term peace can only emerge when the People have their freedom and do not feel as if they are living under the threat of constant oppression by governments, corporations or other institutions of power. Every social revolution in the history of human civilization has involved a popular uprising against institutions that violated natural law and human freedom. And patents on genes and seeds are a violation of natural law.

Patents on many of Big Pharma's drugs are also a violation of natural law
For several years now, I have publicly called for all patents on genes, seeds and animals to be declared invalid. I've even gone further, calling for all patents on medicines to also be declared invalid, although such a move is highly unlikely to take place anytime soon.

Can you imagine what would happen to Big Pharma if all the chemicals they stole from Mother Nature and then patented were suddenly declared "open source?"

Big Pharma would collapse within a year, and the citizens of the USA would be set free to pursue natural medicine that works rather than conventional medicine forced upon them under a monopolistic racket protected by the FDA and the USPTO.

Medicine should belong to the People, especially when much of it is sourced from plants in the first place. I believe that the People have a natural right to water, natural medicine, seeds and their own genes, too. To impede the public's access to such natural, global resources is a violation of natural law and should be resisted by any and all means necessary.

Friday, November 26, 2010

The Mob Sings! Hallelujah!

Flash Mob Sings Hallelujah Chorus in Food Court
At noon on November 13, 2010 unsuspecting shoppers got a surprise while enjoying their lunch. A flash mob singing the Hallelujah Chorus!

Catching up...will be back to full speed next Tuesday

Well we finally arrived in Dennis on our usual four-day trip which could be accomplished in less time but with two-cats and a dog we got to make the stops...especially for the cats (they just won't eat, drink, or use the kitty litter unless we stop for the night).
Meanwhile while driving. I get to listen to some of my favorite talk-show hosts like Andrew Wilkow, Mark Levin, and Glenn Beck to name a few.
Although we've made this trip numerous times and stay at our usual stops we don't always keep track of the towns so somewhere in Virginia I did Monday's radio show by telephone from an undisclosed motel...sort of like Mark Levin's undisclosed bunker.  It was from that same location I posted the North Korea Attacks South Korea story. 
The main story coming over the XM satellite radio for most of the trip concerned the TSA scanners and pat-downs at the airports.  One of the funniest stories was posted over at RadarSite and proved what a fiasco this whole scanner/pat-down thing really is...check it out here One For The Record Books.
Somewhere along the way I caught the story about Amanda Knox's retrial over in remember her as the American girl that was found guilty of murdering her roommate over a year ago.  While watching the video I noted something in the Italian court room that would never happen in the United States...especially with a Muslim in the White House...check out your observation skills:
Pretty obvious isn't it...the crucifix on the wall! Its apparent that the ACLU does not have an Italian counterpart...and I wouldn't expect one any time soon; the Pope has a pretty good following over there. 
We like to check out the beaches whenever we come back to Dennis no matter what the weather. When we arrived on Tuesday we checked out a couple of our favorites even though it was quite windy with the temperature in the low 40's, its always a treat to see (I don't know what the water temperature was but at this location it's cold even in mid-summer).  I suppose if I were a bit younger I'd be doing exactly what these crazy kids were doing on this cold day...on a second thought, one of theses crazy guys had gray hair so maybe there's a chance for me yet...

Not all went well Thanksgiving morning... As we stepped outside to take the dog out for a walk there was a small geyser spouting up across the street.  An underground break in the main water line apparently broke and the water department had to shut off the water to all the condos on our street (we were lucky to have taken our showers prior to the shut-off).  Here they are in the midst of repairing the damage:
That's it for took forever to upload this on borrowed bandwidth we'll have a new provider as of next Tuesday so things should speed up... later, Storm'n Norm'n

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Fourth Amendment May Topple TSA Scammers ...ya think?

TSA turns off naked body scanners to avoid opt-out day protests
Source: InfoWars Ireland

by Mike Adams, the Health
November 24, 2010

(NaturalNews) Anticipating a nationwide grassroots surge of protests against naked body scanners and aggressive pat-downs, the TSA simply turned off its naked body scanners on Wednesday and let air travelers walk right through security checkpoints without being X-rayed or molested.
All across the country, air travelers are reporting that the TSA simply deactivated the naked body scanners and let people go right through without a scan. “Backscatter scanners are off. No scan. No patdown.” reported a traveler from the Seattle airport. “Backscatter machines aren’t being used at LAX,” reported another traveler. “They’re all roped off.”
Much the same story is being reported all across the country.
The TSA is desperate to avoid protests
Shutting down the “National Opt-Out Day” by turning off the machines is the only logical move for the TSA, of course: The agency needed a way to defuse the growing grassroots resistance to its criminal violations of Americans’ Fourth Amendment rights. So instead of facing what was sure to be widespread protest, the agency simply decided to turn off the machines for a day.
This action tells us all sorts of fascinating things about the TSA and its fabricated security excuses. Perhaps most importantly, it proves that the naked body scanners are not needed for air travel security in the first place. When it wants to, the TSA can just turn the machines off and resort to baggage X-rays and metal detectors. That’s worked for years, and it apparently worked today, too.
And yet, up until today, the TSA has insisted that the naked body scanners are absolutely essential to detecting hidden bombs, and that “travelers won’t be safe” unless they use the naked body scanners. So all of a sudden today it’s okay for the TSA to put air travelers at risk of being blown up? Read more…

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Alert! North Korea Attacks South Korea

This just in...
Red Alert

Red Alert: North Korean Artillery Attack on a Southern Island

North Korea and South Korea have reportedly traded artillery fire Nov. 23 across the disputed Northern Limit Line (NLL) in the Yellow Sea to the west of the peninsula. Though details are still sketchy and unconfirmed, South Korean news reports indicate that around 2:30 p.m. local time, North Korean artillery shells began landing in the waters around Yongpyeongdo, one of the South Korean-controlled islands just south of the NLL. North Korea has reportedly fired as many as 200 rounds, some of which struck the island, injuring at least 10 South Korean soldiers, damaging buildings, and setting fire to a mountainside. South Korea responded by firing some 80 shells of its own toward North Korea, dispatching F-16 fighter jets to the area, and raising the military alert to its highest level.
South Korean President Lee Myung Bak has convened an emergency cabinet meeting, and Seoul is determining whether to evacuate South Koreans working at inter-Korean facilities in North Korea. The barrage from North Korea was continuing at 4 p.m. Military activity appears to be ongoing at this point, and the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff are meeting on the issue. No doubt North Korea’s leadership
is also convening. Read more »