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Brazil Elects Clown To High Office...wait till they see ours!

Source: Foreign Policy

'Grumpy the Clown' elected to Brazil's Congress, but can he read?

Posted By Joshua Keating

Earlier this year we ran a piece by Julia Ioffe on some of the eccentrics and entertainers elected to Russia's Duma under the front-page headline "Send in the Clowns." Now I feel like we may have used that one too early:
Grumpy the clown won election in a laugher, getting more votes than any other candidate for Brazil's Congress. Now he has to prove that he can read and write.
The Sao Paulo Electoral Court held a closed-door exam for the clown turned congressman-elect on Thursday to determine if he meets a constitutional mandate that federal lawmakers be literate.
Francisco Silva became famous as Tiririca -- "Grumpy" in Portuguese -- and received about 1.3 million votes, nearly twice as many as the next-highest vote-getter in last month's congressional elections. His campaign videos drew millions of viewers on the Internet, with slogans such as "It can't get any worse" and "What does a federal deputy do? Truly, I don't know. But vote for me and you'll find out."
But a less humorous element emerged during the campaign: Allegations that Silva, like 10 percent of Brazilians, is illiterate. Judge Aloisio Silveira ruled that there were discrepancies between the handwriting on Silva's application to run for Congress and that on the document in which he swears he can read and write and in autographs he gave to fans.
The exam was held on Thursday and apparently Tiririca both "read and wrote" during it, though it's not yet clear if he was proficient enough to hold office. 
Just for the record, in Brazil, people like Tiririca and "Chico bin Laden" are allowed to run for office, but professional comedians aren't allowed to make fun of them. This makes a lot of sense.

Not to be outdone, but the United States has a Vice President and a Speaker of the House that ...well here, see for yourself:

West Coast Missile Firing...update

Update No. 3 - How the Chinese view America...see picture below
Update No. 2 - See picture of Chinese submarine base below.

Source: InfoWars
Wayne Madsen: China Fired Missile Seen In Southern California
Posted By kurtnimmo On November 11, 2010 @ 5:41 pm In Featured Stories | 418 Comments
Wayne Madsen Report
November 10, 2010

Pentagon and its embedded media covering up Chinese show of force off LA
China flexed its military muscle Monday evening in the skies west of Los Angeles when a Chinese Navy Jin class ballistic missile nuclear submarine, deployed secretly from its underground home base on the south coast of Hainan island, launched an intercontinental ballistic missile from international waters off the southern California coast. WMR’s intelligence sources in Asia, including Japan, say the belief by the military commands in Asia and the intelligence services is that the Chinese decided to demonstrate to the United States its capabilities on the eve of the G-20 Summit in Seoul and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Tokyo, where President Obama is scheduled to attend during his ten-day trip to Asia.The reported Chinese missile test off Los Angeles came as a double blow to Obama. The day after the missile firing, China’s leading credit rating agency, Dagong Global Credit Rating, downgraded sovereign debt rating of the United States to A-plus from AA. The missile demonstration coupled with the downgrading of the United States financial grade represents a military and financial show of force by Beijing to Washington.
The Pentagon spin machine, backed by the media reporters who regularly cover the Defense Department, as well as officials of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), and the U.S. Northern Command, is now spinning various conspiracy theories, including describing the missile plume videotaped by KCBS news helicopter cameraman Gil Leyvas at around 5:00 pm Pacific Standard Time, during the height of evening rush hour, as the condensation trail from a jet aircraft. Other Pentagon-inspired cover stories are that the missile was actually an amateur rocket or an optical illusion.

Experts agree that this was a ballistic missile being fired off of Los Angeles. Pentagon insists it was a jet aircraft or model rocket.
There are no records of a plane in the area having taken off from Los Angeles International Airport or from  other airports in the region. The Navy and Air Force have said that they were not conducting any missile tests from submarines, ships, or Vandenberg Air Force Base. The Navy has also ruled out an accidental firing from one of its own submarines.
Missile experts, including those from Jane’s in London, say the plume was definitely from a missile, possibly launched from a submarine. WMR has learned that the missile was likely a  JL-2 ICBM, which has a range of 7,000 miles, and was fired in a northwesterly direction over the Pacific and away from U.S. territory from a Jin class submarine. The Jin class can carry up to twelve such missiles.
Navy sources have revealed that the missile may have impacted on Chinese territory and that the National Security Agency (NSA) likely posseses intercepts of Chinese telemtry signals during the missile firing and subsequent testing operations.

Japanese and other Asian intelligence agencies believe that a Chinese Jin-class SSBN submarine conducted missile “show of force” in skies west of Los Angeles.
Asian intelligence sources believe the submarine transited from its base on Hainan through South Pacific waters, where U.S. anti-submarine warfare detection capabilities are not as effective as they are in the northern and mid-Pacific, and then transited north to waters off of Los Angeles. The Pentagon, which has spent billions on ballistic missile defense systems, a pet project of former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, is clearly embarrassed over the Chinese show of strength.

Likely route of Jin-class submarine from Hainan base.
The White House also wants to donwplay the missile story before Presidnet Obama meets with his Chinese counterpart in Seoul and Tokyo. According to Japanese intelligence sources, Beijing has been angry over United States and allied naval exercises in the South China and Yellow Seas, in what China considers its sphere of influence, and the missile firing within the view of people in Southern California was a demonstration that China’s navy can also play in waters off the American coast.
For the U.S. Navy, the Chinese show of force is a huge embarassment, especially for the Navy’s Pacific Command in Pearl Harbor, where Japan’s December 7, 1941 attack on the fleet at Pearl Harbor remains a sore subject.

Note from Storm'n Norm'n
And don't forget this: (they don't build these places to play games)
For story behind this picture click here and here.

The following image is how the Chinese view America...
Where do you live in this picture? ...think about it!

$100,000.00 Down The Drain...can do easy when it's bribe money!

"Hide the cash in your bra and flush the check!"

Prince George's County Executive Jack B. Johnson and his wife, who was just elected to the county council herself, were arrested at their home in a D.C. suburb on Friday and charged with trying to hide or destroy evidence of a bribe by a local contractor.
How did Leslie Johnson reportedly try to destroy a check and hide the allegedly ill-gotten cash? By flushing the check down the toilet and stuffing tens of thousands of dollars in cash in her bra, according to the FBI.

Read the full story here: Feds: Md. County Executive Told Wife To Hide Cash In Bra, Flush Check

USS Hope and USS Change


Bonus video...Free Speech Issue

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Knowing How To Read A Label...accept no substitute!

From one arrogant to another

Source: News Reel Blog
There’s Arrogance, Then There’s Obama

“I never met in my life such an arrogant man,” says the arrogant NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg about Barack Obama to Rupert Murdoch. Obama is the most glorified community organizer in history, with no accomplishments to his name outside of an unlikely rise to the highest office in the world. Murdoch added that President Obama “might make great speeches but doesn’t get things done and doesn’t listen to anybody.” His arrogance will not allow any rational ideas to penetrate his policies, as we’ve seen in his post-election comments where he seems determined to continue the illusion that he knows what is best for America.
For a full screen version of the picture click here
See also: Did Mayor Call Obama The ‘Most Arrogant Man Ever?’
...and this just in

American History 101 revisted... Ole Christopher Columbus may not be the guy

(Spell check...that should be re-visited in the title above)
Back in October of 2008 I wrote an op-ed for Digital Journal accompanied by a video to enhance my point.  Shortly after (maybe a week or so) the video portion was no longer available.  The reason given was...
"This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated."
Now without the video the entire op-ed was reduced to my two cents worth of verbiage.  In order for the reader to fully comprehend the enormity of the problem I would have had to transcribe the entire sound track to make my point.  Well the excuse for removing the video may be legitimate I'll never can go to Digital Journal and click on the video and see that the message is still there.
Meanwhile, has luck would have it, I was on a search for another item when I accidently bumped into the missing's still on YouTube (Is it the same account? I don't know.), and I present it here along with the original op-ed. ~ Norman E. Hooben

PS: Oh and before I go, I should also point out that this video (on YouTube) has less than 4,000 views (3,252 at my visit).  Where are all the parents?  This video should have no less than twenty million views...just goes to show you how well informed people think they are.

 Muslims Discovered America ???
At the rate we're going, pretty soon we'll have to start all over again... in kindergarten!  I believe everything that transpired since 1492 was pretty much the way it was. Unless, of course. you are a paid-off institution of higher learning.
I have been a long time critic of the U.S. Department of Education (DOE) and Institutions of higher learning…they are actually a seditious group of educators that want to re-write history. Further, they do this not only to indoctrinate (brainwash) our children but to blindly fill their coffers with dirty money from countries that want to do us harm. The greed for multimillion dollar donations has not been thought through as to the harm that will eventually (and currently) come to America. But just a minute…maybe it has been thought through.
Back in 1932 there was no such thing as the Department of Education. There was, however a number of books published during that time that included one by the head of the Communist Party in America, William Foster. He (Foster) was one of the first to suggest a National (federal government controlled) Department of Education (side note: Foster was born in my home town of Taunton, Massachusetts).
Another writer and Educator, George Counts blatantly suggested that, “…teachers should deliberately reach for power and then make the most of their conquest in order to influence the social attitudes of the coming generations…”
So hold it right there! Have not all these things come to be? A Department of Education, both at the national and state level. Teachers reach for power? You bet! The National Teachers Association (NEA) is one of the most powerful groups in the country! In collusion with the DOE they have succeeded in getting control of the school systems all over America. In doing so they have slowly but intentionally changed the mindsets of our children.
This change has but one intent; to get rid of God and religion in favor of one humanistic approach to our view of the world.
"Education is thus a most powerful ally of humanism, and every American public school is a school of humanism. What can the theistic Sunday schools, meeting for an hour once a week, teaching only a fraction of the children, do to stem the tide of a five-day program of humanistic teaching?" – John Dewy 1933
Now the Humanists and the Communists both took the long view to change things. That is they knew it would take several generations before their ideology would usurp the Judeo-Christian and capitalistic mindset of the pioneers that shaped America. And that generation has arrived.
It has arrived but it has not been fully empowered. But they’re close. Very close. To complete the takeover will probably take just one more generation and they’re doing that with money. Money donated by enemies of the state to bribe our institutions of higher learning. Blatantly bribe them with unheard amounts of money! Greed. It will do us all in! ~ Norman E. Hooben


...and check out some of their rules. (source)
9. Accelerate Islamic demographic growth via:
■Massive immigration (100,000 annually since 1961)
■Use no birth control whatsoever – every baby of Muslim parents is automatically a Muslim and cannot choose another religion later.
■Muslim men must marry American women and Islamize them (10,000 annually). Then divorce them and remarry every five years
■Convert angry, alienated black inmates and turn them into militants (so far 2,000 released inmates have joined al-Qaida worldwide).
10. Reading, writing, arithmetic and research through the American educational system, mosques and student centers (now 1,500) should be sprinkled with dislike of Jews, evangelical Christians and democracy. There are currently 300 exclusively Muslim schools in the U.S. which teach loyalty to the Quran, not the U.S. Constitution. In January of 2002, Saudi Arabia’s Embassyin Washington mailed 4,500 packets of the Quran and videos promoting Islam to America’s high schools – free of charge. Saudi Arabia would not allow the U.S. to reciprocate.
11. Provide very size-able monetary Muslim grants to colleges and universities in America to establish ”Centers for Islamic studies” with Muslim directors to promote Islam in higher-education institutions.
12. Let the entire world know through propaganda, speeches, seminars, local and national media that terrorists have hijacked Islam, when in truth, Islam hijacked the terrorists.

Update January 2016
Number of Mosques in the United States 3,186 and growing...this is a huge problem!

MOSQUES In the USA 2015 


New York 507
Illinois 200
New Jersey 104
Pennsylvania 98
Georgia 95
Maryland 60
North Carolina52
Tennessee 40
Indiana 32
Louisiana 30
Alabama 28
Kansas 26
Wisconsin 26
South Carolina 22
Mississippi 17
Oklahoma 16
Washington DC 12
Delaware 11
New Mexico9
Rhode Island 8
West Virginia6
New Hampshire 5
North Dakota3
South Dakota3
Alaska 2
Update 2016 continues below ↓
If you don't think that the American education system is under attack read the following editorial by Sandra Stotsky...and yes, she's the same Sandra Stotsky you saw in the above video. ~ Norm

Deliberately deceiving the public on Common Core
By Sandra Stotsky

On Nov. 17, 2015, the Massachusetts Board of Elementary and Secondary Education voted not to move forward with the PARCC test (a national Common Core-based test) and instead to adopt a “hybrid” test called MCAS 2.0. Although it was widely reported that Massachusetts had dumped Common Core, the move by the Board was, in fact, a deliberate effort to make the public believe that the state had scrapped the controversial national standards in favor of the state’s own superior pre-Common Core standards.
Nobody – not the Board, the Commissioner, nor the Secretary of Education – mentioned that the hybrid test will have to be based on Common Core because of the Board’s 2010 vote to dump the state’s own standards in mathematics and English Language Arts and make Common Core’s standards the state’s official standards in these two subjects.
Reporters in the Bay State and across the country all seemed to assume that because PARCC was abandoned, so was Common Core. But in a blog on Dec. 1, 2015, Michael Petrilli, president of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, admitted that what had happened was not a significant substantive change, but rather a “rebranding for political purposes.” So far, the media have not sought to explain how they were all deceived in November by the vote, or how many citizens have been deceived by their own public officials, not only in Massachusetts but elsewhere as well.
Although the states that adopted Common Core’s standards did so legally (usually by a vote of their state boards of education), many state policymakers deliberately minimized public awareness and discussion of the standards’ academic deficits in order to ensure their passage and continue their use.
Sometimes state officials chose to deceive the public in outright defiance of the expressed will of the legislature to revise or eliminate Common Core’s standards. (This was the case in South Carolina, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and New Jersey.)
Although “rebranding” is the generic name of the strategy, the specific mechanisms used by state departments of education to ensure they maintain Common Core or Common Core-aligned standards has differed from state to state.
The following are a list of just some of the popular ploys that have been used to deceive the public:
— Changing the test’s name: Many states, like Massachusetts, have renamed their Common Core-based tests in order to make parents and legislators in the state think that they are getting something different. Thankfully, in Massachusetts, voters will have a chance to weigh in on the underlying Common Core standards, in the form of a November 2016 ballot question asking voters if the state should return to their superior pre-Common Core standards in mathematics and English Language Arts. Parent activists in the state already know that is the only way they can get rid of a Common Core-based test disguised as MCAS 2.0.
— Using restricted review methodology: Some states have used an online methodology that restricts statewide reviewers to a standard-by-standard review and allows state Departments of Education to claim that they have state-specific standards, in some cases mainly because they added standards for grades or courses that won’t be tested.
Stacking review committees and granting them limited purview: Many state departments of education stack revision committees with Common Core partisans and minimize participation by undergraduate teaching faculty in mathematics and English. Some state departments of education give review committees inhibiting directions, such as telling them not to change more than 15 percent of the standards because of laws against creating entirely new tests. Other faux-revision committees, such as those in Indiana and Pennsylvania, simply paraphrase the Common Core standards or, as in South Carolina, flood the Common Core standards with non-assessable objectives in order to make it difficult for legislators to spot the Common Core standards in their midst.
Skewing public discussions: Some states set up unbalanced public fora with speakers and commentators who desire further professional work with the department of education and who understand all too well what side of their bread the butter is on.
Relying on rigged external reports: Other states rely on seemingly unbiased external reports by groups such as the Thomas B. Fordham Institute and Achieve, Inc., both of which are funded by the Gates Foundation, with a vested interest in the Common Core project.
Lest anyone think that acts of deception regarding Common Core have come only from only one side of the political aisle or from only state departments of education, perhaps the greatest act of deception is the preposterous claim about the thrust of the recent re-authorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, known as the Every Student Succeeds Act, by its major author Senator Lamar Alexander. In an op-ed in The Tennessean on Dec. 12, 2015, Senator Alexander implied that he had “repealed the federal Common Core mandate and reversed the trend toward a national school board.”
Instead, as Peter Cunningham, a former official in the U.S. Department of Education points out, “the new law that the senator from Tennessee is so proud of, the Every Student Succeeds Act, now mandates the very thing he rails against. Under the new law, every state must adopt “college- and career-ready” standards. Thus, the new law all but guarantees that Common Core State Standards — or a close imitation under a different name — will likely remain in place in most states.” It seems that Alexander, former president of the University of Tennessee, has managed to deceive not only his constituents in Tennessee and the entire country but also himself.
Although the bill was signed by President Obama as soon as it reached his desk in December, the nation has yet to learn who wrote the 1,000-page bill and who paid for it. It is clear that Senator Alexander and Senator Patti Murray co-sponsored the bill, but there is nothing on the bill to indicate authorship. In January, the House Appropriations Committee is to fund the bill. So far, there is no indication that the Chair of this committee will have the courage and moral fiber to ask for a hearing in order to find out who wrote the bill, who paid for the bill, and, most important of all for the states, what is in the bill.
Sandra Stotsky is Professor of Education emerita at the University of Arkansas.
A version of this column appeared as a blog in Education News in December.
Harvard University was once an all boys they have no balls at all. - N. E. Hooben

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Whoops! It's Going The Wrong Way!


Veteran's doesn't get any better than this

I Am A Retired Veteran
By Norman E. Hooben
USAF, MSgt, Retired

I am a retired veteran of the United States Armed Forces
Now I am a member of We The People

During my active duty years I’ve seen war and rumors of war

I protected We The People
I fought for God and country
Blessed by We The People
The path I chose was
The road not taken

by We The People….
They were the best years of my life

Unbeknown to We The People
The hardships I endured Will never be shared

by We The People
For over two score years in uniform

Now I dress as We The People….
Time moves on and I’m here to say

Freedom is not free for We The People….
When it was said that old soldiers never die

They just fade away by We The People….
When the time has come and my years are spent
I’ll be buried by We The People….

See also Patriot Files

Did you know that the 'Left' doesn't watch this stuff...yet they'll be the first to complain when it happens.

There comes a time when a country has to make a decision whereas if not either the country or the decision will become insignificant. The time is now and the country is... (I'll let you figure it out) ~ Norman E. Hooben

Tribute To Those Who Serve...

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I've seen some hail before but none like this...

By the way... Have our freedoms gone by the way ( in wayside)?

Although the manufacturer (ASE) appears to be a patriotic capitalistic company...and that's's the end user that I'm concerned.  As most people know once the government begins a program it usually grows into some monstrosity (even if they started out with good intentions) that affects some of us who don't want the intrusion into our personal lives (no matter how innocent we are).  Now the article below caught my attention because of the inference of  big brother stated in the first line (that's 1984 for those who have not read the book).  Well when you see this type of technology (see picture below) I would hope big brother is there before I board an aircraft or enter some government building. Meanwhile there's an other aspect to the story below that should be of somebody's concern and that is the use of foreign made vehicles...or is that Mercedes made in Tuscaloosa...yes, then that's alright!  ~ Storm'n Norm'n
ps: I've always been leery of people who use metal briefcases...what are they trying to hide?
Source: AOL

X-Ray Trucks Can See Inside Your Vehicle

Feel Like Somebodys Watching You? They Are

AOL Original Content 
ASE X-Ray Truck American Science & Engineering X-Ray Truck. ASE©
by: Kirk Seaman | AOL Autos
It sounds like something straight out of George Orwell’s 1984: Government vans, equipped with full-body X-ray scanning machines, have been deployed on the streets of our cities, monitoring an unwitting populace for signs of illegal activity.
You could simply be going about your daily activities, not even doing something that should invite the suspicions of the authorities, but it doesn’t matter. The police can still scan you and the contents of your vehicle, and if they see something that arouses their suspicions, stop you immediately and search you, your vehicle, and its contents.
It might seem improbable, like Big Brother is watching you, but it’s fact, not fiction: According to the manufacturer, American Science & Engineering, the biggest buyer of its “mobile backscatter X-ray technology” has been the Department of Defense operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. It goes on to admit, however, that domestic law enforcement agencies -- that’s right, agencies inside in the United States -- have also deployed vans equipped with the technology to search for vehicle-based bombs.

The Z Backscatter Vans, or ZBVs, as American Science & Engineering calls them, bounce a narrow stream of X-rays off and through nearby objects, and analyze which rays return. Dense material, such as steel, absorb the rays. Scattered rays indicate less-dense objects that can include explosives, drugs, or human bodies. That capability makes backscatter X-rays powerful tools for security, law enforcement and border control.
So should the use of this technology make us feel safe? Or is it just another sign of the government using the war on terror (or is it the war on drugs?) as a convenient excuse to strip away basic Constitutional rights of an unaware populace? And is it even legal?
Improbable Technology Vs. Probable Cause
“First, it’s not clear that it is legal,” says Dr. Daniel Steinbock, professor of law and interim dean at the University of Toledo College of Law. “In fact, the Supreme Court has already ruled in Kyllo v. United States, that the use of similar technology, in this case, thermal imaging, is illegal under the Fourth Amendment’s restraint on the government performing searches without probable cause.”
Marc Rotenberg, the executive director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), agrees; in fact, EPIC is currently suing the Department of Homeland Security to stop the usage of full-body-scan technology in airports. “It’s no surprise that governments and vendors are very enthusiastic about the vans,” he said in a recent interview with Forbes. “But from a privacy perspective, it’s one of the most intrusive technologies conceivable.”
ASE x-ray finds explosives in car trunk American Science & Engineering X-Ray technology shows explosives in car trunk. ASE
In response, American Science & Engineering states that the ZBV’s primary purpose is to screen vehicles and containers for contraband and security threats. If a person, such as an illegal stowaway, is present in the vehicle or container being scanned, the system creates only a silhouette of that person, with no facial or body detail. The system cannot be used to identify an individual, or the race or age of the individual.
Health Concerns as Well as Privacy Concerns?
So there are definitely some invasion of privacy issues to consider, as well as the legality of the whole operation. But what about from a health perspective? Certainly a machine capable of providing such detailed images must be blasting some pretty powerful X-rays.
For comparison purposes, the X-ray dose received from the backscatter system is roughly equivalent to the radiation received in two minutes of airplane flight at altitude. Newer technologies require even less scanning time, further reducing individual X-ray exposure. The backscatter advanced imaging technology meets and exceeds the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standard for personnel security screening systems using X-rays.
ASE x-ray finds drugs hidden in truck American Science & Engineering X-Ray technology shows drugs hidden in truck. ASE
Freedom at What Price?
Advocates of the technology might argue that its use is necessary to preserve our freedoms and the American way of life, reasoning that sounds a lot like, “In order to preserve the Constitution, it is necessary to destroy it.”
Dr. Steinbock sums it up quite succinctly. “Without a warrant, the government doesn’t have a right to peer beneath your clothes without probable cause,” he says. Even airport scans are typically used only as a secondary security measure, he points out. “If the scans can only be used in exceptional cases in airports, the idea that they can be used routinely on city streets is a very hard argument to make.”

Obama...boiling over with pugnacious, so incensed and inflamed by his own people

Source: American Thinker
November 10, 2010

Obama's Slave Ship
by Robin Berkley

When I was young and living in Manhattan, I saw an Off-Off-Broadway play called Slave Ship. It was an experience I'll never forget.
Unbeknownst to me, the performance was conducted in total darkness. The audience was subjected for one very long hour to the harrowing sounds of slavery. There were blood-curdling screams, whippings, and more. 
Given that we were trapped in pitch blackness, the audience was held captive like the slaves, compelled to experience the same terror, helplessness, and despair. This was undoubtedly the intention of the play.
Memories of that ghastly night at the theater sauntered back into my mind's eye upon hearing some of Obama's recent utterances. To an audience of blacks, he invokes the language of slavery, fashioning himself an abolitionist freeing them from bondage. 
Using racially charged language, Obama relegates Republicans to the back of the bus. In a speech to Latinos, he directs the audience to align with him against the "enemy." But Obama doesn't mean the Mexican Cartel, who are holding sections of Mexico and the United States hostage. He's referring to conservatives.
Recent photos of Obama have been alarming; they depict a man boiling over with rage. Have we ever witnessed a U.S. president so pugnacious, so incensed and inflamed by his own people?
But to Obama, we are not his people; this is everything you need to know about Barack Obama in a nutshell. Although Obama was marketed as the post-racial, biracial uniter, this is not the man behind the mask.
And the world according to Obama does not resemble the place in which most of us live. His is a threatening, foreboding universe. It has always been this way and will always be, regardless of the power he amasses. As he writes in Dreams of My Father, "The world was violent, I was learning, unpredictable and often cruel."
This is the world Obama was thrust into, born to a teenage white mother and a Kenyan father. The young child lived with his parents (maybe), and then his mother, and next was carted off to a foreign land, Indonesia, with a new daddy. 
In Indonesia, Obama began to cultivate his lifelong identity as the outsider. There he was a black/white boy in a Muslim country. His mother reinforced and celebrated their misfit status. She scoffed at socializing with other Americans because "[t]hey are not my people." (If they weren't her people, then who were?) 
Obama's mom, the oddly named Stanley Ann, taught Barry to view the world as she did -- in black and white terms. There are villains and there are victims, with no trustworthy people to whom to attach. Stanley Ann's behavior itself exemplified the faithlessness of others.
A young mom, just 18 when Barry was born, she carted him around like a piece of luggage. She spirited him off to Indonesia to start a new life there. After her marriage dissolved, she returned to the U.S. with the little boy in tow. 
When Stanley Ann made plans to haul him back to Indonesia, Barry refused and moved in with his grandparents in Hawaii, where there was no love lost. He has described them as "strangers," and his grandma as belonging to "typical white people."
Obama learned how to be a black man through the tutelage of Frank Marshall Davis, purportedly a Communist, pedophile, and bisexual. Davis imparted such lessons as "never trust the white man."
Barry had to endure his grandfather and Davis, in a boozy state, telling dirty jokes in front of the discomforted boy. The small, vulnerable child just didn't exist.
When a child grows up with no strong arms to protect him and no sense of home, he can evolve in several different ways. He may become a dependent person who clings to others like a life raft. 
Or he can go another way entirely and become the consummate loner. He will depend only upon himself; it's him against the world. 
In extreme cases, the person may become grandiose and ordain himself as uniquely gifted. This path would be more likely if those around him reinforced his specialness, without, at the same time, offering warmth and closeness.
Of course, a man can reject all of the poisons of the past. He can instead emulate a wholesome and healthy person in his life. But who in Obama's world embodied a life-affirming spirit? 
The adult Barack has instead chosen people who support his worldview, those lessons that he learned by Davis' side. In college, Obama gravitated towards the college militants, then married the fiery Michelle, who dubs this country "mean."
Together they befriended the hardcore Left, the Bill Ayerses and Bernardine Dohrns of the world. Fashioning themselves as soldiers in a war within, Ayers and Dohrn configured bombs that maimed and murdered American citizens. They were ecstatic about Charles Manson's butchery, as well as his scheme to incite a race war -- Helter Skelter.
For his adult mentor, Obama picked Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Then Pastor of the Trinity United Church of Christ, Wright is a fan of Black Liberation Theology. BLT teaches that blacks are God's Chosen People, with whites inferior and wicked. Its founder, James Cone, has described the goals of BLT this way:
". . . complete emancipation of black people from white oppression by whatever means black people deem necessary. . . Theologically, Malcolm X was not far wrong when he called the white man ‘the devil.'"
By choosing this church over all others, Obama made a pivotal life decision. For seventeen years, Obama sat in the pews of Trinity consuming the vitriol of racial hate. In one sermon after another,  Rev. Jeremiah Wright invoked the specters of slavery and Jim Crow, resurrecting a war that, for him, had never ended.  
In his autobiography, Obama lets slip a fascination with something that the biracial Malcolm X once said. Malcolm was so repulsed by his white ancestry that he daydreamed about draining the white blood from his body. 
One must wonder: by Obama's choosing Trinity, a church where his own mother wouldn't have been welcome, was he trying to exorcise the evil white spirit in him? And by joining that church, did he finally leave his repugnant white side behind at Trinity's door?
Now at the helm, Obama is avenging the Sins of the Fathers, even though the fathers are long since dead and buried. Consequently, the Department of Justice drops all charges against the new generation of domestic terrorists, the New Black Panthers, who verbalize their desire to kill "cracker babies." 
The DOJ turns a blind eye toward egregious acts of injustice towards whites. The Feds will even go so far as suing Arizona and threatening other states should they not toe the party line of importing as many people of color as possible.

When Obama tells black voters that he's freeing them from slavery, this is not  hyperbole; he means it. But he's not referring to liberal politics that has only decimated the black culture.  
Obama means this: he will put the final nail in the coffin of American exceptionalism. He will end the Civil War. And he will do it his way: by trying to break the backs and the spirits of the white oppressors.
It matters not that the Civil War ended over a century ago, nor that 3% of the population perished in the struggle to free the slaves. For people like Obama and the Revs. Wright and Cone, the war still rages.
Obama thinks we're on his Slave Ship, and he's taking us along for a ride. He wants us to experience the same terror, helplessness, and despair as that New York audience held captive in the theater long ago.
He wants us to suffer. That's why there's an impish gleam in his eye when he consigns Republicans to the back of the bus.  
For Obama, the change has come. But it's not prosperity. It's not uniting us as one people, Americans, under God. 
It's the chickens coming home to roost. It's this: we're finally firmly and, in his mind, deservingly, under his thumb.

A frequent American Thinker contributor, Robin is a recovering liberal and a psychotherapist in Berkeley.  You can contact Robin through her website: This article is intended for informational and entertainment purposes only, not to offer diagnoses or treatment.

The EURO will fall and the Soro(s) will...aah, I'm getting tired of this guy!

The Snooper Report

Soros Plotting the Downfall Of Europe

Soros is my new ZERO!  LOL!
The man about to break the euro? George Soros is said to be placing large bearish bets against the single currency
"Man who broke the Bank of England, George Soros, 'at centre of hedge funds plot to cash in on fall of the euro'"
A secretive group of Wall Street hedge fund bosses are said to be behind a plot to cash in on the decline of the euro.

Representatives of George Soros's investment business were among an all-star line up of Wall Street investors at an 'ideas dinner' at a private townhouse in Manhattan, according to reports.

A spokesman for Soros Fund Management said the legendary investor did not attend the dinner on February 8, but did not deny that his firm was represented.

At the dinner, the speculators are said to have argued that the euro is likely to plunge in value to parity with the dollar.

The single currency has been under enormous pressure because of Greece's debt crisis, plus financial worries in Portugal, Italy, Spain and Ireland.

But, it has also struggled because hedge funds have been placing huge bets on the currency's decline, which could make the speculators hundreds of millions of pounds.

The euro traded at $1.51 in December, but has since fallen to $1.34. Details of the secretive dinner emerged days after Mr Soros, chairman of Soros Fund Management, warned in a newspaper article that the euro could 'fall apart' even if the European Union can agree a deal to shore up support for stricken Greece. [...] go read the rest
Soros the Asshat.
Anyone figure why the Obama-Soros Clan is screwing up America?  Anyone?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Latest On The Jobs Picture

The Best Trick Play EVER!

WATCH: The Middle School Trick Play That Has America Buzzing

This maneuver is being hailed as the best trick play ever by a middle school quarterback in Texas. The Driscoll Middle School QB is certainly suave for a 12 year-old, but the defensive linemen need to spent a little less time watching the Cowboys.

Mysterious Missle Fired Off West Coast

(CBS)  A mysterious missile launch off the southern California coast was caught by CBS affiliate KCBS's cameras Monday night, and officials are staying tight-lipped over the nature of the projectile.
CBS station KFMB put in calls to the Navy and Air Force Monday night about the striking launch off the coast of Los Angeles, which was easily visible from the coast, but the military has said nothing about the launch.  KFMB showed video of the apparent missile to former U.S. Ambassador to NATO Robert Ellsworth, who is also a former Deputy Secretary of Defense, to get his thoughts.

Scroll down for KFMB video showing the launch.

"It's spectacular… It takes people's breath away," said Ellsworth, calling the projectile, "a big missile".
Magnificent images were captured by the KCBS news helicopter in L.A. around sunset Monday evening. The location of the missile was about 35 miles out to sea, west of L.A. and north of Catalina Island.
A Navy spokesperson told KFMB it wasn't their missile. He said there was no Navy activity reported in the area Monday evening.
On Friday night, Vandenberg Air Force Base, in California, launched a Delta II rocket, carrying an Italian satellite into orbit, but a sergeant at the base told KFMB there had been no launches since then.
Ellsworth said such tests were carried out in the Atlantic to demonstrate America's power to the Soviets, when there was a Soviet Union, but he doesn't believe an ICBM has previously been tested by the U.S. over the Pacific. Officially, at least, the projectile remains a mystery missile.
Video may take a few seconds to load...

Anwar al-Awlaki, "Kill Americans...murder them!"

ABC News Video

Al-Awlaki Urges Muslims to Kill Americans in New Video

A new video featuring American-born radical Muslim  cleric Anwar al-Awlaki surfaced online today, in which he calls America "Satan" and urges Muslims to murder Americans.  Justification for killing Americans is no longer derived from religious edicts, al-Awlaki said in the 23-minute-long video message released Monday.
Wanted dead or alive by U.S. officials for his role in inciting terrorist plots against the U.S., he is believed to be hiding in Yemen. Investigators are now examining the well-produced propaganda tape to see what clues it offers as to his location.

Compared to the last time Osama bin Laden was seen on video in September 2007, al-Awlaki's video is high-quality, with almost a corporate look.

The clear video images show al-Awlaki sitting at a glass-topped desk, in an executive's leather chair, with two microphones attached to him. Investigators will try to figure where those items could have been purchased, to narrow his location down any way they can.  
The 38-year-old American-born Yemeni has made his name with online recruiting videos. He is a key leader of the al-Qaeda's Yemen branch, al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). Although he often records videos in English, this newest video is recorded in Arabic.

New York Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner's office said it found more than 700 al-Awlaki videos on YouTube, with an alarming 3.5 million hits. After Weiner's urging, YouTube took down some of the most inflammatory ones.

But it is still easy to find his videos online. Search " Anwar al-Awlaki" and hundreds, if not thousands, of  results appear.

One sermon about immoral behavior has more than 57,000 hits, and another one, arguing that America is waging war against Yemen, already has more than 27,000 hits.

While some online viewers are no doubt curiosity seekers, al-Awlaki has inspired terrorists before -- including the 2009 Fort Hood shooter Maj. Nidal Hassan and Christmas Day "underwear bomber" Farouq Umar Abdulmutallab -- and investigators fear he will do so again.

Radical Cleric Anwar al-Awlaki in New Terror Video"Al-Awlaki has always been something of a mystery.  He 's been involved in Al Qaeda's operations for longer than we've realized in the last few months. I think this is the kind of man who is going to move from being a propagandist to being an operator," Yemen expert and former CIA official Bruce Riedel told ABC News in an interview.

Indeed, al-Awlaki's role now goes beyond just inspiring. AQAP claimed responsibility for the bomb plot last week in which two printer toner cartridges packed with the explosive material PETN were loaded onto cargo planes before being discovered by British and Dubai officials. The plot was exposed after a tip
to Saudi intelligence. "This is a dramatic wake-up call that we don't have Al-Qaeda in the Arabian peninsula under control. They may be under pressure, but not enough," Riedel said.

U.S. officials tell ABC News that the U.S. military has been flying predator drones over Yemen since early this year. The drones are only intended to carry out surveillance and reconnaissance of AQAP targets, for targeted airstrikes by the Yemeni government.

But Riedel said that without Yemini cooperation, finding al-Qaeda targets will be like looking for a needle in a haystack.  "You have to get some level of cooperation from the Yemenis and assistance in finding the targets. The drones only work if you have good human sources on the ground so you can find the target," Riedel said.

Al-Awlaki's newest video will provide important clues, but wherever that tape was made, he has likely moved on to yet another safe haven in a country where it is clearly easy to hide.
ABC News' Richard Coolidge, Luis Martinez and Tom
Giusto contributed to this report.

Atlas Shrugs
Media Darling Celeb Imam Calls on Muslims to kill Americans at will, it is "either us or them"
Imam Anwar al-Awlaki, the go-to imam that the most influential media (NY Times, Washington Post) went to (the "moderate" imam) for all things Islam right after the September 11th attacks (as did the 911 hijackers, for spiritual guidance), is calling for the Muslims to kill Americans.
New York Taqiyya Times Gets It Wrong: Al-Awlaki's Jihad
Devout Muslim al-Awlaki not only ministered to the 911 Muslim terrorists, but also provided succor and Islamic spiritual guidance to the Fort Hood jihadi, the Christmas balls bomber, and the Times Square deadly car bomber -- and that's what we know of.
While being entertained the Pentagon. They had the pious Imam to dinner.
Al-Awlaki best illustrates the dangerous failure of the government and the media in understanding our mortal enemies and the ideology that inspires them. ...  Continues here

An earlier video...

Note: Can we blame the guy in the White House?  Why not, he's a Muslim sympathizer!

Enemy Of The State...sneek peek Camp FEMA2

Sneak Peek: Camp FEMA 2 – Sheriff Mack Interview | Support the filmmakers purchase a DVD! This is an exclusive look at an interview with Sheriff Mack from the new movie Enemy of the State: Camp FEMA 2.