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Everything You Wanted To Know About Obama's Birth Cerificate...and more!

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Exclusive: Lucas Daniel Smith speaks with The Post & Email


by Sharon Rondeau

Lucas Smith found this map of Kenya and East Africa while conducting research at the Powell Library at UCLA in September 2009. This map is significant in that it labels the coast of the Kenya Colony as being the Kenya Protectorate."Source: 1926 Encyclopedia Britannica supplement to the 1922 edition

(Sept. 5, 2010) — Lucas Daniel Smith has just completed a mailing to each member of Congress a copy of a document which he stated is a certified copy of the original birth certificate of Barack Hussein Obama II showing that Obama was born in Kenya, Africa. Each birth certificate copy was sent with a seven-page, individually-notarized letter by certified mail.  The project was completed on August 31, 2010.
Smith said that he obtained the document from the Coast Province General Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya in February 2009.  The  document became part of a lawsuit filed by Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq., in California which was denied a hearing in October 2009 by Judge David O. Carter.
Mr. Smith’s declaration to the court, taken under oath, is here.
A video produced by “On Second Thought” TV following one of the preliminary court hearings last summer depicts Mr. Smith discussing some of the details of the document is here.  A video which Mr. Smith produced himself showing close-ups of the document details is here.
In an interview with the Christian News Review on July 13, 2010, Mr. Smith described his background as a sociologist studying in Africa, how he obtained the document from Coast Province General Hospital, the cost, and the military and police presence there. A second interview with Steve Cooper of The Conservative Monster from August 18, 2010  can be found here.
The Post & Email had previously reported that the spelling of “Mombasa” had been “Mombassa” in 1961, but Mr. Smith has refuted that statement.  Indeed, this writer has performed a five-page search using the words “history of Mombasa, Kenya,” and found no evidence of its being spelled “Mombassa.”
Page 635 of the Encyclopedia Britannica (pictured below) utilized by Smith for his research on the history of Kenya also refers to the port city as “Mombasa.”  However, one website which has been following the Obama eligibility controversy incorrectly reports the spelling on the document as “Mombassa.”
Kenya obtained its independence from Great Britain in 1963.
The document which Mr. Smith has reported is a certified copy of the original birth certificate appears below:

Document allegedly obtained from the Coast Province General Hospital on February 19, 2009 by Lucas Smith
The Post & Email asked Mr. Smith a number of questions regarding his travels to Africa, how he obtained the document, and his decision to send it to every member of Congress, a project which was completed on August 31, 2010. Our questions are in bold.
1. Would you be willing to send The Post & Email anything that proves your travel to Kenya (or whatever country was your first destination in Africa) before you accessed the personnel at the Mombasa hospital (the stub of an airline ticket, hotel receipt, etc.)? Do you have anything that shows when you re-entered the U.S. from Kenya after you obtained the document?
I have a plethora of documentation which puts me in the following countries in February of 2009: Democratic Republic of the Congo, The People’s Republic of the Congo, Uganda and Kenya. I will provide this documentation in person to both Congress and attorneys. I will not distribute electronic copies of this documentation until the documentation has been reviewed by members of Congress or disclosed during Congressional investigations/hearings or entered in as evidence in eligibility litigation here in the United States or the United Kingdom.
2. How long were you in Kenya before you approached hospital personnel about obtaining Obama’s record?
Less than 10 days.
3. What convinces you that the document you have in your possession is a copy of his original hospital record? Is there any chance someone gave you a fake document and passed it off as real?
I have been analyzing Barack Obama’s Kenyan CPGH hospital birth certificate for more than one year. This document has withstood the test of time. It has never been discredited. On February 19, 2009 I personally entered Coast Province General Hospital under the guise that I was looking for my sister that had fallen ill while she was working Kenya. It wasn’t until I was inside of the hospital and face to face with administrative staff that I mentioned anything regarding my desire to procure (or purloin) a certified copy of Barack Obama’s original birth record. The significance of the guise was to eliminate any possibility that the hospital’s staff (seeing dollar signs) would be “waiting” for me with a forged or fake document.
4. How long did it take for hospital personnel to procure the document once you approached them about it (e.g., did it occur over a matter of weeks, or did you simply approach them one day, offer them money, and they got the document out of the files)?
On February 19th I personally entered Coast Province General Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya. While inside of the hospital I presented a member of the hospital’s administrative staff with $5000 US dollars, cash. I set the money down in front of them and told them that the money was theirs if they could bring me a certified copy of US President Barack Obama’s original hospital birth record. I stipulated that I was only allotting a small window of time for the staff member to fetch me the document. This member of the administrative staff returned, within the allotted time, with the certified copy of Obama’s original hospital birth record. I am not, at this time, disclosing to the public the specific time allotment. However, I can tell you that the time allotment was less than 45 minutes. The significance of the time allotment was to eliminate any possibility that the hospital’s staff (again seeing dollar signs) would have sufficient time to create a forged or fake document.
5. Since you have had the document since last summer, is there a reason why you chose to hold off on contacting Congress until now?
Going as far back as March of 2009 I have been contacting members of the United States Congress and other federal and state officials as well as attorneys. I actively contacted members of Congress and attorneys during March, April, May and June of 2009. I will use the euphemism of “unfavorable and unsuccessful” to effectively, and respectfully, articulate the responses that I received.
It was at that point, June 2009, that I ascertained that eBay was my only opportunity to garner publicity and bring Barack Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate to the attention of the whole world. I never had any intentions of selling the document. The world would have never known about Barack Obama’s original 1961 hospital birth record from the Protectorate of Kenya if it weren’t for the June – July 2009 eBay auctions.
The Lucas Daniel Smith 4th of July (2010) Letter to Congress is intended to serve as an official record of having informed all of Congress, each member, of Barack Obama’s Kenyan birth and the existence of the 2009 certified copy of Barack Obama’s 1961 Coast Province General Hospital Mombasa, British Protectorate of Kenya, birth record. The letter also directs their attention to a document that they themselves, i.e., US Congress, published in the 1990s which questioned the eligibility of individuals born abroad, of TWO US CITIZEN PARENTS, to hold the Office of President of the United States of America.
On September 1, 2010, Mr. Smith reported to The Post & Email that letters containing the document he obtained from Kenya have been sent by certified mail to all members of Congress, funded by a private donor.  The complete mailing, which is 3,945 pages long, is divided into eight links due to its size.
The letter to Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa begins:
Lucas Daniel Smith
1626 5th Avenue SE
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52403
United States Senator Charles Grassley
135 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
RE:  Barack Obama was born in Kenya.  I personally obtained from his birth hospital and now have in my possession a certified copy of his original birth record from the British Protectorate of Kenya.
Dear Senator Charles Grassley,
I am writing to you today regarding a matter of national security.
We may have spoken before.  This letter will, in part, serve as my official record of my having contacted you regarding the above referenced subject matter.
The President of the United States of America is not eligible to serve as our President.
President Barack Hussein Obama II is not a natural born citizen of the United States of America.  President Obama was born in Mombasa, British Protectorate of Kenya at the Coast Province General Hospital in 1961.
I, Lucas Smith, have proof of this.
Mr. Smith points out the following in regard to page 7 of the letter to members of the House of Representatives and Senate:
Senate Publication 103-21 (US Constitution) was sent to me almost 10 years ago from US Senator Charles Grassley. Last year, while in Africa, when I learned of Barack Obama’s Kenyan birth it was page 18 of this Senate published edition of the US Constitution that popped into the forefront my mind. Page 18 was instrumental in my decision to pursue this story of President Obama’s birth place and attempt to procure some sort of official Kenyan birth record of Mr. Barack Obama.
It was page 18 which contains the words of the late Johnny H. Killian:
This clause requires that in order to take oath of office a president must be 35, a resident within the United States for 14 years, and a natural-born citizen. This last requirement (natural-born citizen) raises the question of whether someone born to American parents outside of the United States would be eligible to hold the office (emphasis added by The Post & Email).
Mr. Johnny H. Killian advised Congress for more than 44 years on constitutional matters. As senior specialist in American public law at the Congressional Research Service, Mr. Killian was the person most often called upon when the constitutionality of a proposal was in question. Mr. Killian was also the editor of and major contributor to the 1972, 1982, 1992 and 2002 editions of “Constitution of the United States of America: Analysis and Interpretation,” nicknamed the Annotated, a seminal work on the judicial history of all constitutional amendments that is a standard text in U.S. law schools.”
More information on Johnny H. Killian can be found here.
Some have questioned the date format and other aspects of the document which Mr. Smith obtained, stating that it would have been written in the European format of day/month/year.  However, Smith has provided an envelope which he claims is from Mombasa from 1897 showing a month/day/year format:

Envelope which Mr. Smith claims is from Mombasa (British East Africa/East Africa Protectorate from 1897 and shows the date in month/day/year format
and made the following statement:
The stamps on the envelope are specifically from 1897.   Furthermore, and more importantly, the British ran out of their own stamps sometime in 1897 and overprinted these Zanzibar stamps with the wording of “British East Africa”.    A close look at the stamps on the envelope shows the “British East Africa” overprint.    The overprint on the far right stamp has the easiest overprint to make out.
The narrative from the 1926 Encyclopedia Britannica which Mr. Smith utilized for his research containing the above map of Kenya appears below.

Page 630 from the Encyclopedia Britannica 1926 supplement to the 1922 edition

Page 635 from the same volume

Page 634 containing the map of the Protectorate of Kenya

Page from the Encyclopedia Britannica showing the copyright and publication dates

Binding of the encyclopedia volume used by Lucas Smith to gather information on the Protectorate of Kenya

Encyclopedia Britannica cover page of Volume II, published 1926
Page 635 provides the following historical statement on Kenya:
Change of Status.—During this period of strain the change from a protectorate to a crown colony was effected (July 1920).  The new colony was named after Mount Kenya, the most commanding natural feature of the country.  The coast lands which formed part of the Sultanate of Zanzibar were not annexed but became the Kenya Protectorate.
What will the members of Congress do once all of the letters are received?  Can they continue to stonewall, insist that Obama has shown a valid birth certificate from Hawaii, and refuse to investigate?  What other document issued in the United States comes close to resembling the document which Smith procured?
No hospital in the United States has claimed that Obama was born there.  Only Governor Linda Lingle of Hawaii has stated that Obama was born at Kapiolani Medical Center, but a person formerly employed in the Hawaii Elections Office says that Obama “was not born in Hawaii” and that “the government there knows this.”
What if Dr. Fukino has been obfuscating and lying to keep the truth from the American people?
Can the judges continue to defend Obama’s right to keep his records hidden?  If Obama is a fraud and ineligible to serve as president, what should be done?


Is Obama constitutionally eligible to serve?

WND's complete archive of news reports on the issue

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Barack Obama, the man elected president
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Vegas, baby! Eligibility billboard campaign hits jackpot in heart of the Strip --WND CNN gives boot to talk radio hosts Described as 'all noise' and too predictable --WND Gibbs stumbles explaining Obama's birthplace 'The president was born … uhm … in … uhh, uhh … was born' --WND 'Doonesbury' pokes fun at constitutional question Cartoonist Trudeau suggests Hitler would want documentation of eligibility, too --WND Federal judge calls soldier's Obama challenge 'frivolous' Stunned warrior: 'I might get crushed in the wheels of the Chicago machine' --WND Evidence challenges claim over Obama's birth address Father in bachelor pad while mom left islands --WND Globe: Obama's Hawaiian birth document fake Cover story in tabloid suggests Canadian connection --WND Blogger: I created Kenya document Posts images of document, says 'You've been punk'd' --WND 'Where's the birth certificate?' The movie 'A Question of Eligibility' lays foundation for understanding hot issue --WND Obama law tab up to $1.4 million 'Grass-roots army' contributions being used to crush eligibility lawsuits? --WND Bill would force Obama to reveal birth documents Hawaii senator: 'Why wouldn't they be available to the public?' --WND Obama birth doc update: Kenya sources weigh in Comparison with similar certificates suggests fakery, WND probe reveals --WND Dig this: Media actually probed other candidates Divulged personal documents on arrests, surgeries, colleges --WND Obama 'mama': 15 days from birth to Seattle class Dunham signed up for assignments just 2 weeks out of delivery room --WND
Timeline surrounding Barack Obama's purported birth
Kenyan document ignites firestorm over authenticity Online Aussie paperwork cited for 'striking similarities' --WND 1,200 send Obama request for records 'American people are becoming more aware of this obstinacy on your part' --WND What does 'natural born citizen' legally mean? Debate whether British dad's baby meets constitutional requirement for president --WND Now Glenn Beck slams Obama birth issue 'What, are you going to take him out of office? You can't do that' --WND Harry Reid: Not 1 minute for 'phony issue' of birth Senate floor criticisms make sure dispute is in Congressional Record --WND Farah's birthday challenge: A $10,000 gift to hospital WND editor says he will make donation if Obama releases long-form document --WND HuffPost blogger, college prof: Release birth certificate 'It's so easy. I think most of us have ours in our important papers at home' --WND Hawaii refuses to verify president's online COLBs Officials mum on images released by Obama's campaign, --WND Andrew Sullivan: Release the birth certificate Influential columnist, blogger joins, then unjoins call for official 'transparency' --WND Is this really smoking gun of Obama's Kenyan birth? Attorney files motion for authentication of alleged 1960s certificate from Africa --WND New poll shows birthers growing Majority of GOP, Southerners question president's birthplace --WND
Join more than 500,000 others in seeking citizenship proof Petition demands verification of Obama's eligibility --WND Unveiled! Hawaii's 1961 long-form birth certificates Real documents include name of doctor, hospital --WND Lou Dobbs: Just produce birth certificate CNN anchor says Obama's presidential actions could be 'illegal' --WND New doubts revealed in Obama's nativity story School documents show mother left father within weeks of birth --WND The latest on 'Certification of Live Birth' Officials confirm 'Obama document' not necessarily accurate --WND Congressional support for proof of eligibility grows 10th congressman now supports election law change --WND $100,000 offered for proof of eligibility Businessman asks how president can issue orders 'if he is not qualified' --WND Left rises to squash CNN's Lou Dobbs E-mail campaign to get 'stupid, overpaid, racist wingnut off air once and for all' --WND Hawaii's statement on Obama birth record breaks law? Health spokeswoman has pointed to statute that bars her from comment --WND Hawaii health official: Trust me 'Obama was born in Hawaii and is a natural-born American citizen' --WND CNN wrong once again – birth record not destroyed Hawaii contradicts network boss' claim that Obama certificate no longer exists --WND Fax blast asking states to investigate eligibility Campaign seeks audit by attorneys general of election documentation --WND Gibbs: 10,000 more important issues than eligibility But he admits at news briefing questions won't go away --WND Soldier's case against Obama to be class-action? Army major challenged orders based on questions about president's eligibility --WND Why eligibility story is still alive Public awareness triggered by Farah's billboard campaign --WND Passport seeker has no sympathy for Obama Says he can't cross river to visit family without showing birth certificate --WND
AOL poll from July 2009
AOL poll: 81% want Obama to release it Say president should show American people birth certificate --WND 'Shut up Lou Dobbs' campaign hits stride CNN anchor simply wants birth certificate revealed --WND WND being censored from search engines? Obama birth certificate links buried on Google News site --WND White House stonewalling on 'birth letter' Ignores repeated requests to authenticate Obama message declaring exact hospital --WND Hawaiian newspapers don't prove birthplace Announcements published in 1961 not solid evidence of U.S. location --WND Obama's online 'birth cert' misses 'proving' eligibility 'There are some documents that say things that aren't true' --WND Limbaugh: 'Obama has yet to prove he's a citizen' Radio giant blasts president's refusal to show long-form birth certificate --WND Birth records get murky when adoption involved Dual citizenship can result, parents names changed --WND Demand soars for eligibility postcards Birth certificate issue remains uppermost in readers concerns --WND 'Birth certificate' seller vanishes into thin air Dubious eBay character dodges agent, lawyer, verification team --WND Another paper changes 'Obama's origin' Deletes reference to continent of president's birth --WND 'Birth hospital': Letter for real New images of 'Obama document' at center of eligibility controversy --WND
Barack Obama states in this purported letter from him on what appears to be White House stationery that he was born at the Kapi'olani Medical Center for Women and Children in Honolulu.
Lib talker, Lou Dobbs now asking eligibility questions Radio, television, newspapers taking note of long-running dispute --WND 'Begone!' Georgia judge orders fired reservist Officer's orders to Afghanistan jerked after challenge to Obama's eligibility --WND Pentagon orders soldier fired for challenging prez Army warrior terminated from job after questioning Obama eligibility --WND Join 495,000 others in seeking citizenship proof Petition demands verification of Obama's eligibility --WND
Bombshell: Orders revoked for soldier challenging prez Major victory for Army warrior questioning Obama's birthplace --WND 'Documents' show Obama birthplace in Hawaii? News site claims unidentified records reveal president's U.S. roots --WND
Americans go crazy for birth certificate post cards Hilarious gift with important message strikes chord with patriots --WND Eligibility arguments to get court hearing 'For 1st time, we have a judge who's listening' --WND Now White House joins 'birth hospital' cover-up Spokesman belittles WND reporter, asks 'what reporting' has been done --WND U.S. officer demands answer: Is Army 'corps of chattel slaves?' Court challenge demands conscientious objector status unless evidence provided  --WND Wikipedia says Obama born in Kenya Online encyclopedia can't make up its mind on president's birthplace --WND Just who delivered baby Barack Obama? Physician who attended birth remains shrouded in mystery --WND
Kapi'olani Medical Center for Women and Children in Honolulu, Hawaii
Obama's 'birth hospital' in astonishing cover-up Hospital once proudly celebrated president, now in active mode to hide 'proof' --WND News reports: Obama born in Africa Ghana paper calls Africa 'continent of his birth' --WND Obama 'smear' site vanishes from Web Statements scrubbed on birth certificate --WND Obama birth letter: Is this thing for real? See what hospital posted on website, then pulled down hour after story --WND Hawaii Supremes asked to take 'action' on WND report Story documented conflicting Obama birthplace claims --WND Hawaii upgrades 'certification of live birth' State dumps exclusion on document for home lands program --WND Eligibility claims attracting high-level interest Joint Chiefs counsel, Justice Department now involved --WND
Queen's Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii
U.S. hospitals 'wouldn't have to disclose Hitler' Whether Obama or anyone else, facilities keep their lips sealed --WND News sites swap Obama's birthplace like magic UPI, Snopes change location within hours of WND report --WND Obama calls Jakarta his 'old hometown' Was president citizen of world's most populous Muslim nation? --WND Obama birth mystery: More than 1 hospital Myth-busting website, news articles say president not born in location he claims --WND Hospital won't back Obama birth claim Honolulu's Kapi'olani Medical Center refuses to confirm White House letter --WND Holder 'conflict' cited in eligibility case Lawyer says attorney general must enforce Constitution --WND Want to send Barack Obama a message? 'Where's the birth certificate?' postcards available now --WND eBay seller claims certified Kenya birth certificate Says copy sports embossed seal, signature of physician --WND For 6th time, eBay 'birth certificate' seller erased Doubts grow as document, video, contact missing --WND
Screenshot of eBay auction claiming to have Obama's 'Kenyan birth certificate'
'Citizen grand jury' organizers deliver accusations 'Presentments' against Obama given to White House, FBI --WND The latest on eBay's 'Kenyan birth certificate' Now it's an autographed photograph for sale --WND Check out latest eligibility billboard location See 'birth certificate' campaign that revived debate nationwide --WND eBay warns buyers off $1 mil 'Kenyan birth certificate' Administrators tell members who contacted seller not to respond again --WND
President Obama (White House photo)
Lawyer notifying president of lawsuit California case challenges Obama's eligibility --WND Obama secrecy could prevent recognition of birthplace Most presidents' homes provided federal designation --WND Will 'truth about Obama' be sold on eBay? Bids soar past $15,000 for alleged proof of president's Kenyan birth --WND The ad campaign that revived eligibility debate See the impact of 'birth certificate' billboards nationwide --WND Hawaiian newspaper to WND: Drop dead Star-Bulletin rejects full-page ad asking for help on Obama's birth --WND 'Kenyan birth certificate' remains eBay mystery Investigator who traveled to Africa 'skeptical' document is real deal --WND 'Proof' of Kenyan birth scrubbed twice on eBay But seller of 'Obama's birth certificate' dodges administrators to post 3rd time --WND For sale on eBay: Obama's 'Kenyan birth certificate' Seller claims Mombasa document 'certified copy' --WND Judge: Eligibility dispute is 'serious' Says case will be expedited when representation lined up --WND
Billboard on I-35 in Waco, Texas
Eligibility issue hits local news Radio anchor: 'Most still very much in doubt' --WND Question on everyone's mind Bumper stickers highlight eligibility doubts --WND Hearing set on default in Obama eligibility case Judge asks for 2nd confirmation that president notified of case --WND $10,000 bounty for any witness to Obama's birth Editor encourages readers to help him up the ante --WND Billboard cartel says no to questioning Obama Trade group headed by Democrat donor discouraged acceptance of eligibility --WND What's the difference? Compare 'long-form' Hawaiian birth certificate with Obama's --WND Shocker! Most Americans know of Obama eligibility questions Despite near media blackout on coverage, 49.3% 'troubled,' think he should release birth certificate --WND Gibbs gets 2nd shot at eligibility question But he doesn't answer attorney's query about piles of sealed records --WND Grass roots sign onto eligibility billboard campaign Washington state 'Where's the Birth Certificate' sign appears --WND Appeal promised of eligibility lawsuit Accuses Obama of fraudulently serving as senator --WND Trifecta: 3rd media outfit bans Obama eligibility ads Clear Channel joins CBS, Lamar in dissing constitutional question --WND Businessman boots Lamar over eligibility issue Billboard company disses birth certificate question, now losing business --WND
Rush LImbaugh
Shep Smith attacks right-wing 'crazies' Rips people questioning eligibility as being 'out there in a scary place' --WND Rush Limbaugh pummels Obama on birth certificate Radio giant clowns about president's similarities, differences with God --WND Question that won't go away So what's the problem with an ordinary piece of paperwork? --WND Obama: Where have all his records gone? Footprints of president's own history either vanish or remain covered up --WND Door slams on Hawaiian hospital records Is Obama eligible? 'We cannot respond to your inquiries' --WND 2nd major billboard company rejects eligibility campaign Lamar Outdoor: 'misleading to indicate there's question about president's birth certificate' --WND Obama 'birth certificate' not acceptable in Hawaii Even state requires long-form document for some eligibility, identification --WND All topics open to discuss – except Obama eligibility 100% of posts scrubbed from White House transparency site ask about birth certificate --WND 'Birthers' battle on – eligibility battle at next level White House can't avoid questions about citizenship in 'open government dialogue' --WND Eligibility billboards dubbed 'misleading' Trade association defends CBS ban on 'Where's the birth certificate?' --WND 'Transparent' White House blacklists 'birthers' Obama eligibility topic missing from plans for next phase of dialogue --WND
White House 'Open Government Dialogue' website overrun with concerns about president's eligibility
Cover-up: CBS bans eligibility billboards Industry signange leader rejects campaign asking 'Where's the birth certificate?' --WND Surrounding Obama with eligibility question Websites, billboards, press briefing -- and bumper stickers --WND White House dialogue site scrubbed of eligibility posts Many Obama birth certificate queries yanked from 'transparency' debate --WND Eligibility explodes on White House 'dialogue' site 77% of voters demand Obama release long-form birth certificate --WND Obama asks which public records you want to see On White House site, most answer establishing his eligibility to serve --WND Appeals court dumps eligibility arguments 'I am totally disappointed that there has been this delay' --WND Birth certificate issue No. 1 at Fox News Obama eligibility most talked about topic on news website --WND
'Where's the birth certificate?' billboard in Ball, La.
If that's a birth certificate, I'll ... New campaign helps people creatively express 'flushtration' over eligibility --WND New bid to unseal Obama's birth certificate Challenge claims Hawaii waived privacy by talking about document --WND Obama flack laughs off birth certificate question 'It's on the Internet, Lester,' claims Gibbs at White House briefing --WND Media find eligibility billboard campaign irresistible Effort to see Obama's document covered by the London Times --WND Birth certificate campaign tops $45,000 'This is the way the truth will win in the end,' says organizer --WND Americans vote with wallets to see Obama documents $75K already given to 'truth and transparency' billboard campaign --WND Grand juries cite Obama for ineligibility, treason Hundreds of 'presentments' being handed to prosecutors --WND Unwrapped! Birth certificate billboard No. 1 First sign erected in 'truth and transparency' campaign --WND Obama eligibility lawyer cites dangers from delays 'Every passing day impacts lives of Americans' --WND U.S. bonkers for Obama birth certificate billboards Campaign strikes chord on presidential eligibility issue --WND
U.S. Supreme Court
The 'Where's the birth certificate?' campaign Would you like to see this billboard in your town? --WND How to get eligibility ruling from Supremes Lawyer outlines strategy to prompt court decision --WND 2nd congressman: Prove eligibility Virginia representative signs onto plan to demand evidence --WND Eligibility attorney plans return to Supreme Court Says, 'I will be filing until I get an answer' --WND Eligibility case defendants don't want to answer now Lawyer for Obama, Congress says representation decision unmade --WND Is Obama campaign cash quashing eligibility suits? FEC shows more than $1 million paid to top law firm since election --WND Join 495,000 others in seeking citizenship proof Petition demands verification of Obama's eligibility --WND
Orly Taitz announces new blog California attorney behind Obama eligibility lawsuits moves battle to fresh website --WND Did state election papers include eligibility perjury? Campaign seeks investigation by attorneys general of documentation --WND Kentucky elections officer wants eligibility investigated Refers matter to state attorney general for review --WND See where '' takes you on Internet What does website using president's childhood moniker mean? --WND 'Twittered' eligibility case lawyer faces threat of sanctions Team defending Obama, Biden warns of 'costs, expenses, fees' --WND Meet fierce blonde behind Obama eligibility lawsuits Soviet Union survivor: President spits in face of every U.S. citizen --WND Doubt about Obama eligibility spreads Writer concedes 'ambiguities' weren't 'satisfactorily resolved' --WND What about the hospital of his 'birth'? Hawaii moves to make Obama childhood home national landmark --WND Analyst warns eligibility could become flashpoint 'It is morphing now to include members of the armed forces' --WND Supreme Court asked to cooperate with FBI Attorney investigating Obama's eligibility reports cyber attacks --WND The ultimate special report on eligibility Why millions still demand proof Obama is constitutionally fit for office --WND Eligibility judge backs off sanctions threat Instead 'reprimands' attorney representing military officer --WND Citizen grand jury indicts Obama Groups in 20 more states reviewing eligibility claims --WND Keyes to appeal case on Obama's eligibility Lawyer says dismissal 'eviscerates' Constitution's rules for president --WND Federal criminal complaint contends Obama ineligible Ex-officer alleges prez used 'contrivance, concealment, dissembling and deceit' --WND Eligibility lawyer says Homeland Security shadowing him Reports incidents involving county, federal agents --WND Obama open for questions from you today Farah urges readers ask most obvious: Where's the birth certificate? --WND Justice, Supremes confirm getting eligibility challenge Taitz documents demanding proof of Obama's birthplace to be reviewed --WND Suggesting eligibility proof gets congressman scorned Faces comments including, 'Take the Reynolds Wrap off your head' --WND Biden jokes about Obama's birth certificate at dinner Says Cheney left copy of document in vice presidential desk --WND Supremes read Kansas blog? Focused on page dealing with claims of ineligibility --WND Taitz to FBI: Investigate 'tampering' at Supremes '305 million Americans need to know if foreign national is usurping presidency' --WND Man critical of Obama case judge visited by marshals 'I told your Gestapo goons we had nothing to talk about' --WND Judge ripped for using blog eligibility hearsay Obama case lawyer says he's entitled to birth certificate discovery hearing --WND Chief justice accepts 'eligibility' petition Roberts agrees to read Obama docs, consider WND's 330,000 signers --WND Eligibility bill hits Congress Representative files law requiring candidates show birth certificate --WND Court: No need for state to check prez' eligibility Judge throws out complaint brought on behalf of Keyes --WND Did Supreme Court clerk torpedo eligibility cases? Taitz submits motion for rehearing in case challenging Obama's citizenship --WND Why are there still questions about qualifications? Arguments of president's defenders never actually addressed eligibility --WND What congressmen say about eligibility Lawmakers' letters insist 'president was born in Hawaii' --WND Scalia: You need 4 votes for Obama eligibility case Lawyer confronts justice about prez's qualifications --WND Is infallible? If website calls Obama eligible, then he must be, right? --WND Eligibility issue sparks 'edit war' Wikipedia blocks users from posting criticism of Obama --WND Wikipedia scrubs Obama eligibility Mention of citizenship issues deleted in minutes, 'offending' users banned --WND Judge: Eligibility issue thoroughly 'twittered' Dismisses case brought by retired military officer --WND Republican senator says Snopes settled 'eligibility' Arizona's Kyl cites website that assumes Hawaiian birth --WND Senator: Eligibility is up to the voters Republican Martinez implies constitutional requirement for presidency can be bypassed --WND U.S. soldier gagged on prez's eligibility Military member seeking documentation silenced --WND More military officers demand eligibility proof Plaintiff: 'In the worst case … it's going to be revolution in the streets' --WND Obama eligibility tops AOL News Internet reports mock 'Birthers' who want constitutional proof --WND California used to check prez candidates' eligibility Lawsuit seeks school records to verify citizenship status --WND Major General says president's eligibility needs proof 'Most important, what I really want is the truth' --WND Eligibility lawyer argues for president's deportation Berg seeks proper treatment for 'illegal alien' --WND 2nd U.S. soldier in Iraq challenges eligibility Says issue could decide if 'we are a Constitutional Republic' --WND Soldier questions eligibility, doubts president's authority 'As an officer, my sworn oath to support and defend our Constitution requires this' --WND Senator questions Obama eligibility Shelby: 'They said he was born in Hawaii, but I haven't seen any birth certificate' --WND Eligibility petition hits quarter-million mark Nearly 3,000 a day question Obama's constitutional suitability --WND Alan Keyes: Stop Obama or U.S. will cease to exist Claims 'communist usurper' plunges country into chaos --WND States reviewing 'eligibility' challenges Montana tables plan while Oklahoma's gets committee approval --WND Keyes: President 'has something to hide' about eligibility Says Dem 'asked to be chosen, therefore must answer' --WND 'Sanctions' sought in eligibility case President's attorneys file motion demanding birth, college records be withheld from public --WND State lawmakers: Prove you're president, Mr. Obama Case being assembled to demand eligibility documentation --WND Eligibility issue: McCain checked but not Obama Lawsuit contends Congress failed to qualify Democrat for Oval Office --WND Congress sued to remove prez from White House 'Defendants had to ensure the Constitution is upheld' --WND What did president tell Supreme Court? Lawyer in eligibility case seeks records of secret discussions --WND Has newspaper really solved eligibility question? Retired teacher cited as proof but she claims no first-hand knowledge --WND President's meeting with judges questioned Lawyer challenging eligibility raises issue of secret conference --WND Eligibility battle rages on 3 fronts Court, Congress and college challenged on constitutionality --WND Join 495,000 others in seeking citizenship proof Petition demands verification of Obama's eligibility --WND
Please check eligibility, thousands ask Supremes Another round of urgent requests delivered to high court --WND Latest eligibility challenge rejected Justices' conference results in no action on constitutional questions --WND Eligibility issue to follow Obama into Oval Office Supreme Court sets 'natural born' conference to follow inauguration --WND Watch Obama commercial they don't want you to see Fox, CNN, MSNBC refuse ads questioning Barack's eligibility --WND Supreme Court to take up eligibility question again Conference to evaluate claims president-elect isn't qualified --WND FedEx Supreme Court on Obama's eligibility WND makes it easy, cheaper to ask justices to resolve questions --WND AOL: Growing majority worried over eligibility Even half in Illinois say issue should be reviewed, resolved --WND Berg files new challenge to eligibility 'There is nothing more important than our U.S. Constitution' --WND Eligibility case finds 'standing'? New suit claims unique state law enables citizens to demand proof --WND Most covered-up of 2008: Natural-born citizen WND editors join with readers to determine the year's top 10 --WND Message to Congress: Protect Constitution Effort seeks volunteers to challenge eligibility --WND Eligibility remains focus of Supremes' conferences Dispute posted on docket twice after Electoral College votes in --WND Supreme Court to talk about Obama 3rd time Berg eligibility case set for conference Jan. 9 --WND More challenges fail in Supreme Court Kennedy turns back cases based on eligibility questions --WND Investigator casts doubt on Obama's birth residence Neighbor believes family didn't live at address in newspaper announcement --WND Obama citizenship issue has merit, AOL poll says Nation seeks answers to questions about president-elect's eligibility --WND Supreme Court refuses 2nd challenge to eligibility Case alleges dual citizenship disqualifies Obama for office --WND Status report: The eligibility issue Several cases still challenge whether senator can become president --WND Thousands advise electors to check eligibility But 1 who teaches 'Marxist theory' ridicules concerns --WND Democrat's eligibility 'facts' knocked down 'If a guy ain't natural born, he can't be president' --WND Electors challenged to investigate birth dispute 'Only reasonable explanation' is he wasn't born in the U.S. --WND Supremes turn down request to stop Electoral vote But Friday, high court will consider another case in flood of eligibility challenges --WND Keyes' lawyers invite public to 'join the fight' High-profile eligibility lawsuit may succeed where others have failed --WND Eligibility question? FedEx Electoral College members WND follows up Supreme Court letter campaign with historic 1st --WND Join exploding demand for citizenship documentation 230,000 already have signed petition --WND Eligibility dispute, Part 2, scheduled by Supremes Court rejects claim challenging candidacy, schedules another for Friday conference --WND Supreme Court denies 1st eligibility challenge Justices won’t give questions about qualifications full hearing --WND Will Supremes review citizenship arguments? Lawsuit: Even with a valid birth certificate, 'he still wouldn't be eligible to be president' --WND Eligibility dispute story spreads Now National Press Club event scheduled on challenge to Oval Office occupant --WND More than 60,000 letters sent to U.S. Supreme Court WND readers deliver urgent requests to review Obama citizenship --WND 'Natural-born' requirement called 'stupidest provision' Also 'discriminates, outdated, undemocratic and assumes birthplace a proxy for loyalty' --WND Pravda raises Obama eligibility issue Other media outlets begin reporting concerns over president-elect's citizenship status --WND Hawaii hospitals: Obama not born here Blog claims calls, visits to medical facilities reveal no birthplace of president-elect --WND Electoral College scam: Where dead people vote Lawyer challenging eligibility seeks investigation of process --WND Democrat asks Supreme Court to halt electors Obama lets deadline slip by without responding to petition, so attorney takes next step --WND Print, TV ads demand citizenship proof from Obama Concerned Americans look to media to compel president-elect to release documents --WND Imaging guru: 'Certification' of birth time, location is fake 'It would be hard to perform as president from behind jail cell door at Leavenworth' --WND Obama, DNC elude citizenship lawsuit deadline Solicitor general's office dodges questions about birth certificate complaint --WND FedEx the Supremes about Obama's eligibility WND makes it easy, cheaper to ask justices to resolve questions --WND Chasm dividing Americans over birth certificate widens Opinions include, 'Constitution means what we say' --WND Embassy: Obama not born in Kenya Office claims ambassador was speaking about president-elect's father in radio interview --WND Orders from new president to spark lawsuit every time Lawyer lining up plaintiff groups until citizenship dispute addressed --WND Proofin' the prez: Who's in charge? Constitutional lawyer says electors have duty to investigate citizenship --WND Prez passes on Obama's eligibility 'I don't think I have anything to say on that,' says spokesman --WND 100,000 petitioners: If you're eligible, show us the proof! Throngs sign online demand, reveal frustration over secrecy --WND Shades of Florida in 2000! Could Supremes decide '08? 'Justices free to make their own determination regarding the specifics of the general election' --WND Petition to see the birth certificate Join WND to help answer eligibility question --WND Is he or isn't he? The debate over Obama's eligibility New feature focuses on birth certificate, the U.S. Constitution and doubts --WND Supremes to review citizenship arguments Case challenging candidacy set for 'conference' of justices --WND We're in 'good shape' over Obama's birthplace Presidential spokeswoman suggests there's no controversy --WND Supremes to review citizenship arguments Case challenging candidacy set for 'conference' of justices --WND 'Constitutional crisis' looming over Obama's birth location Alan Keyes lawsuit warns America may see 'usurper' in Oval Office --WND Obama camp: Lawsuits by citizens are 'garbage' Legal challenges spring up across U.S., demand proof of eligibility for office --WND Will Supreme Court have say in presidency? Schedule includes campaign response to questions on Obama birthplace --WND Doubts persist about Obama birth certificate Considerable evidence still points to candidate's birth in Kenya --WND Supremes asked to halt Tuesday's vote Constitutional crisis feared over Obama's 'qualifications' --WND Obama's birth certificate sealed by Hawaii governor Says Democratic senator must make request to obtain original document --WND Judge dismisses Obama birth certificate lawsuit Rules voters don't have standing to 'police' constitutional requirements for president --WND Democrat: Obama's grandma confirms Kenyan birth 'This has been a real sham he's pulled off for the last 20 months' --WND Obama 'admits' Kenyan birth? Campaign doesn't respond to claims in lawsuit over birth certificate --WND DNC steps in to silence lawsuit over Obama birth certificate Democrat suing his own party says it's 'like they're in cahoots' --WND Democrat sues Sen. Obama over 'fraudulent candidacy' Lawsuit disputing U.S. citizenship based in part on discredited claims --WND 2 campaigns seek 'truth' about Obama's birth Eligibility for presidency hinges on American citizenship --WND Obama birth certificate: Real or phony baloney? Authenticity of crucial document staked on Daily Kos-derived image --WND Blogger reveals Obama birth certificate 'All information is what we have been told before' --WND Is Obama's candidacy constitutional? Secrecy over birth certificate, demand for 'natural-born' citizenship cited --WND Get your permanent, detachable magnetic bumper stickers for your car, truck or file cabinet – and join the campaign for constitutional integrity. Get the most comprehensive special report ever produced on the Obama eligibility issue.

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Philip J. Berg, one of the first to take Obama eligibility question to court
Gov. Linda Lingle, R-Hawaii
Alan Keyes
Alan Keyes
Ambassador Peter Ogego
Document posted on Barack Obama's "Fight the Smears" website.
Demonstrators protesting Obama's eligibility and praying before the U.S. Supreme Court
Attorney Stephen Pidgeon

Retired Maj. Gen. Carroll Childers
Judge James Robertson
Antonin Scalia
U.S. Rep. Bill Posey, R-Fla.
Vice President Joe Biden
Orly Taitz (WND photo / Chelsea Schilling)

Expert: Watch loyalty, not certificate of birth Cites Obama's references to Islam, denial of America's Christianity --WND Where's monument for Obama's birthplace? Most presidents have parks, plaques, but No. 44 could be left out --WND Farah: 'White House wants to silence dissent' WND chief tells radio listeners why birth certificate story still alive --WND No. 11 signs onto demand for eligibility proof Former judge now cosponsor for Posey plan --WND Vanished: Obama exposer disappears off Net Owner vows: 'This guy is coming down, there's nothing anybody can do about it' --WND Guess how many ways to get Hawaii 'birth certificate' Some required nothing more than assertion from an adult --WND
Photostat of Susan Nordyke's 1961 Hawaii birth certificate (Courtesy Honolulu Advertiser)
Will Hawaii destroy Obama's birth certificate? Investigator cites procedural changes that could allow it --WND