Tuesday, July 6, 2010

No Fly Zone Reveals The Truth About Gulf Oil Spill

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Heavy Oil Miles Out in Gulf: Sharks Dolphins Swimming in Oil Video

This video offers 9 minutes of aerial views of the Gulf, starting at Gulf Shores, Alabama.  At the time the area was in a no-fly zone. In the second video he explains how his plane was able to make the trip.The date is June 21st, 2010. The narrator is John Wathen, known as the Hurrican Creekkeper. He and the crew see solid masses of oil at 17 miles out. The video says the entire Gulf is covered. "There is no more clean water."

The first 1:45 is a replay of the aerial video. T

At 23 miles out, the heaviest sheen of oil was found. - a "rainbow of death."  The video shows dolphins and sharks - swimming in oil.

In the second video below, Wathen is interview on CNN. The first 1:45 is a replay of the aerial video, then the interview begins. He says this is much, much bigger than we are being told. He is a representative of Save our Gulf, which has 7 waterkeeper programs. Wathen speaks of how difficult it was to realize "this is hopeless, hopeless to think that we can keep this coming on shore and affecting our communities."

This video is a production of BP Oil Slick. Click the link and listen to the audio of Billy Nunguesser, the president of Plaquemines Parish, New Orleans. The early conversation is about the press black-out [see that story linked under the videos].

Nunguesser is very vocal. He talked about Thad Allen, the U.S. Coast Guard and the government's reluctance to let the A-Whale begin gathering the oil. See the A-Whale video, and how it works here, as well as Nunguesser saying if the clean-up fails, it will be Obama's fault.

While at BP Oil Slick, take a look at this article which says BP claims they are not covering over oiled sand on the beaches with more sand, yet on July 2, 2010 the writer watched them do so for over 24 hours. Apparently the Coast Guard stood by and watched it too. Be sure to watch the video. This gets sadder and more frightening by the day. While this affects all of us, and breaks our hearts, the people in the affected area are in special need our prayers.

Aerial Views of the Gulf - A Rainbow of Death

John Wathen on CNN
Incredible!...and all this could have been stopped were it not for Obama.  The guy needs to be swimming with those dolphins!


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Monday, July 5, 2010

Breaking News... Obama Suspends First Amendment!

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Obama suspends First Amendment in the Gulf (Have a happy July 4th!)
First Amendment suspended in the Gulf of Mexico

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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Their Mission On Earth Is To Take Over our culture

Many of us have written warnings over the last few years that basically go unheeded.  You've probably read statements like this many times:
"From Cassandra to Jesus Christ, it is amazing how often the doomed choose to ignore those who warn them of their coming fate."
And what have you done about it?  Nothing! The following video is well worth viewing as Garry states, "I think this interview is worth viewing. I do not consider her words as a message of hate, rather as a warning."
Back in June I reiterated some words from a friend who is no longer with us and for the intentional purpose of repeating them with the hope that one of these days Americans will wake up to the fact that the Muslims are planning to take over our culture...so I repeat:
We must -- absolutely must stop the proliferation of Muslim culture in America. This means curtailing the building of any new mosques, or the forming of any more madrasses. Furthermore, we must either closely monitor all of the Muslim activity in these seditious beehives or, better yet, close them down immediately. Need we point out yet again that Islam is a Political Movement in the guise of a sacred religion. We have already allowed them to infiltrate our vulnerable free society to an alarming degree, and someday if we don't wake up in time we will pay dearly for this gullibility. ~ Roger Gardner 1936-2009 - From The Pakistani Madrasses: Islam's Fortress
It is not necessary to change the Constitution  to ban Muslims simply because some would refer to their beliefs as a religion.  You ban Muslims because they are enemies of the state.  Muslims have frequently made war mongering threats publicly.  Some have openly declared war on not only the United States but the entire western world.  So if you don't want to wake up one morning singing Bahá'u'lláh its high time we ban together and rid this country of all things Muslim...by the way, the people they refer to as 'Hamas' in the video, they're Obama's friends, so take it for what its worth! ~ Norman E. Hooben

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Wafa Sultan Interviewed in Holland

Hat tip to Atlas Shrugs for Video
This past week, Wafa Sultan, a Syrian Muslim apostate living in the US, appeared in Holland to testify in behalf of Geert Wilders, who is on trial in his own country for inciting hatred (against Muslims). Prior to testifying, Sultan was interviewed by the Dutch press (in English). In this interview, Sultan explains her opposition to Islamic ideology, but that she (and Wilders) are not against Muslims as people.

I have seen and heard Ms Sultan speak at UC-Irvine. I think this interview is worth viewing. I do not consider her words as a message of hate, rather as a warning.

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