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corrupt, paranoid...and now "lazy"...aah that would be the guy in the White House

The latest from Henry Makow

Obama Doesn't Identify With Americans

November 1, 2010 
obama-devil-hands.jpgby Henry Makow Ph.D.
In a series of interviews with someone called "Ulsterman", a former White House Insider confirms what I have been saying about Barack Obama since before his election in 2008.

Obama is a light weight, a front man, an impostor, unfit to be President. "Everything was handed to him." He likes to campaign. He doesn't like to govern. He's lazy and prefers to watch sports. He's not that smart. He doesn't have the gravitas to be President. He's more at home in a bathhouse than the White House.

This "insider" helped Obama get elected. But now he's part of a groundswell in the Democratic Party to replace Obama with Hillary Clinton in 2012. After the expected mid-term election debacle, the gloves will come off. A Watergate-like scandal is brewing. It reaches back to Obama's days in Chicago. As with the Lewinsky scandal, the Presidency will be paralyzed.

A couple of quotes jumped out at me. They seem to get to the heart of the problem. Neither Obama nor his wife really identify with Americans.

Here is the first quote:

"The man is an incompetent. The man is a tool of the extreme far left that has utterly corrupted the Democratic Party.  The man and those now closest to him in the administration appear to abhor America's history.  They detest anyone who does not fully subscribe to their positions. They are corrupt, they are increasingly paranoid, and they are taking this country down a path by which we may never recover.

Here is the second quote:

"Nancy Pelosi is the far left of the Democrat Party, right?  Well, Michelle Obama might be to the left of Nancy Pelosi.  She really doesn't care for how things work in the country and she wants to see it all changed."

The insider is saying they are Communists,
exactly what I said during the 2008 election campaign. This is why his heart isn't in the job. He doesn't care about the United States. He wants to see it disappear in a "New World Order."

This attitude is manifested in a meeting with top generals about Afghanistan. The insider describes it:

"He's late, which apparently is becoming more and more common with him.  The meeting was almost canceled.  In strolls the president, joking with an aide.  He plops down on a sofa, leans over and claps another guy on the back asking how he's been.  Apologizes for being late, says he was "held up".  He laughs some more.  The meeting begins.  After just ten minutes, during which time the president appears to almost totally withdraw into himself,  an aide walks in and whispers something to the president, who then nods and quickly stands up, shakes a few hands and tells another aide to update him later on the rest of the meeting.  As the president is walking out he is laughing at something yet again.  He asked no questions of those at the meeting - not one.  He left after just ten minutes, coming in laughing and leaving laughing.  His behavior during that brief time he was there was described as "borderline manic".

The generals were livid. But why should Obama care about American soldiers in Afghanistan?
obamacampaigning.jpgHave you ever wondered how a Kenyan-born,  part-Jewish,  bisexual CIA asset at the "extreme far left" of the political spectrum got elected in the first place? He is a joke on America by the international financial cartel that has colonized it. 

Obama was groomed and elected by the Illuminati bankers (using their corporations and media.) These bankers have been waging a covert war against the USA (and humanity) for centuries. They fund the Taliban. So why would Obama really care about US progress in Afghanistan?


Through their corporate cartels, the Illuminati bankers (i.e. the Federal reserve)
fund both the Left and Right in the United States. US politics is basically a shadow play.  

The Illuminati bankers want to leverage their monopoly over government credit into a monopoly over everything. Government is the ultimate monopoly. Thus corporations and government become one, i.e. Communism. The government is the corporation's biggest customer. The corporation staffs and finances the government. Both are owned by the central banker.

At the same time, the banker monopoly is extended to human thought and spirit using the mass media and education.

The Tea Party- Republican Victory Tuesday will make no difference because the Masonic bankers own them too. Do you hear Tea Party candidates calling for the government to disavow the so-called national "debt" and utilize its own credit to print its own interest-free money?

Do you hear them questioning the US
commitment to Israel or the bogus war on terror or the gratuitous war in Afghanistan?  Do you hear them calling for more civil liberties or an investigation into 9-11?

After Tuesday, it will be
business as usual. "Partisan" gridlock, acrimony, disillusionment and frustration. By 2012, Hillary Clinton will be the next "savior" but she and Bill are Illuminati too. Remember "health care reform" was her baby. 

The Illuminati goal is to demoralize Americans and lower their living standard so they may take their place in new world order as lowly equals.

America cannot address its problems because it cannot define them. It cannot unite against its real enemy because most people in positions of influence, from Jon Stewart to Rand Paul, are Masons and indirectly work for the bankers.  


Wayne Madsen Report adds:

The White House staffer told "Ulsterman" that he was uncomfortable talking about the marital situation between the president and the First Lady, but WMR has previously reported on Obama's bi-sexuality, his activities with gay members of Chicago's Trinity United Church of Christ and an uptown Chicago bath house, in addition to his current controversial relationship with his personal trainer, Reggie Love, and a past short relationship with Larry Sinclair.

Obama's depression and lack of interest in his duties have senior administration officials and some Cabinet secretaries considering the invocation of Section 4 of the 25th Amendment, which deals with the involuntary removal of the president for physical or mental incapacity.

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