Friday, November 5, 2010

2 University Of Texas El Paso Students Gunned Down In A Hail Of Bullets...and other news

The latest from Fred Burton's Security Update

2 UTEP Students Killed in Juarez

Two UTEP business school students were killed in Juarez on Tues. Reportedly, the two lived in Juarez and commuted to UTEP. 36 rounds were fired at the victims. The large number of rounds fired fit the profile of a cartel hit; motive behind the killings are not known at this point.

Cartel Hit - 3 Americans Killed in Juarez

Media is reporting three American citizens from El Paso were killed close to the Zaragoza International Bridge on the Juarez side of MX.  The victims were in a bullet riddled BMW X5 with Texas license plates and were attacked by vans operated in a tactical blocking formation (trap the victim on "the X".)  Cartel hit modus operandi.  Untrained drivers freeze making an easy target for the attack team.  Based on the attack m.o., the victims may have been linked to the drug trade.  Cross border narco activity is the norm and shows the movement back/forth between the U.S. and Mexico of criminals linked to the drug trade.  

Thoughts - DC Metro & Hotel Terror Plot

The FBI's recent undercover operation targeting a terrorist planning
attacks on the DC Metro (subway) and hotels was a job well done,
although the case had not moved into an operational phase. The FBI
appears to have used an operational asset (not an undercover FBI agent)
to get close to the suspect. The subway and hotel target sets don't
surprise me in the least. Both are soft target sites and easy to
strike. However, I can't recall specific aQ targeting of Arlington
National Cemetery in the past? Think about the symbolism, the large
number of tourists (to include foreign), families and Veterans that
visit Arlington Cemetery on a daily basis? An IED detonating on the DC
subway at that specific stop would have resonated around-the-globe.

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